Nearly three thousand years ago, when Pharaohs and Kings ruled over the land of Egypt, everyone knew their place and knew better than to question their betters. A young man no more than fifteen years of age with blue hair and the bluest eyes anyone had ever seen was walking across the hall and seemed to be headed to the thrown room. He was followed closely by the chief of the royal guards and his most trusted advisor, both wondering why the young King, more known to the people as the Child of God, was in a hurry.

The doors opened and the three entered the grand thrown room. Everyone inside fell to their knees as the king took his seat. "What has thou brought me this day, chief priest?" the king asked the man with brown hair and stoic facial expression. The chief priest looked up, "Great King, the hall of the almighty gods have brought upon us a young child. He appeared out of nowhere and does not seem to have any memories of where he had come from nor does he even know his own name." explained the chief priest in a monotonous voice.

This caused whispers to begin as they talk about the said child. However, the king seemed interested. "What have you done to the child now? And from which temple did you find the child?" asked the pharaoh. He looked like he wanted to see this child that very moment. The chief priest shifted on the spot he was standing on. "It was inside the sun god's temple, at the feet of the statue that one of the other priests and temple help found the child. He looked confused and didn't know how he had gotten there…" he stopped and looked like he was debating whether to share to the whole hall the one other thing about the child. The pharaoh did not miss it.

"I sense that there is something else that you wish to say. Speak freely my chief priest. Fear not that your life will be placed in any troubling position." He reassured the priest. This was what made the pharaoh famous even to the other kingdoms. He was kind yet strict. He was gentle yet he did not tolerate cruelty. He was a treasure friend and ally yet a fearsome enemy when angered. The priest knew that he was safe so he cleared his throat which made everyone turn their attention to him.

"What concerns the hall of priests was the fact that when they same the child, he was no more than twelve or thirteen and he was nearly bare if not for the white clothe that covered the lower part of his body until his knees. His eyes were so mesmerizing yet anyone could see the confusing and fear in them." This made the king even more interested. "I wish to meet this child you speak of. Bring him to me at once." He said softly to the guards and they bowed and was about to leave.

Yet the chief priest shook his head, "No need for them to fetch the child, great king. I have brought him here with me today." With that, another priest came forward with the child in front of him. The said child's face was completely hidden under the hood that it was wearing. The king stood up and walked closer to the child. He didn't want the child to be afraid of him so he smiled softly, "Will you show me your face, child? You need not fear anyone here. No one will hurt you." He said with a sweet voice.

Slowly, the child took off the hood and it shocked the ones who were close enough to see his face. He had dark green hair and a sweet angelic face. However, what made everyone begin to whisper again was the golden tone of the child's eyes. They looked like golden orbs and it made everyone drown in those orbs, those who stared at them that is. Blue met gold and that very moment both were lost in each other's eyes. There were those who seemed to smile as they instantly concluded that the young king was smitten by the young mysterious child.

From then on, the child was known as the prince of Egypt. The king was never seen without his young prince beside him be it while roaming the city or visiting the other regions of his kingdom. Everyone loved the prince as they loved the king. The prince was kind as well as caring. He would often be seen with the younger children that lived near the palace, playing and having races across the city. The king often found himself smiling as he watched how happy the prince was. And it made him happy when his prince was happy.

The stern chief of the royal guards and the advisor turned to each other, no words were needed. They knew that the king had harbored feelings for the prince as the days turned into months. "If I may, great king, have you any intentions to make clear with the prince that you see him more than a close companion?" the advisor asked which made the king turn to him with a smile. "Is it really that clear that I feel far more that I really should for him?" asked the pharaoh. The other two nodded. "Everyone can see it as clear as the blue sky, great king. And everyone is only waiting for your announcement. They all have been patiently waiting that you officially claim the prince as your consort and your betrothed." This surprised the pharaoh greatly.

So everyone has already noticed. He wondered if the prince felt the same. The silence was broken when the announcer spoke, "The prince wishes an audience with the king." The king nodded and the prince was let in. the chief and advisor bowed and left them alone. Even the guards left the room which made the prince wonder. The king beckon the prince to come closer. "If I may inquire, I have heard rumors in the city, great king. Will you be so kind as to explain them to me? No one has and would only smile and tell me that I will understand it when the time comes." The young prince said.

The king took a deep breath. Apparently, the time came sooner than it ought to. "My dear beloved prince, if the rumors you have heard are of those that claim that I have intentions towards you, then yes. I have grown to want you more that just my prince and my close companion. I find myself yearning to keep you close beside me all the time and I feel ill when I see you being close with the other princes of this kingdom." The prince was trying his best to understand.

The king stood up and went to the veranda of the thrown room, over looking the city. The prince followed and began to remember what some priests and princes had told him. "The king wants you more that a prince." "He wants you all to himself." "He has feelings for you that are beyond companionship." Those were some of the things he had remembered yet he did not really fully understand them all. All he knew was that he never wanted to leave the king's side. He liked it when he was with the king, even if they didn't talk or play.

The prince loved it when he saw the king smiling at him or even just smiling. He loved watching the king when he was thinking and being almighty when dealing with the people and how the king took good care of his people. Those were some of the things the prince loved about the king. He had told himself that he loved the king and would never make him sad. "Does it mean that you love me too?" asked the prince innocently. The pharaoh snapped his attention to the prince who looked up at his with those golden orbs that the king loved so much.

Then it just entered the king's mind, "…love me too?" Did that mean that the prince felt the same way the pharaoh did? This made the king smile and pull the prince into his arms. "Yes, it means that I love and care for you too. I want nothing more than to see you everyday next to me and watch you rest at night next to me. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you and you alone." The king said as he looked deep into the prince's eyes. To his surprise, the prince closed the gap between them and placed a chaste and innocent kiss on the pharaoh's lips.

The prince blushed and looked down. "O-one of the p-princes told me to do it when you say that you love me too. They say that it will make sure that I can tell you how much happy I am without having to really say anything." The pharaoh chuckled and pulled the prince close again. "Know this, my beloved prince. You are mine and mine alone." He said which made the prince blush even more. The younger buried his face on the king's neck and whispered, "Only yours."

The days passed and the whole kingdom rejoiced. The king had crowned the prince as his consort and his beloved. Thought they were young, the king was wise and just. With the prince by his side, the whole kingdom prospered as the years passed. However, four dry seasons had passed; the kingdom was facing a terrible crisis. The king's consort was struck with an illness that the best healers could not lift. As the days grow by, the young consort grew paler and paler.

The king barely left his beloved's side. He was worried so much that even he was beginning t o lose color. "My beloved pharaoh, what troubles your mind? Share tome and I may ease your burden." His beloved spoke and smiled sweetly despite his ailment. The king was advised to not appear sadden and dishearten so the consort's illness would not progress faster. The king tried to smile, "It is nothing, me beloved. The farmer have merely petitioned that they need a new way of watering their wheat when the dry season begins. They say that the water that the old way is no longer enough since the fields have become wider now." He lied. He didn't want to tell his beloved that he was worried about the condition his beloved was in. The younger man weakly smiled.

"Well, we shall have to come up with a new water system to aid them, oh my great king." This was what amazed the older man. Despite his own affliction, his beloved would rather worry about others than himself. The younger man began to lose his smile though and sighed deeply. He placed a hand on the king's cheek and looked into his eyes. "I know that I am not going to get well. Everyday I feel weaker and weaker and the healer have no way of lifting this curse that has befallen me." The king began to shake his head, not wanting to listen to anymore.

"You and I must face the truth sooner rather than later. It will only cause us more pain if we hold on to false hope that I will get well. However, I want you to know that even if I breathe my last breath, I shall always remain by your side. I will always keep watch over you no matter where you go. Know that my love will always and forever be yours alone." The young beloved spoke. His breathing became shallower which made the king worry. He called for the healers and held on to his beloved's hand. "Please… I beg you, do not leave me." Tears began to fall from his eyes as he kissed the hands that was growing colder.

"I love you and you alone, my king. Our love will withstand the test of time and we shall meet once again. I know this for sure. If we are not met to be together now, then we shall meet again some day and our love shall once again walk this world." He said and weakly smiled before closing his eyes forever. The healers had arrived too late and the consort had already passed on. They left the king to mourn for the lost of his most beloved. He slowly stroked the hair of his young love, "Yes, our love will again grace this world if it were not now." He whispered. The cool evening wind came and blew by.

Many, many, many, MANY years later…

Yukimura, the Child of God, and Rikkaidai's Captain fought hard and lose to Seigaku's Pillar of Support, the Prince of Tennis. The said Captain and the Prince met center court to shake hands and as they looked into each other's eyes, a sense of longing had exploded within them both. Ryoma walked back to his team yet turned to look once more at the Rikkaidai Captain that was looking back at him. Both were wondering about the strange sensation that ran through their bodies as their hands made contact. What was that and why did it feel like they had known each other for so long?

Yukimura stared, "Echizen Ryoma…"

Ryoma stared back, "Yukimura Seichi-sempai…"

They're world seemed to have stood still.

Up and above the heavens, the king and his beloved smiled. "See, I told you that our love will walk the world again. If it did not last long during our time, I am sure that it will flourish now." The king simply smiled and nodded. And they were going to watch. It seemed that Fate, Destiny, and the Inevitable wanted to join them and make their dream come true. "We shall wait and see, my beloved. We shall wait and see." The king said as he kissed his beloved's cheek.

TBC. ^_^

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