Chapter 22

This is the final instalment to this story…. For those whom have asked about a world within a world. I am hoping to get another chapter posted in the next couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who has followed and reviewed this story it means a great deal to me.

It was nice to see Morgan and nice to see he was doing so well I said my goodbye as me and Garcia made our way out of the room leaving Emily and him alone. In addition, I wanted to speak to Garcia alone, I looked at her and true to Garcia; she knew something was playing on my mind. "What's going JJ?" she asked me her voice seemed masked with concern.

"Nothing is wrong," I paused for a moment as I let out a slight sigh "We are going out for lunch" Garcia looks at me slightly puzzled before she speaks. "And you have a problem with that because?" I could not help the small smile, which graced my lips. "Not so much a problem," my shoulders slump slightly again, this is such foreign ground for me. "What if she doesn't talk?"

Garcia frowns at me before her hand makes contact with my arm, the slight slapping sound could be heard. "I know you are blonde JJ but seriously!" she paused as I rubbed my arm slightly "What do you think she is going to do, take you to lunch and you both sit there in silence?" she gives me an amused look "When have you known Emily to speak about her feelings?" I ask. She rolls her eyes at me, "She doesn't want to sleep with any of us just you JJ" she mocks me slightly.

Emily appeared in the hallway where me and Garcia were stood; I prayed she had not heard any of our conversation. She gave Garcia a soft smile and a gentle squeeze of her arm, "He is all yours," she said with a slight wink. Garcia gave us both a smile before she hurried back to Morgan's room.

"It's good to see he is doing so well," Emily said in a dreamily sort of way as though she did not fully believe her was all right and doing much better than any of us thought possible. "It is, hopefully he won't have to spend too long in here" I commented though neither of us knew just how much longer he would have to stay in for.

Emily smiled softly at me, her voice seemed as soft as velvet when she spoke slightly taking me by surprise "So would you still like to go for lunch?" she asked as I just nodded my reply, there was something in her tone that gave me thought that she wanted to say something else which she did as she opened her mouth again.

"Unless you want to go back to mine, I mean, well" she seemed to stumble over her words as though her mind was racing so much and she had lost the ability to speak correctly, I could not help giving her an amused look as she continued to ramble. "If you're okay talking, because we do need to talk and it's whatever makes you" at this point I needed to stop her, I gently placed my finger against her lips in a sense of telling her to hush.

"Emily, let's go and have some lunch and then we can go to yours and talk" I gave her a soft smile, we both knew we need to talk, we had needed to talk for the last seven days, and I also got the impression she wasn't comfortable talking in a place where people may hear us, she gave me a soft nod before I linked her arm as we walked out of the hospital together.

The meal was nice a small restaurant in the middle of town, it had a nice romantic feel to it and intermit at the same time, I couldn't help the soft smile which was across my lips, she motioned for the bill to which she paid for, I could see the slight worry which was held in her eyes.

It was as though she was dreading talking to me when had left here, but we needed to talk and I knew she knew that deep down as she handed over her card to the waiter. I heard the slight intake of breath before she spoke "Are you ready to leave JJ" I could only give her a soft nod that went with my gentle smile.

I was unsure if she wanted to bolt for the door or avoid the fact that we needed to talk in order to help put everything behind us and move forward or go back to how we use to be. Though I doubted I could and I knew I did not want to go back to that.

The drive back to Emily's was in silence, which was not an uncomfortable one. I watched Emily for a moment it was as though she was completely lost in thought as though she was trying to work out what to say or what to do. It did worry me slightly that she had to think about this so much. I knew it could either go one of two ways and all I knew is I would and will fight for her.

I could see the tension, which laced Emily's body as she opened the door the single expression that this was playing a big part in her mind, my heart went out to her, how could someone like Emily Prentiss be scared of something like this? I know her showing her feelings is a very rare sight, if you take the past few days away I must admit I have only seen her once this raw, the emotions which are swirling in her eyes.

"Do you want a drink?" she asked me and right now a bottle of beer would be good it wold help settle the nerves which were and are building inside me "Please" I answer I knew she knows what I drink. I watched as she headed into the kitchen, only she appeared a few moments later. Two glasses and a bottle of red wine. I guess a drink it is then something to help settle our nerves and our fears I guess.

I think this is the first time I have ever seen Emily shake her normal steady hands tremble as she tries to pour the wine, I can't help but rest my hand on hers trying to keep the bottle still in a hope the wine would be in the glass and not on the cream carpet which laced her floor.

She gave me a shy but soft smile as she allowed me to take over "Thank you" it was spoke that softly I almost missed what she had said. I place the bottle in the middle of the table taking the glass in my hand and passing the other to Emily, whose hands where now slightly steadier but I could still see the small tremors.

I guess neither of us knew where to start as I took a deep breath before I spoke to which Emily seemed almost relieved. "Didn't think it would be that hard for you to talk to me Emily" I kept my voice soft and calm as I tried to coax what had now become a very shy Emily who found the carpet a far better place to look.

"It's not Jen I am just unsure where to start or in truth what to say" she gave me the most sweetest yet shyest smile I have ever seen. "You can start anywhere you like, though I always find the beginning the best place, as for what to say that is something I cannot help you with unless what you want is to push me out the door and pretend this never happened and I will tell you now Emily that is something I will not be able to do" I gave her a pointed look and from what I had said I received a small smile for.

"I don't want to pretend this never happened Jen, but I also need you to know how sorry I am for freaking out the other night" I heard the slight sigh that came out at the end "Emily, what made you freak out?" I asked though I already knew what had freaked her out. I watched her for a moment and I knew she was finding the answer hard to find she seemed to be intently working out how to put it into words. Though it also makes me want to take, pity on her and tell her to forget about it. Nevertheless, I need to know.

"Please don't think I didn't want to Jen I did so badly," she looks as though she is ashamed and I wish I knew why. "I shouldn't have thought like I did but believe me when I say I didn't mean to." Again, she paused as I tried to work out where this was leading. "You asked me to make love to you, after just finding out I saved your life" I watched as she closed her eyes.

I let the silence settle around us for a moment before I moved closer cupping her chin, "Emily, for someone so smart and intelligent, you really can be stupid" I gave her a pointed look as she blushed slightly. I could not help a small smile spread on my lips as I spoke again. "Did you never get the hint when I flirt with you" she looked away slightly but I heard what she whispered. "Well it wasn't in your mind, now tell me something" I said as I look straight into her eyes, "What do you want, do you want us to" she cut me off her lips crashing against mine a moan escaped me, but she swallowed it as she asked for entry to my mouth.

"Jennifer" Emily husked as the kiss broke, JJ smiled softly her eyes searching the deep chocolate orbs in front of her that seemed to be raw with emotions and feelings. Emily looked into bright swirling blue eyes that held an underlining passion; JJ gently ran her fingers against Emily jaw line as she spoke "Yes Em?" Emily swallowed hard, her body emanating a heat deep inside which she had not felt for a long time.

Emily could not seem to find the words again so instead she thought it would be far easier to show her with a deep passionate kiss. Emily's tongue ran along JJ's bottom lip asking for entry, which JJ allowed all too willingly. Their tongues ran alongside one another deepening the kiss, only breaking when the need for air became an issues, JJ looked in too deep brown eyes which had darken with desire. Emily looked back into blue eyes, which seemed brighter than ever they were filled with a need and want, which Emily knew, and right now Emily wanted to receive.

Emily guided her up the hallway into her bedroom, she turned slowly closing the door before looking intently into deep swirling blue eyes for any sign of hesitation, and JJ gave a soft smile as she wrapped her arms around the strong firm body.

She brought one hand away from her lower back bringing it up to her cheek gently running her finger along it before pulling JJ into a soft kiss. She ran her fingers softly down her neck as she deepened the kiss, JJ brought her hand up to hers as Emily broke the kiss to look in her eyes as she spoke "Allow me please" the request was so soft and filled with so much love JJ could only nodded her reply.

"I want to take this slowly" there was a playful and loving undertone in Emily's voice as the words were husked out so softly, JJ swallowed as Emily peppered soft kisses up along her jaw line, pulling her closer as she made her way down her neck, listening to each soft moan that came from JJ.

Gently she guided her back towards the bed as her fingers trailed over the buttons of her blouse. Emily trailed kisses along her collarbone as her fingers slowly started to undo the first button with each movement with each button revealing more skin she worshipped the area though she stayed away from her breasts, she wanted to leave those for now.

JJ moaned softly with each kiss letting out a soft gasp when Emily found a rather sensitive spot, no one had ever taken this much time with her body. The past relationships she had been in would remove her cloths working her just enough that the warm slack heat would settle between her legs to ease their entry. Now her body was humming with each different touch, slowly her blouse fell to the ground.

Emily's fingers trailed over her stomach, she smirked feeling the muscles contract under the tips of her fingers as her nails gently grazed the skin, her fingers gently ran along the outer hem of her pants. Again she held JJ 's eyes in her own, as she went to unbutton and remove both her pants and panties though she wouldn't dream of touching her core yet there was just too much of the beautiful body to explore right now and Emily was going to take her time even if that meant all night long. JJ could not help but run her fingers gently through the brunette's hair causing her to look up for a moment. She smiled lovingly at her as she motion for her to get into bed.

JJ watched in awe as Emily removed her cloths her soft firm breast made JJ lick her lips and Emily couldn't help but smirk as she moved to the other side of the bed to get in her naked body brushed softly against JJ's as she whispered softly into her ear causing her to shiver slightly "you are beautiful" JJ blushed slightly, as Emily's body seemed to mould into hers. Gently she turned in slow movements she gently straddled her lap. As she slowly leaning in to pull, JJ into a deep lovingly kiss, causing JJ to moan.

Running her fingers softly down her side catching the outline of her bra, JJ couldn't help her back arching up towards her, as Emily broke the kiss before peppering kisses along her jawline again, making her way down her neck and lavishing attention on a very sensitive spot on her neck which brought a deep guttural moan from JJ. Instead of kissing down her collarbone, she moved over to her shoulder peppering kisses and running her tongue along the outside of her arm all the way down to her fingers.

Taking each finger into her mouth and gently sucking her teeth gently scraping against her skin before the soft pop came one her mouth reached the tip of her finger, Emily slowly made her way back up her arm on the inside pulling more moans and finding ticklish spots along the way. She repeated the same action on her other arm and on each digit before motion JJ to lean up so she could reveal the full firm breasts that lay beneath the bra.

She softly kissed her way along her chest before taking the very taut nipple between her lips, gently nipping before soothing it with her tongue as she sucked gently against her skin as JJ moaned deeply the sensation caused her to gasp gently against Emily's hair, as she gently played with it her fingers softly scraping her scalp causing Emily to moan against her breast. She repeated the same action on the other nipple as one hand toyed with her other breast.

Slowly she made her way down her torso running her tongue along her stomach Emily could not help but watch in amazement at her muscles contracted underneath her as JJ's back arched towards her one hand still in her hair as the other held the sheets in a death grip. JJ had never felt this before her body so highly aroused and sensitive she could feel herself on the brink and Emily had not been anywhere near her core. Her mind could not even comprehend a coherent thought lost in the throes of her arousal; the moans flowed into the room as she tried to keep herself quite.

Fingers trailed first down the outside of her thighs as Emily kissed over her hips gently sucking in places causing JJ to mummer her name, her hips bucked slightly as nails grazed the inside of her thigh towards her groin causing her to moan deeply and loudly "God Emily" she moaned out. Emily repeated the exact same action she had on her arms on JJ 's legs, as Emily ran her tongue along her instep of her foot JJ's toes curled as an orgasm ripped through her body. Emily smirked as she waited for the shuddered to settle before continuing her ministrations.

"Fuck yes" JJ nearly screamed as Emily's mouth pressed against her pubic bone, silently thankfully she had trimmed the area a few days ago, JJ couldn't help but run her fingers through Emily's hair as she fully settled between her legs she stole a glance up at JJ which in turn caused her to moan against her core, Emily's eyes where nearly black with desire, taking a deep breath JJ's arousal attacked her senses causing her body to shudder in pleasure, gently she ran her tongue along the outside of her folds causing JJ to whimper slightly.

As soon as Emily dipped her tongue into the moist folds gently dipping into the entrance of her core, another orgasm ripped through her body, it was so powerful more powerful than anything she had ever felt her hips bucked uncontrollably against Emily causing her to place her hand on her hips to still her.

Emily settles back down between her legs as her tongue ran over her clit causing JJ to scream her name at the tail end of a deep moan. Her fingers toyed between her folds taking in the juices and essence that was solely JJ the scent was intoxicating to her. Emily had not noticed how close she was to her own climax as it ripped through her body causing her to moan deeply against JJ's core, sending vibrations deep within her body.

She sucked gently before nipping against her clit as her tongue soothed it straight away, the different feelings JJ was experiencing were like none she had ever felt, as she felt another orgasm building deep inside her.

The tears seeped from her eyes as Emily gently placed a finger inside side her rocking it lovingly against her before adding another keeping her movement slow as she trailed kisses back up her body as she moved so her own centre was rubbing against her thigh JJ could feel the wetness on her skin causing her to moan out Emily's name as soft words attacked her ears "Open your eyes for me baby" Emily whispered "I want to see you."

JJ struggled to open her eyes but when she did, she looked in to deeply loving eyes as the words fell from her lips "I love you" her voice filled with so much emotion that pushed Emily over the edge, before pushing JJ into another orgasm.

Emily slowly extracted her body off the top of JJ once the wave of climax had subsided pulling JJ into a loving kiss, JJ tasted herself on Emily's lips, as she was unable to hold in the moan as the brunette pulled away so she was able to wrap her arms around her pulling her close. JJ's head rested against Emily's chest as her fingers ran against her naked skin. Emily placed a soft kiss on her forehead as she whispered "I love you too Jennifer. I loved you from the second I laid eyes on you"