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Chapter 10- The Time For Answers Has Come

Sanada knocked on Seiichi's door, knowing that only his captain knew what he should do. Seiichi opened the door after a minute and Sanada quickly went inside. The Rikkai Captain looked stunned for a second but quickly recovered and closed the door. "Is there a reason why your in here looking like you've seen a ghost, Genichiro?" Seiichi asked as he crossed his arms. Sanada was pacing and Sanada Genichiro doesn't usually pace. This worried the blunette a bit.

The stern vice captain stopped and turned to look at Seiichi seriously. "Yukimura, something just happened before I came here. I couldn't understand it at first but I know for some reason that you know what I'm talking about." He said with a voice that showed confidence and sureness. Seiichi smiled and beckoned him to take a seat. "Gen, what I'm about to explain to you may sound unbelievable and almost impossible but I ask you to keep an open mind and remember that I speak the truth and no lies." He said which earned him a nod from the other.

Seiichi nodded and took a deep breath, "I'm guessing you saw some sort of memory but you don't recognize it happening to you ever. From my experience, it was a vision of what used to be. A clip if you like of your life before. Ryoma and I had it too. And I'm sure Fuji Syuusuke of Seigaku had one as well." Seiichi explained as calmly as he could. "Can you explain to me what I was? Because I have a feeling that you and that boy know more than you let show." Sanada stated which made Seiichi sigh in relief that the vice captain was calm. "I do not know all the details but just the basics. You know that I am a reincarnated king while Ryoma is the reincarnated prince. In your past life, you were the Chief of the Royal Guard and a close friend to the king."

By this time, Sanada was willing to accept the explanation since he knew that his captain would never lie to him about such important matters. "As far as I can remember from my vision as you call it, my name was Sahure. There was another person there by the name of Khufu. He seemed to be—" "The close friend and adviser to the king. The adviser is Renji. But I do not know if he remembers as well." Seiichi cut and explained. Sanada took in the added information which amazed and shocked him at the same time. Then he remembered, "Yukimura, I have a bad feeling that something wrong will happen to you and the boy." He warned. Seiichi sighed and wondered how much he could tell his vice captain.

He contemplated for a split second and knew that he had to tell him so that Sanada had an idea of what to look out for. "Gen, I have to tell you and warn you that once you hear more, there is no turning back and that you may get hurt in more ways than one." Sanada studied Seiichi's face and knew the gravity of the situation. "Have faith in me, Yukimura. I have never abandoned you and I never will." He said with a rare smile. Seiichi smiled back and nodded. "Thank you. Ryoma and I have been seeing more things than you or Renji probably have. At the site earlier today, Ryoma was possessed by the soul of the prince. He came to warn us about an approaching storm which is the possible awakening of the evil priest Manetho. From history, he was the priest who had found the prince in the sun god's temple room and took care of him before the Chief priest, Imhotep, decided to take the prince to see the king and have the king decide the faith of the boy."

"But of course, the king took the boy in and made him prince then consort. The second in command of the priests wasn't so happy with the outcome since he had found the boy first and thought that it was him who deserved to be with the prince. Manetho swore that he will return one day and have the prince all to himself." Seiichi explained as best as he could. "I'm guessing that the priest who was opposed to the king and the consort is here as well?" Sanada asked. Seiichi nodded, "Manetho came back in the form of Fuji Syuusuke. From what Tanaka-san had told me, not only in form but character, personality and mannerisms." Sanada nearly fell off his seat.

Seigaku's tensai was the evil priest? But that meant that Fuji must have known by now and is wishing harm on Seiichi and Echizen's persons. "What do we do now?" Sanada asked. He didn't want to hear anymore. Not right now. All he wanted to know was what they have to do to keep the storm from coming. "Well, right now, Ryoma and I are translating some scrolls we found at the secret room. The prince wanted us to take it and learn something from them. So far we haven't learned anything important. And Ryoma doesn't know that is tensai sempai is the evil priest. I did not have the heart to tell him." Seiichi explained with a troubled face.

Before any of the two could say anything, another knock on the door resounded throughout the bedroom. Sanada stood up and slowly opened the door. He saw Renji standing there looking like he was about to faint. Sanada opened the door wider and ushered his friend in. After making sure the door was tightly locked, Renji took a seat next to Sanada, across Seiichi. "Since Sanada is here, I'm guessing you both know who you were in your past lives?" Renji asked which sounded more like a rhetorical one. The captain and the vice captain nodded. Seiichi explained to Renji what Sanada had gone through and what he knew. He even told Renji about the body possession and about Fuji being the evil priest.

"Tanaka-san had mentioned as well that Imhotep is with us. Though he doesn't think that the Chief priest will awaken. He says that Tezuka is Imhotep, Fuji being Manetho and Ryoma the prince is like history nearly repeating itself." Seiichi said. By now, Renji was beginning to worry for their lives and the lives of his captain and Echizen together. "Should we try and keep Fuji away from Echizen?" Renji asked. Seiichi shook his head, "No, we can't do that. As much as I wish to do so, Ryoma values his sempais and would be angry if he was kept away from any of them without knowing why." He explained which Renji and Sanada understood.

Meanwhile, Ryoma found his way to the kitchens. Tanaka-san saw him and smiled, "What can we do for you, Young Master Ryoma?" the old man asked kindly. Ryoma looked around and saw that no one was near enough to hear. "I know you know about Manetho and who he is now. I want to know who." He said sternly which made the old man lose his smile. He turned to the kitchen crew and they nodded. The quickly left the kitchen and made sure that no one was going to get in and hear what the Head Butler and the reincarnated Prince was going to talk about.

"You must understand that as our traditions commands, we are bound to make sure it does not sway or be thwarted. You know that you are the reincarnated prince and that Young Master Seiichi is the reincarnated King right?" Ryoma nodded. "Well, Young Master Sanada was the Chief of the Royal Guards, Sahure. Young Master Renji was the adviser to the King, Khufu. They were close friends and had grown up together, nearly like how they are now." Ryoma was stunned to say the least. Did Seiichi know? Did the other two know who they were? But then again, it didn't explain who Manetho was. "As they were from another side, you, Young Master Ryoma came from another. Young Master Tezuka was Imhotep, Chief Priest of Heliopolis. Young Master Syuusuke is Manetho."

Ryoma's world stopped. Did he hear right? Syuusuke is Manetho? "D-does Syu—" "Does the Young Master Syuusuke know? We believe it so. We have felt that the seed of Manetho had awaken in him already. We did not tell you because we thought that it would have been best. But things have gotten more troublesome than we first thought. I do not know if the King knows about Manetho's awakening but I was going to tell him tonight." Tanaka-san explained. Ryoma held on to the counter to balance himself. Syuusuke was Manetho? How long did he knew about his old self? Was that the reason why the tensai had followed him and Seiichi back at the temple?

Ryoma then remembered the night he was in the garden with Syuusuke, the kiss in his bedroom as well. Was it Manetho all along? And would Manetho really hurt Seiichi? Instantly, Ryoma knew what he ought to do. He turned back to the butler and bowed, "Thank you for your time and for telling me all this. I shall head up and tell Seiichi myself." Ryoma said and dashed out the kitchen. Tanaka simply smiled and knew that together, Seiichi and Ryoma would overcome anything.

When Ryoma entered his bedroom, he made sure it was locked before heading to the door that connected his room to Seiichi's. When he got closer, he could hear voices. Seiichi wasn't alone. Ryoma smirked and had an idea who he was talking to. He knocked on the door and Seiichi knew that Ryoma was being funny. "Who is it?" Seiichi called out. Renji and Sanada looked at each other and wondered who was knocking. "The Prince would like to request an audience with the King." Ryoma called out which made Seiichi laugh. "You may enter, beloved Prince." Seiichi answered and Ryoma opened the door and stood there smirking.

Sanada and Renji were in shocked. Since when was the rookie that close to their captain to be that calm and was even joking about. "What can I do for you, Ryoma?" Seiichi asked with a smile. The rookie moved across the room and sat next to the Rikkai captain. "I spoke with Tanaka-san a few minutes ago. He told me a few things which I wanted to tell you since he said he was going to tell you later tonight." Ryoma explained. He stopped and turned to Sanada and Renji, "With them being here, does that mean they know what we know?" Seiichi nodded. "Well, its reassuring that you have your adviser and the chief guard with you, oh king." Ryoma jested.

Seiichi laughed this time, "Yes, it is a bit reassuring. But lets go back to you. What did you and Tanaka-san talked about?" "He told me who were who and who had come back. He told me about Manetho as well." Ryoma said and the other three froze. This did not remain unnoticed. "Do you have any ideas who Manetho is?" he asked. Seiichi thought of lying. But if he did, he knew Ryoma would not like it. "I do. But I am not sure if he is Manetho or just himself. I do not know him that well to be able to differentiate who is who." He answered. Ryoma shrugged. He himself still couldn't believe it but he already saw signs of it and he knew better than to play stupid.

"Tanaka-san said that Manetho is Syuusuke…" he paused for a moment, trying to gather courage to say the next words with strength, "And I think he is right." Ryoma added which made Sanada fall off his seat and Renji forgetting to breath. Seiichi's mind was running a hundred and fifty miles an hour. "I'm sorry, Ryoma… I know that you value your teammates so—" "Don't, Seiichi. Because I do not even know if it was indeed Syuusuke who had been with me when he got here. He confessed that he had feelings for me. But I no longer know if it was the tensai himself or Manetho already. Tanaka-san said that they felt him return but they didn't when it happened. Which makes me feel sick because I thought that Syuusuke was still Syuusuke. Then I remembered when he had followed us. I wondered why but now I know." Ryoma said.

Seiichi didn't know what to say. He couldn't say that he was happy that Ryoma finally knew who Fuji really was. He had a feeling that Ryoma was still hurting upon knowing that his own sempai was no longer the same being and that he was out to get them.

"Now we have answers to most of our questions. What we have to figure out is how we'll end all this and get rid of what it is in Syuusuke. I know we can save him but I know that I can never look at him the same way if we do save him." Ryoma said as he buried himself in Seiichi's chest. It was once of those rare moments that Ryoma allowed himself to be vulnerable and unguarded. But it was also one of those moments when Ryoma trusted someone completely for him to be cared for and protected. Seiichi wrapped his arms around Ryoma, "I promise you that we will do what we can to save him. and we will end this and go home." the blue haired captain promised and reassured the rookie.

Syuusuke was alone in the library. He had found a section that was hidden from all. He was plotting ways to have his time with Ryoma again. And this time he was going to make sure that Ryoma would never go near the Rikkaidai captain ever again. With him being half Manetho most of the time, he had the years of experience when it came to planning against others. He knew who was the reincarnation of who. He also know who was awake and who wasn't. Manetho was just pleased that Imhotep had not awaken or his plans might be thwarted once again. And he wasn't going to wait another three thousand years to get his revenge.

"I must trap the prince's soul away before it joins together with my Ryo-chan. And if I manage that, the king's soul will be trapped as well as his chief guard and adviser… Now the question is, how do I get Ryoma alone long enough for the prince's spirit to appear?" he asked himself as he tapped the table with his finger. Without warning, a cold chill ran up Syuusuke's spine. He knew he wasn't alone. When he turned around, a mist was trying to take form of a person. After a few moment, Syuusuke stood up and took a few steps back.

"Do not fear me, my child. I will not hurt you. I am here to help you." The faceless mist said with a voice so familiar to Syuusuke's hearing. "Who are you and how can you help me?" he asked. "Who am I?" the face repeated and the mist began to show Syuusuke his face, "I am Manetho. And I can help you trap Amun-Rye's soul away." Syuusuke was looking at a mirror copy of himself. Then a devious smile crept into his face, "It's finally good to see who I was before." Was Syuusuke's reply and both gave an evil laugh that resounded throughout the library.

Outside, the blue skies began to darken and storm clouds slowly spread throughout the land of Egypt.

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