The King's pet.

Warning: This includes sexual references, rape, lot's of sex and heavy moments, course language, explicit nudity and male pregnancies (though not to much detail on that since it makes people wary). This is NOT a cute story full of rainbows and sparkles okay? Just wanted that cleared up.

Rated: If there was an R, I would use it.

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Chapter 1: The Proposal

Aragorn's fist cradled his cheek as he reclined on his throne. Sighing, he calmly surveyed the chaos that currently resides in his court room. One sentence and the previous peace had shattered.

"Legolas Greenleaf, son of Thranduil and prince of Mirkwood wishes to have an audience with the king!" The squire announced.

"On what grounds must this meeting take place?" Aragorn's soft yet deep voice rang through the mayhem within the hall.

"The protection and freedom of his people along with those of Lothlórien, to where his people have taken refuge." The king raised a brow, intrigued.

"Bring him in."

The doors opened and Aragorn felt his eyes widen a fraction. Standing tall and proud, bound and held by the guards, was the man he now knew as Legolas Greenleaf. He was a beauty like no other. He even made the Queen's own boundless beauty dull and plain. From the silken strands of his long blonde hair to the piercing ice of his cobalt eyes, unaffected by his bindings or the shame of his future actions, he was breath-taking. His lean frame was shrouded in archer's wear, covering his slightly colored milky skin. The king felt something within him stir, a dark feeling of hunger burned through his veins as his eyes locked onto his captive. Aragorn watched as the elf's own eyes flickered when they locked with the king's. He wasn't entirely sure why, but the elf's reaction to him made Aragorn feel powerful. Dominant. His nails grated over his armrest and his teeth ground together. The blonde beauty's stride towards the throne and his confident posture affirmed his upbringing and his status. There was no question of his roots. No, this proud little princeling was most definitely not a man used to being ordered around.

"My Lord, we have brought the prince as you requested." The guard broke through his musings and Aragorn felt a sudden wave of irritation hit him as the two men pushed the elf on his knees, forcing his head down.

"Hmm yes. Now untie him and get back to your posts." Aragorn's tone was calm but in reality all that ran through his mind was the fact that two men still had their hands on the prince. The soldiers instantly complied, backing away from the elf before heading back out of the court room. Legolas had not moved from his position and Aragorn observed the tenseness of his form. "Stand Legolas." The king had to keep himself from purring the name, yet it still rolled off his tongue seductively.

The prince did so, glaring at the human that had the gall to call him by his first name though they had just met. "Please refer to me as Greenleaf or son of Tharanduil...Lord Aragorn." Aragorn felt the hunger intensify at the silky sound of the prince's voice. Regal, refined, soft. It suited him perfectly.

"...Are you really in the position to give me orders princeling?" Aragorn raised a brow, using the elven tongue to catch the elf by surprise. The amusement was evident in his tone and Aragorn felt his lips quirk as Legolas' brow twitched in indignation.

"...You speak elvish well..." You could hear the suspicion in his voice even as he spoke in his native tongue.

"I'm sure you've heard of my queen." The rest of the staff was looking at the two regals in confusion, not understanding what was going on seeing as they were all people of Gondor.

"Yes, the Evenstar, Lady Arwen. You were arranged to be married two years ago." Legolas inclined his head.

"That is correct, congratulations." Aragorn faked pride in his voice, as if he were talking to a mere babe.

"May I ask her whereabouts?" Legolas questioned, his brows furrowing as he tried to ignore the obvious teasing he was receiving. 'Perhaps the queen will aid me.'

"I highly doubt that is what you came here to inquire." Aragorn felt a surge of anger shoot through him at the thought of Legolas being interested in someone else whilst in his presence.

Legolas nodded gravely at this statement. Getting on one knee he bowed. "Aragorn, Son of Arathorn and King of Gondor. I plead. Set my people free. They can not live being locked up, they are dyeing under the harsh conditions your soldiers are subjecting them to."

"You do understand that your kingdom is under attack yes? That I wish to take control of Mirkwood and Lothlórien? Why would you think after all that has happened I would give up half way? If your people wish to end this they must simply give up their lands to me." Aragorn sighed boredly. Honestly, he had thought the prince would have been smart enough to figure that much out. "Also, may I ask why the your king isn't here? Would that not be more appropriate? Or even the Lady Galadriel?" Aragorn watched amusedly as the blonde prince winced.

"My apologies, the king is not in good health and so I was needed in his stead. The Lady Galadriel was trusted with his care." Aragorn raised a brow at this information. "Again, I beseech you, free my people!" The forcefulness of the elf's tone caused Aragorn to blink in surprise.

After a moment of silence, Aragorn thought of a brilliant idea. "...How much are you willing to sacrifice for your people?" Aragorn questioned, going back to his own language; his people breathing out a sigh of relief.

"Anything." The strong proclamation broke Aragorn's aloof expression and a smirk tipped his lips.

The room was dead silent as Aragorn assessed the blonde elf with a meticulous gaze. "Become my pet and I guarantee your people's freedom." As the elf shot his head up in incredulity. Aragorn calmly continued. "Decline and I will slaughter each and every one of them." The deep velvet sound echoed the proposal throughout the court room, enlarging the eyes of all.

"...You...Are you insane?" Legolas grimaced at the thought, shaking his head fiercely. "I will not go along with such disgraceful terms!" He shot to his feet and glared directly at the king.

Aragorn blinked. "Oh? Then guards, you may take him away." The king waved his hand, gesturing his two men to escort the prince out.

"Wait!" This cry rang through the hall and Aragorn held up a hand. "...Is there no other way?" Aragorn watched, fascinated by the young elf's trembling.

"None." The response was instantaneous.

"But we're both men. And what of the queen!?" Legolas didn't understand. What was wrong with this man, wasn't he already committed?

"I am the king." was all Aragorn said in reply.

Legolas faltered. "But-"

"And as king I am quite busy, taking over your kingdoms and such." Aragorn explained. "So if you are going to waste any more of my time, I will send in the order right this very moment." Aragorn pinned Legolas with a glare of his own and Legolas felt himself freeze. Dark eyes seemed to bore into his very soul, threatening it with promises.

"...very well." Legolas bowed his head in shame as he whispered out the words. Aragorn smirked triumphantly and rose from his throne.

"Excellent." Aragorn strode towards the trembling young elf. His fingers tilted the prince's head up to face him, but the prince simply broke the hold, glaring defiantly at his new 'master'. 'I am going to enjoy disciplining him.'

Sooo, whatcha think? Yes I know I promised sex, but that comes next chapter~! And yes, Aragorn IS married, even has a son, and Arwen is hopelessly in love with him. HOWEVER, he feels nothing for her but care because she's his 'wife.' By the way, Aragorn's dad, in this story, died when he was 18 so he was just old enough to take the throne. Yes Aragorn still has longevity. And yes, Legolas will, eventually, turn into Aragorn's proper pet. And YES. They will, eventually, confess their love for each other. So don't freak or rage yet.