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Chapter 12- The Storm Has Come

Fuji Syuusuke was confident with his skills and that whatever he does would go unnoticed by everyone else. He had his usual smile for everyone but there was one who knew that he was planning something. Tezuka Kunimitsu prided himself of being observant when it came to his surroundings and most of all to his teammates. When Syuusuke came out of the library, he knew instantly that Fuji wasn't the same. He didn't know why but there was something different about him. Tezuka knew he had to keep a close eye on his tensai or the said tensai might do something that wouldn't bode well for whoever Fuji planned to do something on.

As Tezuka reviewed in his mind who the tensai had been spending his time with, there was only a handful of people that he had associated with. But then Tezuka also recalled that Oishi and Kikumaru had mentioned that Fuji had been spending a lot of alone time with their freshman. This sent a chill up Tezuka's spine. Was Fuji planning something for Echizen? It can't be that bad right? Then why was he feeling a deep sense of dread and worry.

Tezuka went to the bedroom he was sharing with Fuji, hoping that his teammate wouldn't be heading there anytime soon. Tezuka needed the time to think about what Fuji could possibly be up to with Echizen at the receiving end.

When he got to the second floor bedroom, he was glad that his roommate wasn't there. He locked the door and sat in front of the dresser. He was in deep thought for a long while, wondering why Fuji looked like he wasn't the same tensai Tezuka had known for a long while.

Somewhere in the clouds above…

Amun-Rye looked very worried. Though he was a bit comforted with the fact that his beloved King had Sahure and Khufu with them, it was still not a good sign that Manetho had returned as well. The Consort sighed in frustration (If soul's could even sigh that is XD). One look and The King knew why his beloved was looking distraught. Khufu and Sahure need not ask why the Consort looked the way he did. "I did hoped that we didn't have to ask for the Chief Priest to awaken but it seems that the Manetho I once knew no longer exists. The one down there is covered in darkness." Amun-Rye said which made Arumi-Kuy nod in agreement.

Without having to call, Amun-Ra came down with Thoth, Anubis, Horus, Bastet, Osiris, Isis, Hathor, Ra, and Seth. Sahure and Khufu still felt a sting of fear whenever Anubis was mentioned. Now, they were looking at him. It was still strange even if they were dead and all. "What can we aid you with, young Consort?" Amun-Ra asked. The other gods and goddess' raised a brow, wondering why he was asking when he already knew why they were there beforethey were even called. "Stop teasing them, Amun-Ra." Isis reprimanded.

If only he wasn't the God of Gods, Amun-Ra would have pouted and sulked. Isis and Hathor always killed his fun. He huffed and with a wave of his golden staff, Imhotep's soul came into view like grains of sand forming a picture. After a few more moments, the Chief Priest was standing before them. It took a few seconds for the priest to realize where he was and who he was standing before. He quickly bowed when he saw his King and the Consort. "Your Majesty… Forgive me but may I know where I am and how I got here?" he asked steadily.

The King smiled, "Welcome back, Chief Priest Imhotep. For your first inquiry, you are standing above the modern world. And for your second, the Great King Amun-Ra willed you back." When Imhotep heard the name, he quickly turned and realized that the ones behind him were the very gods and goddess' he worshipped. "My apologies, Great King Amun-Ra, gods and goddess'. May I know why I was willed back?" he asked again. However, he quickly saw that the King and Consort along with the Chief of the Royal Guard and the Adviser looked worried.

Isis took pity and stepped forward to explain. "Chief Priest, it has come to our attention that Manetho's soul had awaken along with your King and his Consort. It was only right for the Chief of the Royal Guard and the Adviser to be back as well. The Consort hoped to not have disturbed your peaceful slumber however the circumstance became more graver that we have expected. The Manetho that had awaken is far more sinister and dark than the one that used to serve our temples. We do not know if your second in command will listen to you now but we hoped that he will. For if not, the future of this generation will turn black."

The explanation took the priest a while to ingest. How in the nine level of hell did Manetho return on his own? Was he really that vengeful that he came back after all this time? Well… He must be. He sighed and shook his head. He turned to the Gods and his King, "What must I do? Surely I was not willed back just to be told that Manetho had returned." He said. He knew there was something, he just knew it. It was already too obvious really.

Thoth came forward this time, "We would have probably returned you the same way we did with the other excluding Manetho if only we weren't in a dire position. So we shall just have to go with a straightest approach." He said. Imhotep was a bit confused. "And what approach would that be, Thoth, god of wisdom?" Imhotep asked. "We'll be sending you down and you'll explain the whole situation to your descendant and tell him to warn the King and his Consort is more stronger than he was many years ago." Anubis injected. Thoth was grateful that he wasn't the one who had to say it.

That was certain a direct approach. He knew there was no other way around so he nodded and awaited to be transported to where his descendant was. Amun-Ra raised his staff and in a blink of an eye, Imhotep was gone.

Back to where Tezuka was…

Tezuka was still in deep thought when he felt a sudden presence appear behind him. He had taken off his glasses a few minutes earlier. The Seigaku Captain quickly wore his glasses back and turned to see something that logically should not have been there with him. Silence has instantly wrapped a tightly blanket around them. And if it weren't for his own pride, Tezuka would probably have had fainted the moment he saw a transparent mirror of his own self. But what was strange about the mirror image was that it wore clothes that resembled the old Priests of Egypt once wore.

He didn't know why but Tezuka was not as shocked as he ought to be, seeing as there was a sudden appearance of a stranger in his bedroom that looked A LOT like him yet there was still a distinction that they weren't completely alike. Tezuka stood up and walked towards the other, "May I inquire as to who you are? You appeared in my bedroom from out of nowhere which is illogical from any angle you look at it." He asked with his ever present stoic facial expression and mannerism. The Chief Priest would have smiled if only he didn't share the same expression and mannerism as his descendant.

"You really must be my descendant. Logical, rational, and straight to the point. This being the case, I shall return the same. Am I safe to assume that I no longer have to remind you about his majesty King Arumi-Kuy and his beloved Consort Amon-Rye,?" Tezuka nodded. "Good. I was brought back upon the Consort's request because my second in command when we were of this world many years ago has returned own his own and is plotting to bring harm not only to my King and his beloved but also to your world. I was instructed to warn you that upon priest Manetho's return, he has gain power that seemed to worried the Consort. You must warn the King's descendant and help him along with the Chief of the Royal Guard and the Adviser to stop Manetho from fulfilling what he came back to do." Imhotep explained.

While listening, it came upon Tezuka that he had yet to know the name of his ancestor. When the other was finished, "I shall do what I can to aide them then. However, I have yet to know who you are and how is this Manetho related to the Consort and the King? No one has mentioned to us about a Manetho or his bearings to the royal pair." Tezuka was polite yet cold. Something's probably wouldn't change even if Kunimitsu Tezuka was facing a soul that was brought back to warn him in broad daylight.

"I didn't expect that you were not informed. However, there is little to none when it comes to scrolls that speak of Priests and what they have done. I shall have to you show you then." He told Tezuka as he reached out his hand and with his pointing finger, touched the young man's chest.

To say that it was strange would definitely have been the greatest underestimation of Tezuka's life. He saw his ancestor's past life, from the time he was made Chief Priest and his first tidings with Manetho. The priest was indeed a carbon copy of Fuji Syuusuke which made Tezuka shiver in both fear and fascination. He was seeing views of what the temples were like when there weren't ruins. However, got his attention the most was when he was watching an unknown priest approaching Imhotep and whispering to his about the boy Manetho was hiding in his room. The next scene was of Imhotep and Manetho speaking in an office of some sort.

Then he was shown the day they both took the boy who was astoundingly a perfect copy of his pillar minus the awestruck look on the boy's face. Tezuka knew that Echizen would never wear such an expression in public. The rookie was just like that and everyone knew it. The they were in a room filled with people who seemed to be waiting from someone to come. And that someone came not too long when the priests got there. When Tezuka turned to see who had come, he wasn't surprised at the sight of a slightly younger Rikkaidai Captain, no. He was shocked when he saw Sanada and Renji there as well. Sanada still had the same facial expression he always had and so did Renji.

After hearing that the King was to make the boy stay, the said boy was actually happy to stay as well. It was then that Tezuka saw Manetho's expression. And it scared him truly. Next was when Manetho was wreaking havoc in his room while Imhotep listened and didn't do anything. Then it was fast forwarded to when Ryoma's ancestor was dead and Manetho yet again went on a rampage and he heard the broken priest swore that he would return.

The next thing that happened was that Tezuka was back in his room with Imhotep a few feet away from him now. "Now you know who Manetho is and what he was after everything. Go and warn his Majesty's descendant and be ready. For even now I sense that Manetho will strike sooner than anyone thinks." With those as his final words, Imhotep disappeared as sudden as he had appeared.

If it weren't a dire situation, Tezuka would had taken a few moments to gather his thoughts before heading out and do what he was instructed to do. No, this time there wasn't much time at all. He left his room and went directly to the Rikkaidai Captain's room.

As he stood outside and was about to knock, he heard voices from within. He was glad that Yukimura was there. But then he heard another and he knew very who the voice belonged to. He knocked on the door and hoped that they would open instantly. And as he hoped, the door did open. However, it was Sanada who did. Tezuka had no time to wonder how much he knew because when he got there, he saw Renji there was well. And as he moved to the other occupants of the bedroom, he saw his rookie in the arms of the child of god and looked like he was being comforted.

"What brings you here, Tezuka?" Yukimura asked as he kept stroking Ryoma who was half sleeping by the time Tezuka had arrived. Sanada closed the door once again and made sure it was locked. Tezuka was still trying to wrapped his mind into what he was showed not five minutes ago, now he was wondering how he was going to explain it to them. Then his mind just took over, "Since I see you holding Echizen, you all here know who were long ago." They nodded. "Well, my own ancestor seemed to think I was needed to be told as well. I was shown things that normally would have not been possible but due to what we have been seeing since we have gotten here, I have no doubt that it was all a figment of my imagination." (A/N: Does Tezuka even have an imagination? Hmm… Something to ponder on.)

The others didn't interrupt and listened. "After seeing what I was being shown, I was told to warn you that Manetho has returned as Seigaku's tensai, Fuji Syuusuke and is more powerful that when he was still alive. I wasn't told anything else much but to aide you as much as I can. The chief priest also said that if Manetho reaches his goal, our world as we know it will be gone." Tezuka said.

Ryoma opened his eyes and saw his captain standing before them. "Bucho! Wha-" "Ryoma. He knows. He was shown something by the Chief Priest and was told to warn us that Manetho is stronger than he once was." Yukimura injected. Ryoma turned his head to the blue haired captain with his eyes wide in shock. "What are we going to do now?" he asked. They all knew they had to do something but before anyone could answer, they heard noises from downstairs. None of them wasted a moment and quickly rushed out Yukimura's bedroom and went downstairs where Oishi was running inside, calling out Tezuka's name. "Tezuka! Come quick! S-something's wrong w-with—" "Fujiko! Stop!" they heard Eiji scream from the garden.

They ran out and was in time to see Syuusuke open his black eyes, "Well, well, well… This is a surprise. Imhotep, you're here as well. That just makes this more sweeter." He said with a voice that was no longer Syuusuke's. Yukimura held Ryoma tightly as the wind began to pick up. Everyone else was trying to get back into the house save Yukimura, Ryoma, Sanada, Renji, and Tezuka.

"Atobe, make sure everyone is safe inside. Lock the door and no matter what happens, do not come out without me calling you." Tezuka commanded Atobe who didn't protest and knew that the five knew what they were doing. Despite a handful of protests from the others, the doors were closed with the five still outside with a possessed Fuji.

"I am flattered that the gods summoned you at the very last moment to aide them. But will you regret it, my friend?" Syuusuke/Imhotep said with a sadistic smile on his face. "Syuusuke! P-please! Stop!" Ryoma called out as he covered his eyes from the harsh wind. The possessed turned its attention to the youngest, "I am easy to talk to, beloved. Be mine and I shall let everyone live. Resist and you all will perish and be buried under Egypt's sand and the cycle will forever stop." That was the bargain.

Ryoma was even trying to consider it for the sake of the others but Yukimura tighten his hold. "No! Ryoma is mine as the beloved Consort Amon-Rye belongs to the King Arumi-Kuy. That was how it was before and it shall remain that way until now." Yukimura said as his face was serious and was emitting his own killing aura. Ryoma was his and his alone!

Syuusuke/Manetho lost his sadistic smile. "Then so be it."

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