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Chapter 9- Time To Wake Up And Join The Club

Sanada was in his room, resting from the activity they had earlier that day. In between looking at the temple walls and looking for Yukimura and Echizen, Sanada Genichiro would have fallen straight to sleep. The key word being would have if it weren't for the disturbing pictures he saw on the walls when he was looking for Yukimura and Echizen, he had entered a room that showed King Arumi-Kuy doing his duties. But what first caught the emperor was the man on the King's left side. The drawing gave Sanada the clues that the man on the left was the chief of the royal guards and the king's close friend of sorts.

And the second thing that disturbed Sanada greatly was that the Chief looked a hell like him. Sanada laid across his bed, staring up at the ceiling before deciding to close his eyes.

"My great King, surely you would consider first the consequences when the Royal Consort finds out what your planning." Spoke the Adviser. "Khufu, as wise as you always have been, I have already thought of the consequences after I have thought of my plan." Said the King. "Then why go through it if you know, great King?" asked the chief. Arumi-Kuy smiled at the other two. "You see, Sahure, if I execute my plan without my beloved Amon-Rye knowing, he shall not be mad at me for doing it in the first place." The King reasoned. Khufu and Sahure sighed in frustration at the same time.

They knew it was futile to convince the King otherwise. "Very well, great King. How will the adviser and I be of service to you?" Sahure asked, knowing it was better to agreed than to try and argue. The King smiled wider, "All you need to do is keep him with Hatshepsut and Thutmose II's temple for the day. Make sure that not even those two or the twin sons of Darius tell my beloved my plan. Knowing them by now, they would drop clues and my Consort will be able to figure it out sooner than it is expected of him." the King said and the other two nodded.

Sanada sat up, panting from the dream he just had. What the hell did he just dream off?! It was him yet it wasn't. The Chief's name was Sahure and the adviser was Khufu. Sanada wasn't able to see Khufu's face clearly but he saw his own. And Sanada knew that he really saw his own face on the body of Sahure. Did it mean that he was a reincarnate too? Was Yukimura and Echizen in danger? More questions came into Sanada's mind but he didn't know where he was going to look for answers.

Somewhere in the clouds, Sahure appeared and was down on one knee if front of the King and his Consort. Amon-Rye smiled, "Welcome back, Sahure. All we need now is Khufu and we're all set to stop Manetho from his plans." Sahure stood up and nodded. It seems like my descendant will adjust faster than Consort Amon-Rye's descendant." Cited the Chief of the Royal Guards. Amon-Rye nodded, "Well, that would be because my descendant had not known my beloved's descendant long enough for a bond to appear."

"But they have a bond now. And I can feel it getting stronger." Arumi-Kuy said which Amon-Rye nodded and added, "It is only a matter of time before Khufu awakens and joins up. And I sense the wait will not be as long as ours." The King and Chief turned to the Consort who was pointing down at the living world.

Renji was scanning through the pictures that the other had taken. He was analyzing every one of it and was fascinated even more. But then he came across a photo that Shiraishi had taken. He zoomed in on a bit, and stared at the screen for a very long time. He knew his eyes were perfect and that there was no way Shiraishi could have edited the photo to play a joke. It was not something the Shitenhoji captain would even bother doing. So what Renji was looking at was real and true. He was really looking at a photo of his old self.

Inside the secret room, Seiichi and Ryoma were helping the head butler translate the scrolls that Seiichi had taken. Ryoma leaned back on his chair in frustration. "From what I managed to translate, the scrolls I have are some sort of journals. Amon-Rye must have written down what he did during his personal time and what he had discovered and done with the King when they were together." Ryoma said. Tanaka nodded in agreement, "It seems that mine are just like yours, Young Master Echizen." He said. "Well, the Consort showed us these scrolls. There must be something in them that's important for him to have gone all the way to possess Ryoma's body." Seiichi stated calmly which made Ryoma shiver at the memory.

"Seiichi, I would have not wanted to be reminded of that incident thank you very much." Ryoma scowled which made the senior smile. "I'm sorry. I'll try to not bring it up again." He apologized. Tanaka took out his pocket watch and gasped. "I must be off and do my duties. Young Master Keigo might notice my disappearance and it might not bode well for either of us. You both must make an appearance as well. It will lessen the suspicion that you two are up to something." Suggested the butler before taking other exit out the hidden room, leaving the boys alone.

Ryoma and Seiichi knew the butler was write so they covered the table with a cloth and carefully exited the room. They went straight to Ryoma's room and Seiichi went to his own to freshen up. Ryoma thought the same and they agreed to meet in his room in half an hour. Things were going to be more complicated than they had ever imagined.

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