Chapter 1- How The Love That Defies Began

The great yet young ruler of Egypt looked out the window and into the clear blue sky. The Great King Arumi-Kuy, ruler of Upper and Lower Egypt, looked like he was still missing something. He was in a private audience with the chief of his royal guards and his trusted advisor. He had grown up with them when his late father was still ruler. He was lost in his thoughts that he did not even hear his advisor Khufu and his chief guard Sahure trying to clear their throats to regain his attention. He was just far to busy brooding about what he was still missing.

"Arumi-Kuy." Khufu called out. It was very much in his favor that it was only the three of them or the advisor would have lost his head within the next hour. However, it worked and the said King turned to smile apologetically at them. "Apologies to you, dear Khufu. What was it that you were saying before the sky swallowed my attention?" he asked with a sweet voice which just made Khufu sigh. Arumi-Kuy never got to hear what his advisor spoke of since someone burst into the room looking like he had been running far too fast than he should.

The messenger's hair was black yet it was a pile of messy locks. The messenger in question looked younger than the king himself did. "You better have an excellent reason for your lack of decorum! You have entered the king's personal room without being summoned!" said Sahure who had his 'I'm the Chief of the Royal Guards so fear me' tone and look. The messenger was trying to catch his breath and he had to do it quickly. "Y-you're greatness… The Chief Priest requests your immediate audience. They had news of great importance. Thy all await your presence at the throne room." This captured their attention.

What could the Priests from Heliopolis want and in a hurry as well? "Great One, they also brought a child with them." The messenger added and quickly left. He didn't want his head to be separated from his body so soon. It took the remaining three a few moments to register the added information. This was sounding more intrigue by the minute. First, the priests request an audience. Secondly, they brought a child with them. Who was the child and what did it had to do with the priests and their strange yet urgent request.

Without another word, they left and headed to the throne room with the king in the lead. It was a strange sight to see the king walking faster than normal. Khufu and Sahure had to walk faster to keep up. It was as if Arumi-Kuy knew something was going to happen today yet they knew it was not possible. Everyone was on their knees when the king entered followed by the other two. "What has thou brought me this day, chief priest?" Arumi-Kuy asked the stoic Priest. "Great King, the hall of the almighty gods have brought upon us a young child. He appeared out of nowhere and does not seem to have any memories of where he had come from nor does he even know his own name."

Despite the monotone the priest had used, it didn't really bother Arumi-Kuy since his attention was all on the child that was in question. "What have you done to the child now? And from which temple did you find the child?" he asked. He knew that looked like he wanted to see this child that very moment to the people who had gathered. The chief priest shifted on the spot he was standing on. "It was inside the sun god's temple, at the feet of the statue that one of the other priests and temple help found the child. He looked confused and didn't know how he had gotten there…" he stopped and looked like he was debating whether to share to the whole hall the one other thing about the child. Despite being a king, did not miss it: the hesitation was too obvious.

"I sense that there is something else that you wish to say. Speak freely my chief priest. Fear not that your life will be placed in any troubling position." Arumi-Kuy quickly reassured the priest. He must have spoken the right words since the priest continued to speak. "What concerns the hall of priests was the fact that when they saw the child, he was no more than twelve or thirteen and he was nearly bare if not for the white clothe that covered the lower part of his body until his knees. His eyes were so mesmerizing yet anyone could see the confusing and fear in them." This made Arumi-Kuy even more interested.

"I wish to meet this child you speak of. Bring him to me at once." He said softly to the guards and they bowed and was about to leave. If the priest didn't quickly explain after he shook his head when Arumi-Kuy ordered the guards to fetch the child, the priest might have seen the interior of his prison cell and be acquainted with it for a week or so. "No need for them to fetch the child, great King. I have brought him here with me today."

Another priest had come forward with the child hidden underneath a dark hooded cloak in front of him. The said child's face was completely hidden from his view so he did what he needed to do in order to put a face to the mysterious child that had caused a stir in his courts. He walked closer to the child and did so carefully so that he didn't frighten the child of his presence. "Will you show me your face, child? You need not fear anyone here. No one will hurt you." He said with a sweet voice.

No sooner had the child took off the hood and it shocked Arumi-Kuy and the ones who were close enough to see his face. He had dark green hair and a sweet angelic face. However, what made everyone begin to whisper again was the golden tone of the child's eyes. They looked like golden orbs and it made everyone drown in those orbs, those who stared at them that is. Blue met gold and that very moment both were lost in each other's eyes. There were those who seemed to smile as they instantly concluded that the young King was smitten by the young mysterious child.

"Have you no name child?" Arumi-Kuy asked and the child immediately shook his head. The king simply smiled, "From this day forward, you shall be known as Prince Amon-Rye. Would you like to stay with me?" he asked again. The child looked at him then slowly smiled. To Arumi-Kuy, Amon-Rye looked no more than eleven dry seasons.

Everyone was amazed yet again as they were dismissed by the king. King Arumi-Kuy showed his endless compassion and limitless love for his people. And no soon had the whole kingdom heard of Prince Amon-Rye. Even the kingdom's allies came to see for themselves the child with golden orb eyes that the young and wise Arumi-Kuy had taken in and made prince. The child was kind and very soft spoken.

It was of no surprise to everyone when Prince Amon-Rye had gained favor in King Mentuhotep's eyes. The King of Thebes was only one of the many other who were captivated by the prince's charm, laughter, and eyes. The prince amazed everyone again when he gained Hatshepsut and Thutmose II's favors. The half siblings would often fight to see who would claim the prince's attention first. Amon-Rye would stifle his laughter when the pair would begin their banter with him watching.

However, it was the twin sons of Darius, Arumi-Kuy's chief steward, which were close to the prince aside from the king himself. And it was Xerxes and Inaros who had filled Amon-Rye's mind with theories about the king and why Amon-Rye was always close to the king especially when roaming the cities and allied kingdoms. "The king wants you more than a prince, Prince Amon-Rye." Inaros spoke as he ate a grape. The three had settled themselves in the garden and was enjoying the shade the old Sycamore tree was providing. The prince gave Inaros a raised brow and confused look.

Xerxes shook his head and knew that his brother was not specific enough. "Inaros meant that the king wants you all to himself, Prince Amon-Rye. You know, like more than a companion and such." Xerxes said as he tried not to blush. He and Inaros were only one dry season ahead of the prince yet it was Xerxes who knew more when it came to such things thanks to their sister who had been a bit careless when Xerxes was two dry season's younger. He had seen his sister and a man from another kingdom looking at each other like they were either having stomach ailments or they were longing to make their intentions known to everyone.

Later that day, when the sun was setting and the night sky was beginning to be filled with stars, Amon-Rye was in Arumi-Kuy's chambers. He didn't know how to get rid of the things that the twins thought he ought to know but he had to get rid of them before the king took noticed. Amon-Rye had requested the king's audience which amused Khufu and Sahure. Whatever the prince had in mind, he was too embarrassed to speak with them present. Both left and the king wait for his prince to speak. "If I may inquire, I have heard rumors in the city, great King. Will you be so kind as to explain them to me? No one has and would only smile and tell me that I will understand it when the time comes." Amon-Rye said, trying to hide his fear and nervousness.

He didn't know why he had to ask but from what Hatshepsut had said earlier that day, "I promise that your heart will be at peace and enjoy the answer the king will provide you." She told him with so much confidence that even Thutmose II agreed with her, which was saying a lot since those two fight like children. He looked up and saw the king taking a deep breath, "My dear beloved prince, if the rumors you have heard are of those that claim that I have intentions towards you, then yes. I have grown to want you more that just my prince and my close companion. I find myself yearning to keep you close beside me all the time and I feel ill when I see you being close with the other princes of this kingdom."

It the prince a few moments to say anything so the king decided he needed to give the prince a moment's peace to speak his mind. However, Amon-Rye had followed him out on the veranda and a cool night breeze blew by. "Does it mean that you love me too?" Amon-Rye asked, hoping that he had heard right and not have dreamt what the king just told him. "Yes, it means that I love and care for you too. I want nothing more than to see you everyday next to me and watch you rest at night next to me. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you and you alone." Arumi-Kuy answered as he turned to look at the younger one.

He pulled the prince closer and held him against his own body in a tight embrace. Amon-Rye remembered what Inaros then told him to do. It was embarrassing yet he knew he ought to do it before he lost his nerve. He placed a quick yet sweet kiss on the king's lips. Arumi-Kuy was obviously surprised, "O-one of the p-princes told me to do it when you say that you love me too. They say that it will make sure that I can tell you how much happy I am without having to really say anything." Was all Amon-Rye said before the king chuckled. "Know this, my beloved prince. You are mine and mine alone." The prince simply buried his face into the king's neck and whispered softly, "Only yours."

Everything seemed to have been perfect. The king formally took the prince as his own and the whole kingdom rejoiced with them. Even their allies were happy and overjoyed for them both. The whole kingdom prospered under their care. Yet four dry season's had come and gone and left the royal consort bedridden. It was slowly sipping the life and energy of Amon-Rye from his body. The best healers, magicians and sorcerers had tried to lift the curse that befell their sweet prince yet it remained. The king was troubled but was advised to never show Amon-Rye in fear of his illness progressing faster.

It was not long that after fighting for so long, Amon-Rye was reclaimed by the gods. But before leaving the king, he promised that their love will walk the earth once again and will not cease until it was fulfilled. It was that thought that kept Arumi-Kuy from losing hope.

Present Day

Before leaving the stadium, the captains of all the teams were speaking and congratulating one another. However, it was Atobe and Kajimoto who had noticed the subtle glances the Rikkaidai Captain was sending Seigaku's amazing freshman. They also noticed the looks that the said freshman sent back. This made them wonder what it really meant. The looks were filled with curiosity and was surrounded by an aura that practically screamed 'a blooming romance in the making'.

"Tezuka-kun, send my regards and my congratulations to your team. You have all fought well, especially that prince of yours. I hope to face him again in a friendlier setting." Yukimura said with a smile. Tezuka nodded and simply turned to walk back to his team who were waiting for him before leaving. "Don't you get that feeling that those looks look like the kind that fate and the inevitable conspired to bring?" asked Kajimoto. Atobe nodded, "Yes, now that you mentioned it. It looked like some kind of old love that was about to be brought back again." He told Kajimoto would simply kept quiet. He was pondering with what Atobe said.

"An old love huh… It must be some kind of ancient love then…" Kajimoto thought to himself as he made his way back to his own team as well. And if only both Atobe and Kajimoto turned to look at Yukimura and Ryoma one more time, they might have caught they with eyes and expression of longing glued into their faces.

TBC. ^_^

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The character names used for the most part of the story are all from Egyptian history that I had looked up. Hatshepsut and Thutmose II were indeed half siblings. Thutmose II was King Thutmose I's child to a lesser wife while Hatshepsut was from the chief queen. Thutmose II married his half sister to strengthen his claim to the thrown. Xerxes, Inaros, Khufu and Sahure were kings during their own dynasties and did not live at the same life time. Feel free to look them up. ^_^

The Unknown Characters:

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Sahure- Genichiro Sanada

The Messenger- Kirihara

The Chief Priest- Tezuka Kunimitsu

King Arumi-Kuy- Yukimura Seichi

Prince Amon-Rye- Echizen Ryoma