Before Jake the Dad.

"So, Lady, whats for dinner tonight?" Jake asked with a lick of his lips. Lady Rainicorn brought out a tray from the oven. Jake put a hand on his chin, thoughtfully. "You know, we always go out for dinner or I make something, I don't remember the last you made food."

Lady smiled, laying the tray down and arranging the... what is that food? on their plates. "내가 한 번 밤을주고 싶어, 내 스테이크 기회를 줘, 제발." (I wanted to give it a shot tonight, come on, give my steak a chance. )

Jake smiled. "Sure thing, Lady." So thats what it was. He nervously cut a slice of the steak from it's...unusual shape. It was very tough and he had to use a lot of strength to cut it fast so as to not offend his girlfriend. He edged the fork to his mouth, while Lady was already scarfing it down. Into the mouth it went... ugh, that smell. His tongue made contact and he almost spat it out on his napkin. He'd have to choke it down, dang it.

The things he did for Lady Rainicorn were, in his opinion, stuff no one should have to go through.