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The raven haired girl folded her arms, her thin eyebrows twitched as she spoke, "so... You guys want me to get a woman to sleep with Ichigo Kurosaki."

She just repeated what she had just heard from the guys in front of her and she couldn't believe what she had just heard, or said. These guys must have been out of their mind. Maybe they had the ball hits their head too often that they had gone crazy now. Yes, that must have been the reason.

The three guys, all of them were the members of Karakura United, one of the strongest football club in the J-League, nodded. That was a peaceful summer evening in the early of June and the guys were as usual, spending their time in Urahara's their favorite place to hang out that was located not too far from the stadium where they used to train.

The red headed man with tattoo on his face smirked, "well, it's gonna be his birthday soon. That man is going to be twenty nine and he is still a virgin. Don't you think it's funny?"

The girl sighed, the restaurant has no other customer at the time so she could stay with these immature guys, "Renji, just because you fuck women since you were thirteen it doesn't mean that it is too late for Ichigo..."

Renji rolled his eyes, "C'mon Rukia, don't you pity him? He needs a good lay. Can't you see? He got really cranky lately! He is frustrated! When a man is frustrated, there is no better remedy than a woman."

The petite girl frowned, "I thought he had no problem in getting a woman. He had girlfriends, didn't he? I knew he just broke up with that model few months ago."

"He had girlfriends," the man with darkest skin talked slowly, Rukia could barelyy see his eyes under his thick wavy bang, "but he didn't sleep with any of them."

"He couldn't. How could he when those girls are barely 20? It should be a crime for him to date those girls in the first place," the dark haired man with glasses said matter-of-factly, "his girlfriends were always ten years younger than him. He said he couldn't imagine to taint them. He would wait until they got older before he would sleep with them."

Rukia snickered, that was Ichigo Kurosaki for them, "how noble. Did he plan to be the next Hikaru Genji?"

Renji laughed, "I told you, he needed to stop this... Those girls, I bet, aren't even a virgin anymore, he shouldn't act like that. He is twenty eight for God sake!"

"I could understand if this Baboon," Rukia glared at her red haired boyfriend, "asked me to do it, but both of you! Chad, Uryuu! I thought you guys have better common sense than this stupid man! How could you guys asked me to get a prostitute to sleep with your best friend!" She added a little bit dramatically, "And how come you think I would know any prostitute!"

"I am so sorry Rukia-san, but first, I am not his best friend. I only agreed to do this because he had been really annoying since he broke up with his latest girlfriend. You watched our last game, didn't you? Maybe you don't realize it but he is frustrated, as a man, trust me, I know what he needs," Uryuu pushed his glasses up, he might look like a thin nerd but Rukia knew better than that. Uryuu Ishida was not a player or a romantic man but he had his own principles about having sex with women who had mutual desire with him, "and second, you know many kind of people. Or maybe Urahara-san does. We couldn't ask Urahara-san ourselves but you could."

Rukia groaned. This was so troublesome. She knew Ichigo long before she dated Renji and even though all they did whenever they met was trying to bite each other's head off, Ichigo was still one of Renji's bestfriends. She wanted to help. Really. But this wasn't something that easy.

Renji could see it. Rukia was calculating everything in her head right now. He tried to hid his smile because if he knew her well then she would agree to this soon.

"Well," Rukia sighed, "what kind of women do you want me to find for Ichigo?"

Renji grinned, he knew it.

"Well since Ichigo is a virgin, then the woman has to be experienced. That's why an escort or hostess who knows how to handle a man would be the best," he added with a sly grin, "maybe one of those women from the soap land?"

Rukia was about to open her mouth when Uryuu cut in, "no, it is Kurosaki we're talking about here. A mere soap land girl wouldn't do. He wouldn't want to sleep with a cheap woman. We need a woman with class. A high class prostitute, seductive but not cheap."

The tallest guy nodded, agreed with the black haired guy, "she shouldn't be too young. Ichigo likes young women but he won't sleep with them. She had to be no younger than twenty three but no older than twenty five."

Rukia almost smiled when the usually quite guy talked that much. Well, she had gotten the rough idea though. She understand what kind of woman that they want to buy for Ichigo. She had to agree with all criteria those men had told her.

"So, it has to be a classy girl with experience, about twenty something years old, OK I understand," Rukia smiled, "I would do my best to get the woman."

She doubted it would be easy but she smiled nevertheless. She knew she had no other choice. She would rather to choose the woman herself than to let her boyfriend to find one. She knew how much Renji loved her but she couldn't trust him that much around girls.

Renji hugged the girl tightly, a wide proud grin plastered on his manly face, "oh thank you Rukia, you're my angel! Now I can't wait for that stupid orange to get rid of his frustration and stop insulting me during the practice!"

She tried to pushed Renji away from her, "Ichigo insulted Renji?"

Chad hid a smile but Uryuu sighed and shook his head, "he called Abarai 'rotten pineapple' during the practice."

Rukia didn't say anything though actually deep inside she couldn't more agree with the insult.

Rukia couldn't believe it. She agreed to get Ichigo Kurosaki, the captain of Karakura United who was one of the best players in J-league, a woman for a birthday present. A woman for a birthday present! She was so sure that this idea came from that shitty excuse of a boyfriend she had. She knew that Chad and Uryuu weren't that crazy. Though in the end, those two boys also agreed with the plan.

Ichigo wouldn't like this. She knew it. He might not look like that but Ichigo was a rather conservative man. He couldn't even sleep with any of the girls he had dated, so how could he sleep with a random girl only because his crazy friends thought it was funny to give him a girl rather than a normal present. A prostitute for God sake! In the worst scenario Ichigo would skin them alive.

Ichigo has joined the Karakura United since he was eighteen. He had been staying for ten years, though he had many chance to transfer he decided to stay. Ichigo was not a man who after popularity though he had his own standard. He had been the captain for six years now. Well-known for being a genius yet temperamental player. His permanent scowl just a warning for his opponent not to mess with him.

Ichigo was handsome. Of course Rukia would never say it out loud, especially not in front of him, but it is true that he had the face and body, not to mention money, that could make the girls go crazy about him. Rukia knew though Ichigo had had many girlfriends before, he never had two girlfriends at the same time. Though the media might have labeled him a playboy, Rukia knew better than that. Ichigo had two little sisters and he loved them too much that he couldn't play with any girl's heart since they remind him of his sisters. Maybe he had this sister complex in him, that was why he chose too date younger girls.

"Rukia, are you listening?"

Rukia blinked. She was laying on the sofa in front of the TV, her eyes were on the magazine in her hand but her mind was somewhere else. Next to her, his older brother stood, hands on his waist.

"Nii-sama! So-sorry, I was..."

Byakuya Kuchiki shook his pretty head, "forget it, I would go out now, I wouldn't come back until it's really late so you have to eat alone tonight, is it ok? I left some money on the table so you could order some pizza."

That was just how her big brother. He was handsome, tall, and being over-protective. She was twenty three but he treated her like thirteen years old. Ever since their parents passed away, he had been more and more protective toward her. It took nearly two years for Renji before Byakuya acknowledged their relationship.

Now that she thought about it, all big brothers around her was like that. Being over protective with their little sister. The guy who used to live next door was also like that. Just like her big brother, Sora Inoue had been raising his little sister alone, until he passed away five years ago. Leaving his little sister all alone...

Now that she thought about it, when was the last time she had met the girl next door? She knew Inoue was living alone after her brother passed away. Dr. Inoue, that was what she heard about her. She was a doctor, not the medical one but the Ph.D one. She was young and smart.

Rukia sighed. She left the sofa and walked to the kitchen. She needed some caffeine. She couldn't think straight like this. She needed to make some coffee.

"Damn!" Cursed Rukia when she realized that there had been no coffee in the kitchen. Not even the non-caffeine one that her brother often drank every morning.

Cursing the air. Rukia stomped back to the living room. She didn't feel like walking to the nearest convenient store just to get some coffee. She wanted to drink coffee right then and there and she couldn't wait.

Sat down to the couch she pouted. Now she wouldn't be able to think straight.

She was about to took her magazine to abuse it when she got an idea. She knew that her next door was kind of weird but she believed that she wouldn't mind if she asked her some coffee. Yes, sure she could just asked for some coffee to her neighbor! That's what a neighbors are for isn't it?

Smiled at her brilliant idea, Rukia walked back to the kitchen to get a tupperware. It had been how many years since she had talked with the girl? She hadn't really talked much with her but she remembered that Orihime Inoue wasn't a bad girl.

Standing in front of of Inoue's front door, suddenly the petite woman felt nervous. What if Orihime Inoue wasn't as friendly as what she remembered? She knew that her brother who taught at the same university with the girl had always talked about her nicely, but what if Orihime didn't like her?

Rukia gulped as she waited for the woman to open the door for her.

It took nearly five minutes before the woman opened the door. Her long auburn hair reminded Rukia of the autumn and her big gray eyes reminded her of her childhood, they were big and innocent. Rukia wondered, being a Ph.D, how old she was.

"Uh, hi," Rukia smiled awkwardly, "I am Rukia Kuchiki, your neighbor. You know? Byakuya Kuchiki's little sister?"

The auburn haired Doctor smiled though it looked half hearted, "umm, yes? What can I help you with?"

Her eyes were red and puffy. It looked like she had been crying. Rukia wondered if she had come at the wrong time.

"So," she decided to do what she had to do quickly and leave, "I need some coffee," she showed her the tupperware, "could I?"

"Ah," Orihime nodded, she smiled, her face looked a little funny because she tried to smile though her eyes were red and some traces of tear could be easily seen on her cheeks, "please come in."

Rukia blinked her violet eyes. Was this woman really a Doctor? She should have known that letting someone you barely know into your house was dangerous. Rukia frowned but she followed the long haired girl into her kitchen.

The house was simple. Rukia realized it as soon as she stepped in. There were no unnecessary things. The room was almost empty, there was a television in the kitchen but there was no stereo or anything related to music. Rukia wondered if the woman was ever listening to any music. The only photograph in the room was a postcard size photo in a silver frame on the phone table. It was the picture oh her much younger self with her late brother, Sora. She was smiling happily in the photo, she wondered why she didn't smile like that anymore.

"Watch your step!"

Rukia stopped at the right time. Orihime hurried to where she stood with some cleaning tool. Her face was red as she sweep the glass on the floor. Orihime tried to hide it from Rukia but the smaller girl was fast. She could see that the glass shattered on the floor was actually a frame. She could see the picture right before Orihime grabbed it and put it in the black plastic bag together with the glasses. It was a man. Rukia couldn't see the man's face but it was not Sora's face. It was a picture of Orihime with another man. Orihime face was reddened, she realized Rukia had seen the photo. However she pretended to be busy cleaning the floor from the glasses. Rukia now understand the sad look on Orihime face earlier. She had just broken up with her boyfriend.

"Hey, why dont you finished cleaning and let me borrow your kitchen and make us some coffee? After that we can talk. We haven't talked at all since... uh your brother's funeral, have we?"

Orihime looked up and saw the raven haired girl smiled at her, she could only return the smile with a shy grin, "you can find the coffee in the cupboard."

"Okay, I will make it for you too, you know, I am the best when it comes to make a cup of coffee."

Orihime chuckled as she continued working, she started to like this girl, "really? I couldn't wait to try it."

It wasn't that hard for Rukia to find the coffee. She took two cups from the cupboard and started making the coffee for both of them while chatting with the taller woman. Thinking about it again, Orihime was not as boring as what she thought she was. She was not as shy as she thought she was. Sure Orihime was a little bit out of fashion but she was not boring. She knew about many things and incridibly smart. Now Rukia understood why her cold brother often talk so highly about the woman. Orihime was a nice girl and Rukia started to like her.

"So, you were fourteen when you graduate from high school and accepted in the university?"

Orihime nodded, her eyes were still a little swollen but her smile looked sweeter than before, "I wasn't even twenty when I finished my master degree. You can see, my life had been boring, I don't have many friends. All of my friend in university was much older than me. I only had a boyfriend in my whole life. We broke up three days ago."

Rukia nodded, not that she understood why would those guys would let her go. She was gorgeous. She has pretty face and those boobs! She had never seen something as big yet as natural as those boobs of hers,"why did you break up with your boyfriend?"

She might have gone too far by asking the question though it was the first time they talked after so many years but Orihime didn't seem to be offended by the question. The auburn haired girl smiled as she put down her cup of coffee.

"He found another woman he loved. She was in his class. A twenty years old girl... I... I guess he doesn't want to be with an old woman like me," Orihime giggled, "or maybe, being together for five years had been too long for him and he got bored."

Rukia frowned, she didn't like the way she spoke about herself, "you're not old!"

"How old are you, Rukia-chan?"

"Twenty three."

Orihime smiled, "I am twenty eight. In no time I would be thirty and I would be a lonely old lady..."

"Hey, don't say that..." Rukia protested, honestly, she thought Orihime was twenty five, "you're beautiful, you will get another boyfriend in no time. I know many men. I can introduce you with someone."

Rukia thought that someone like Uryuu Ishida would be a perfect match for Orihime. Despite the fact that the dark haired man was two years younger, Rukia didn't think that Uryuu would refuse the chance to date a woman like Orihime.

Orihime shook her head and smiled sadly, "I... I don't want a boyfriend."

"You still cannot forget your ex?"

"Oh, no, not that! Of course no!" Orihime laughed awkwardly, "to tell you the truth, one of the reasons why he left me must be because he realized that I didn't love him anymore. I am sad, but that was not because he left me for another girl..."

It started to confuse Rukia, "err, so what do you mean?"

Orihime smiled, "I want a baby. I always want a baby. But now I had lost the chance to have a baby. After we broke up, I realized that I wasn't cut for any kind of romantic relationship, but I still want a baby. I want it even more after we broke up."

Rukia sipped her coffee, "let me rephrase it, you want a baby but you don't want a man in your life?"

Orihime nodded, she looked kind of shy, "I've lived alone for so long, I want to start a family but not with a man, just me and my child. And no, I don't want adoption... I want a baby from my own womb. But I am getting older, you see, I am going to be thirty soon and being too old to have a baby..."

Rukia rubbed her nose, now this was getting weirder and weirder, "then you should go to some sperm bank. You know, it's illegal here in Japan but you can just go to America and get it done."

The long haired woman frowned. She had had thought about that but she didn't really like the idea, "I need to know what kind of man the father of my baby is..."

"Like his health history?"

Orihime shrugged, "that too, but uhm, you know the problem is... I don't want a smart man to be the father of my baby..."

Rukia rolled her eyes, she looked at her watch and frowned, she forgot that there was a match today and it should have been over few minutes ago, "may I turn the TV on?"

Orihime nodded and gave Rukia the TV remote. The younger girl turn the TV on and cursed when she was right, the match had ended and they lost the game. Now the TV showed a reporter, a dark haired man with annoying smile, and a tall orange haired man who looked like he was ready to kill anyone. Rukia smirked. If the reporter was a little bit smarter than that, he wouldn't interview Ichigo Kurosaki right after he lost a game. He should have interview Renji or Ishida instead. Now Rukia could only watched with amused look as the reporter asked him his first stupid question.

"So, Kurosaki-san, you've been pulled out after only fifteen minutes, do you think it was because you hadn't played so well lately?"

Rukia snorted. This reporter was as good as dead. What kind of question was that?

"What do you mean?" Ichigo gritted his teeth, he wasn't good at hiding his emotion. Rukia or anyone could see his anger radiated from every inch of his body but it seemed like the reported didn't really realized the mistake he had made.

"The coach has let Jaggerjack-san in to subtitute you a little too often lately, do you think this is a sign that he thinks Jaggerjack is a good subtitute for you? Do you think Jaggerjack would take your position as the captain?"

This time, Ichigo didn't bother to try to hide his anger, "what the fuck are you trying to say?"

Rukia was about to comment about the reporter's stupidity when Orihime opened her mouth first and said something that surprised the small girl.

"He looked so stupid..."

Rukia choked on her own spit, "who? The reporter?"

Orihime shook her head. She pointed on the TV screen innocently, "that man, he looks so stupid."

If she wasn't so shocked, Rukia would have laughed so loud. Ichigo Kurosaki? Stupid? He had been labeled as one of the genius in foot ball since his first game. Rukia hid her smile though and asked Orihime what made she think that Ichigo Kurosaki was stupid.

Orihime shrugged, "He is big. Big men like him tend to be stupid. And the way he talked," she took another sip of the coffee, "he cursed in front of camera... So unintelligent..."

Well, Rukia knew that Ichigo did talk and behave like a caveman but to call him an idiot was a big mistake. Ichigo was sharp. He was smarter than most of other soccer player she had ever met. Sure he had problem in controlling his anger but still, Ichigo was not a stupid guy.

"A guy like him would be perfect..."


Rukia didn't pay attention to the television anymore.

"He is an athlete, he must have a strong and healthy body... That, unless he consumes some kind of doping..."

"No... no... he is not that kind of athlete," Rukia waved her hand quickly to deny the idea. She didn't like Ichigo but she knew him for a long time that she knew he didn't do anything like that.

Orihime shrugged, "he is perfect then. He is healthy, he looks kind of handsome, and he is stupid."

Rukia bit her own tongue to stop herself from correcting Orihime.

"He would be perfect for my baby..."


"If only I could find someone like him to give me a baby..."

Suddenly, a genius yet cruel plan played on the lavender eyed girl's mind.





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