We were all just hanging out in Puck's basement when something or someone jumped on my back. "What the hell," I said confused. It was Sam.
"Rachel help me," Sam said laughing. I just rolled my eyes Rachel won't get up not this time at least.
"No Sam not this time," Rachel said laughing. I could tell she was fighting the urge it was so like Rachel to join in on the fun.
"Aw come on Rach it's no fun without you," I said trying to convince her. This time I was gonna win just like every other time.
"No Finn," Rachel was persistent. I looked over my shoulder at Sam and he already knew what I was thinking. Sam got off my back and we quickly got up and walked over to her. Rachel looked up at us from her book with a smirk on her face ok not what we were hoping for.
"You guys want me to join? Fine," Rachel said closing her book and setting it down. Oh god we were in for it.
Gleegleegleegleegleegleeglee gleegleegleegleegleegleeglee gleegleegleegleegleegleeglee gleegleegleeglee
They wanted me to play well then let's play Finn was going down this time. They didn't count on me actually wanting to join the fun witch made it 10 times better. "I'm gonna win this time," I said confidently. Finn chuckled our height differences always made the challenge to see who could pin the other first. That made it more fun.
"No you won't" Finn said looking down at me. Sam stood back with the other guys smirking.
"ALL RIGHT LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!" Sam announced. I just rolled my eyes and looked at Noah who winked at me. He wanted almost as much as me to see Finn go down, so he taught me some moves that would surprise everyone. The guys whooped and cheered.
"Ready?" Finn asked smirking.
"Always," I replied. Before he could respond, I dropped down and kicked his leg making him lose balance. I darted up as soon as I could and shoved him with all of my might. He fell back with a resounding thud. It all happened so fast, the guys were still looking at us, as though we hadn't even started fighting yet. Finn tried to get up but I just pushed him back down to the ground. I leaned closer to him, my hair falling in my face and every so slightly brushing against his. "I guess I win this time," I whispered then casually got up grabbed my book. I casually strode towards the stairs making sure to high fiving Puck on my way out. When I finally got outside I fell on the hammock and read my book, as though nothing happened. Rachel- 1 boys- 0.

AN. TADA NEW STORY and you thought I forgot all about it well you're wrong I didn't I just have been busy and lazy winch is ironic cause what keeps me busy all the time is my sorts so anyway here we are and hope you like it BTW it will be supper fluffy in the beginning until I can writ in our bad guy yes there is a bad guy and it's not who you'd expect well actually it is anyway hope you like it and I'll see you next weekend. Love yas bye *Blows kisses* C: