As Orihime opened her eyes slowly, the first thing she saw was a scowling face of her husband. She felt really dizzy so she decided to fought the urge to sat up and looked around to see where she was. She closed her eyes because the light was making her dizzy. The pregnant woman tried to remember what had happened and the last thing she could remember was a handsome tall man talked to her, asking her to come with him despite her obvious baby bump.

Then she remembered that the man had come to talk to her was only because her very own husband had abandoned her alone in a party where she knew almost nobody, saved for Renji who was apparently surrounded by some other important looking people too. She wondered if Ichigo left her alone because he was embarrassed by her fat body? She now could remember that one young lady who boldly touched his body intimately. Suddenly Orihime felt so upset. Stupid Ichigo. Why did he take her to the party if he only planned to leave her alone like that?

"Oi, I know you're awake."

Orihime didn't say anything, eyes still shut tightly. She was pissed off and she didn't feel like answering him. Okay, so she was being childish, but she didn't care.

"You surprised me," she could hear Ichigo sighed. Surprisingly he didn't sound as irritated as she thought he would be, "why didn't you tell me if you were feeling unwell?"

She still didn't say anything. She knew there was no use to pretend like she was sleeping at the moment, but she refused to open her eyes or to talk to him. He could say anything but she wouldn't answer it.

Ichigo gritted his teeth. He knew that the woman was awake. He saw her opened her eyes just a moment ago. He didn't understand why she refused to talk. It wasn't like she had any reason to get angry with him, right? If anything, it was him who felt pissed off at the moment. Imagine how it felt like when he saw that bastard Grimmjow carried his wife's unconscious body... He didn't even remember that the Phanter was invited too. If only he wasn't so worried about her condition, he would have confronted the younger man for touching his wife without his permission. Luckily, for Grimmjow, Ichigo main concern at the time was his wife's wellbeing so he let Grimmjow carried the pregnant woman to an empty hotel room while Renji called a doctor to check on Orihime's condition.

Ofcourse everything had gone out of control right then. Especially when Ichigo shouted her name when he saw Grimmjow held her. Everyone in the ball room were surprised when they heard panic in Ichigo's voice as he shouted angrily to Grimmjow as he walked toward them, "what had you done to my wife?!"

He had planned to introduced his wife at that party but not like that. He could imagine tomorrow when he read the newspaper he would see the headline printed in bold letters about how he had reacted today. It wasn't a bad thing actually because this way everybody, including Yoruichi, would see how much he was concerned over his pregnant wife, but still it would be embarrassing if Orihime knew how he had been acting earlier.

"Okay, seems like you won't open your eyes anytime soon," the bright haired man huff-ed. He narrowed his eyes as he looked at his wife, "you can just answer me with your eyes closed if you want," there was still no answer but Ichigo continued, "so, what are you doing there with Grimmjow. I told you to wait for me not to flirt with some random bastard."

Orihime really wanted to open her eyes and told him that she didn't flirt with anyone, or that if he really hated the fact that she talked with another guy, then he shouldn't have left her alone there. She really wanted to say something but decided that she didn't want to start arguing with him, not right now when she felt really dizzy.

"So," after there was no response from the woman, Ichigo started again, she couldn't see his face but he somehow sounded unsure, "did he do something inappropriate to you? Did he touch you? Hey, please answer me this time because I swear if he did something improper to you I would go find him and punch him again, this time it wouldn't be his nose, I will..."

"You punched him?!" this time Orihime opened her eyes and looked horrified, "are you serious?!"

Ichigo smirked, "now you stop pretending."

His wife pouted, "I can't believe you... Did you really punch him?!"

"So did he touch you?" Ichigo chose to ignore her question, "Please tell me if he touched you inappropriately."

Orihime sighed. Of course Grimmjow was trying to take her to his room, and the last thing she could remember was that he held her in his strong arms, well, that meant he did touch her, but did it count as inappropriate touch?

"No," Orihime decided to play it save, she didn't want Ichigo to beat the teal haired guy. He was an athlete, she knew it would be bad for him if he was involved in any kind of fight, "he was just being nice. He talked to me because he thought I was lonely," Orihime lied a little only to test the water, "he said I shouldn't have been alone, you know, since I barely know anyone there..."

When the young professor looked at the scowling man she didn't expect to see his guilty face. Somehow it was interesting to see the big guy looked almost like a puppy when he made that face. She chew her lower lip to stop herself from giggling.

"So you were feeling lonely?" he asked tentatively, "do you... Ah I mean, you should have talk to someone and started a conversation!"

Orihime lifted her perfect eyebrow, "umm, Grimmjow?"

"Except him!" it surprised her how Ichigo sound somehow frustrated, "He is a playboy you have to stay away from him! No," in a second, Ichigo was hovering above his wife, brows furrowed and face only few inches away from hers, he lowered his voice, "you have to stay away from every other guys..."

The pregnant wife hold her breathe as he touched their forehead together. Her heart was beating fast as he touched her cheek softly with his big warm hand. She wondered if he could hear her heartbeat. Oh damn hormones. She really wanted to circle her hands around his neck and pull his head down so she could kiss him. It had been so long since she had sex... Oh well, if only they could do it right there and then.

"You know what," he whispered, awfully close, "maybe I should remind you that you're mine now. Nobody could touch you but me." And with that he closed the gap between them.

The kiss was hot, long, and delicious. Orihime could barely remember anything, her brain couldn't work properly when his fingers touched her naked body. She gasped when he placed open mouthed kisses on her porcelain skin.

"I-ichigo..." Orihime moaned, "d-don't..."

Ichigo didn't stop. He trailed the kisses to her ear and whispered, "I won't stop," somehow he sounded desperate, "I can't. I have been holding back for so long."

Orihime's face turned redder than her hair but she managed to giggle softly. She wrapped her long legs around his waist playfully, "I was about to tell you "don't stop"."

Ichigo grinned before kissed her lips fully, "as you wish."


"Sorry, but you are boring. You have pretty face, nice body, but just that. After some time people would grow tired of you and get bored. You don't have the spark. Orihime, you're nothing but pretty face."

When Orihime woke up that morning her cheeks were wet from her tears. She wiped them silently as watching her husband who was laying next to her sleeping soundly, one hand around her waist to keep her close. She smiled, despite the tears on her cheeks, as she watched his peaceful sleeping face. She wanted to touch his face but she didn't want to wake him up. Not now.

Orihime's smile faltered when she remembered about the dream she had last night. She bit her lower lip and closed her eyes. She thought she had managed to move on from that day but after seeing that dream last night, she realized that the wound she kept inside hadn't healed yet.

She didn't understand why she dreamt about it. Last night was amazing. That was the first time they made love after they got married and somehow everything felt much more special than before. She had been happy because he treated her like a princess. She didn't have any reason to dream about that day, not now, when she had decided to start a new life.

Last night before she fell asleep, she was really happy because for the first time since she met Ichigo Kurosaki, Orihime felt that this might be working. Their marriage, could somehow work and they could learn to accept each other. But then she had that dream which made her wonder if he could really accept her the way she is. Ichigo married her just because she was pregnant with his baby. Maybe he found her interesting for now, because she was different than those other girls he had dated until now but how if one day he would realize that she was just one plain boring woman, who loves to add red bean paste to her curry, just like her ex-fiance. How if...

"'re nothing but pretty face."

Orihime shook her head. She didn't want to remember it. Not now, not ever. She left the bed quitely after gently moved her arms away from her waist. She looked at his sleeping face for few more seconds and smiled at how innocent and cute he looked like when he was sleeping like that before she went to the bath room to take a shower. She needed to take a warm shower to clear her mind up.


When Ichigo woke up and found out that he was alone in the king-size bed, he began to panic. Not again. He still could remember clearly the last time they slept together and how she left him just like that, planning to leave his life forever with their baby...

Ichigo sighed in relief when he heard the water running in the bath room. So she was taking a shower. Still naked, he walked back to the bed and sat down. He looked at the scattered clothes on the floor and smirked. Oh yes, what had happened last night was freaking awesome. Sure, it would be awkward between them after this but he didn't regret anything and he hoped she would feel the same.

Maybe they were married not for love, but it didn't mean they couldn't learn to love each other right? Besides, it wasn't like he didn't feel anything about the beautiful woman. There was no way he would admit it yet but he had this weird feeling, which had grown bigger as time goes by, since the first time they met. The problem was, he knew that she didn't feel the same.

The carrot head frowned as he put on his pants. He couldn't forget that the only reason for her to had sex with him was because she wanted to have a baby, not because she wanted or loved him...

Ichigo was lost in his thought when his phone were ringing.


"Ichigooo, you're awake now?"

Ichigo groaned. He knew this voice very well and he wasn't in the mood to talk to him right now but he realized that he had slept in this person's hotel for free last night so he had to at least thank him for that.

"Yeah," Ichigo mumbled, "thanks for the room. And sorry for ruinning your party, Kisuke."

The man chuckled, "it's okay, thank you though for not beating Grimmjow last night."

"I did punch him though," Ichigo gritted his teeth, "right after he put my wife down."

"At least you didn't do that in the ballroom," Kisuke said smartly, "oh, so, how is your little wife, is she okay now?"

"Yeah, she's taking a shower right now. It was just anemiac. It was normal for pregnant women."

"I am happy to hear that, I hadn't had the chance to talk much with her last night."

Ichigo tried not to groan. He had a feeling about where this conversation would go.

"So," Kisuke didn't wait for the younger man to say anything, "How about a lunch next weekend? Yoruichi said she really want to get closer with your wife. You know, she still couldn't believe that you'd finally get married..."

Ichigo knew that 'no' was not an answer, "OK."

"And oh, by the way, Soi Fon is coming too."

Now Ichigo could not hold his groan anymore.

He had a feeling that this would be more complicated that what he expected.




Author's Note:

Sorry for late update. I just came back from Malaysia last Saturday and now I got really sick and tired after the trip. So, no lemon in this chapter, because I had no courage to write it. I mean, I am not really good at writing lemon, so I would leave all to your imagination.