The King's pet.

Warning: This includes sexual references, rape, lot's of sex and heavy moments, course language, explicit nudity, violence and male pregnancies (though not to much detail on that since it makes people wary). This is NOT a cute story full of rainbows and sparkles okay? Just wanted that cleared up.

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Note: There is no war of the rings in this. There are rings, just not the main one.

Chapter 7: The save.

Aragorn tucked Legolas into bed and smiled again, covering the elf properly with the silken sheets as he turned. The prince didn't even make a sound as he slept, nothing but peace in his expression. 'If only he always had that expression' Aragorn thought ruefully, bending down to kiss the pale brow. The King may have a sick sense of humour, and little tolerance, but he did have a heart – though many thought that it died when his mother had. Once upon a time all he would do is fight for equal rights, especially for elves.

Once upon a time mayhap he felt something more for Arwen than mere camaraderie, at that time he wouldn't have been so captivated by the elf prince. But, those times have gone. The world had been cruel to him. So he is now cruel to the world. Elves had taken away what he loved, so he took away all they had. People had always been out for his blood as the heir to the most powerful kingdom in all the lands, now king. So he strikes down all those who dare appose him without thought. Once upon a time... he was care-free and trusting. Now he's about questions, motives and tight security.

Aragorn sat on the bed beside the prone elf. A hand gently held the cheek before he leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to the golden males' lips. And another. And another. He felt himself slowly drown in the elf, allowing himself to let go of everything for the first time in 10 years. His tongue peaked out and slid into the elf's mouth, slowly sliding over every part of the hot, wet cavern. Aragorn leaned in further, his fingers unconsciously entangling with Legolas' own. Said elf had now woken up and was kissing back with the same passion. Legolas' other hand had gone to rest on Aragorn's forearm, which was placed onto the bed to stop him from falling on the elf.

"Haa, ah-" Legolas panted softly when Aragorn drew away, to slide his lips down the blonde's neck. "Ara-" The king nipped his pet's neck, causing the male to arch his back. Aragorn had now crawled onto the bed, both knees between Legolas' parted thighs. His hand slid up the elf's robe, fingers stroking their way up the creamy white skin and creeping their way towards a nipple. When he reached the hard pebble, he squeezed, flicking it lightly, before pinching it between fingers. Legolas moaned loudly. "Aragorn, Aragorn." he called, in the throes of unbidden lust. Aragorn smirked against his skin, his hand sliding down to the elf's pants. He felt a large bulge fill his palm and he gave a slight squeeze. Legolas let out a choked cry, bucking hard as he came. Aragorn drew away and licked his fingers clean, keeping eye contact with the panting prince on the bed.

"Goodbye pet." Aragorn said, slowly coming back to his senses. "I must do work now. Sleep, then come to me once you have cleaned yourself." Then he walked away. Legolas watched him go with confusion shining in his eyes. But before he could think on it, his exhaustion pulled him once again into a deep sleep, where he dreamed of haunting grey eyes.

Now Aragorn was not a man who enjoyed making mistakes. And what he had just done was most definitely a mistake. He had let himself go, a moment of weakness. He had to ensure it would never happen again. And by Elbereth he would. He walked swiftly into his study, the guards opening it for him when they saw him walk towards the doors. He stepped inside and was greeted by a very angry face.

"Haldir, what a wonderful surprise." Aragorn said lightly, but his eyes showed anything but happiness. "I wanted to talk to you about today. I didn't appreciate you talking to me like that in front of my men." His arms were crossed as he stood tall.

"Aragorn you have been my friends since we were mere babes, but that will not allow me to forgive you for hurting the Queen." His features were contorted into barely kept rage.

"Why? Because you love her?" Aragorn pinned Haldir with a look. Haldir froze and swallowed lightly. The King rolled his eyes at his chief of war. "Yes I know you love her, I've known for years. In fact if you would have told me perhaps I would naught of married her." Haldir felt a stab at his chest and his face fell.

"She loves you. She always has." He murmured forlornly, his tone gruff with emotion.

"Yes, but mayhap you could have made her happier than I my brother." Aragorn sighed. It's not as if he didn't care that what he was doing hurts Arwen. But one look in those expressive sky eyes, embedded in that dispassionate face and all sympathy had left him.

"Why did you do it? I know you did not do it out of spite. You aren't a complete cold hearted bastard after all." Haldir said, not even caring about his words.

Aragorn cracked a smile. "Why thank you. I don't think you're too much of a stiff, vile minded idiot either." He commented, malice not touching his words. "As for your question, I don't quite know. There just seems to be a quality about him that draws me." Eyes narrowed with disgust at the twinkle the second pare held.

"That's not good enough!" Haldir snapped. His arms uncrossed themselves from his chest, fists curling up at his sides.

"Why not?" Aragorn smirked, guessing the answer. Haldir had always been a very straight forward man, not one to care to think outside the box.

"Because you're hurting her!" Once the words escaped his lips, Aragorn's smirk widened. He fell into the trap.

"Then take her for yourself."

Haldir gaped at this statement, as the words sunk in. eventually he came to, shutting his unhinged jaw. "You can't be serious." He ignored the flutter in his chest at the mere thought of it, knowing it could not be. 'Or could it?' His expression warped into that of confusion and... want?

A hand clasped firmly on his shoulder, shaking him out of his internal struggle. "I am completely serious. Now if you excuse me, as king I have slightly more boring obligations to attend to before the day is done, so I must ask you to leave for the time being." With that Aragorn walked past a slightly stunned Haldir and sat at his desk.

Nodding dazedly, Haldir headed towards the door, but Aragorn's voice stopped him at last minute. "Think on it my friend. The queen and I have grown apart. I can no longer love her like I may have once ago. Save her heart before she is lost." His tone was frank but the plead was there. It was the closest he could allow himself, as King, to begging. Everyone knew the bitter end to an elf whose heart is broken.

Haldir gasped lightly, indicating he had not thought of this. The stakes were now higher and his psychological state was disarray. He left the room in a hurry. Aragorn watched him go with sad eyes until they steeled once again. His eyes focused on the piles of paper stacked neatly on his desk as the door shut behind his friend.

Haldir's mind was in such a state of indecision that he almost crashed into an oncoming figure. He stopped short and watched as the body stumbled into his, his arms wrapping around the figure to steady them. Pale grey orbs looked up to him as small pale hands clasped at his robes.

"My lady." Haldir breathed, unintentionally husky. Red lips parted to speak as a matching red dust covered her cheeks. A slight shudder wracked her form at his voice, her eyes peering at him above her thick lashes.

"Haldir." she murmured. He hadn't let her go, but Arwen found herself slowly sliding out of his grip. There seemed to be slight resistance on his part for less than a second, but it was gone so fast she wondered if she had imagined it.

Unintentionally of course, his hands slid down her body as he took one step away from her. Arwen bit her lip at the pleasant tingle she derived from the action before looking up at him again. "What are you in such a hurry for my Lady?" he purred, his lips forming his usual smirk as he gazed at the apple of his eye with amusement.

"Oh, I was just about to speak with Aragorn." she voiced with slight hesitance. She knew of his feelings for her, she was not ignorant... or blind. These words could only cause him suffering.

Instantly the playfulness was gone from Haldir's expression and replaced with courtesy and respect. "Of course my Queen, you will find him in his office. Be safe." he stated monotonously, bowing as he passed her. Arwen felt a tug at her heart and she turned.

"Haldir-" she said before she could stop herself. He stopped in his tracks. After a few moments of silence, he inclined his head and kept walking, never turning to face her.

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