Summary: For ten years, John Cena had been the ultimate face of the WWE. He was everyone's golden boy. Would that change if secrets were revealed? Could he accept a woman with just as many secrets? Can they learn to trust each other or will they let their worlds crumble?

Author's Note: First and foremost, I know that I have NO business starting yet another story. My success with John Cena stories has been pathetic at best. However, this idea simply will not leave me alone. If this story writes out the way I think it will – it will be serious departure from what I have been writing. I hope that you will take a chance and tell me what you think. Please be kind but be honest – all thoughts, ideas, critiques, love it or hate it I want to know. One last thing before I begin; A HUGE special thank you to Taker Always (Bautista's Lil' bit) without her this story would not be here. Thank you again for the idea and the beautiful OC that I am having so much fun with. Thanks in advance xoxox - Happy Reading – Oz

Chapter One


I felt if the walls were closing in on me. The silence was nearly deafening. All the tubes and monitors had been removed over the last few days; the last of them just yesterday morning. The resident shrink interviewed me over two hours ago now; clean bill of health she said. All that was left now was the waiting for the doc to come around with my release papers. Waiting for aunt and uncle to pick me up, waiting for word from the police; did I mention that I hate waiting – well I do?

Needing to do something productive, I switched off the muted t.v. and slowly – gingerly moved to sit on the edge of the bed. The doctor's all said that my progress was remarkably quick. For that I guess I should be eternally grateful. Grateful however did not slow down all of the remaining aches and pains that were currently racking all the major points of my body. Taking a deep fortifying breath, I attempted to stand. The dizziness and nausea rolled over me in thick heavy waves – forcing me drop heavily onto the edge of the bed once more. Glancing around the small typically furnished hospital room – I was anxious to leave. "My new life" waited for me outside these walls and I was anxious to get to it. As the worst of the nausea and dizziness past I tried to once more. Nearly ten minutes later I crossed the room to the small bathroom near the door. Turning on the faucet, I let the water run until it felt ice cold against the fingers of my left hand. Finding a clean cloth folded neatly on the edge of the sink – I dampened it and ran the cool material across my neck. After a moment, voices from the other drew my attention. Stepping from the bathroom, I was grateful to see my aunt Stephanie along with one of the nurses from the unit waiting for me just inside the door. At the sight of me up and around both woman almost instantaneously asked how I was feeling. I struggled for a brief but convincing smile as I told them I was fine just eager to go home.

Making my way back towards the bed I sat down. My nurse – I could never remember her name – spoke "Dr. Dean has signed your release papers. I have your paper work here, discharge instructions, follow up appointments, and a couple of prescriptions that you will need to have filled."

I admit that I was only half listening as the nurse rattled through my discharge information. Almost robotically I signed the forms, and initialed all the little boxes. Release was at hand and I was ready. Accepting the prescriptions I laid them on the hospital end table. "I think we have covered everything." The nurse began "Once you're changed, I will have a wheelchair brought up – you will be free to go."

'Hallelujah' I thought. I watched as the nurse efficiently collected her paper work and moved to the door. "Do you need any help getting changed?" she asked from the doorway. I slowly nodded no. Stephanie spoke quickly, "I'm here if she does." With a final nod of agreement the nurse exited the room.

Looking towards my aunt, I knew she was just as grateful as I was that the nurse was finally gone. "Aunt Stephanie," I began almost barely more than a whisper.

Moving quickly she sat beside me on the bed. "Don't worry about any of that right now Mercedes, let's just get you home first. Your uncle's waiting downstairs with the truck. So let's get you dressed and out of here."

Twenty minutes later, an overly friendly orderly was helping me into the back of my aunt and uncle's large white SUV. As the orderly shut the door behind me, I listened as aunt Stephanie took her sit up front next to uncle. As we slowly pulled away, I glanced out the rear window at the retreating form of the large old hospital building. In my mind I felt as if I could actually hear one door slamming shut and another one opening wide. My pages were finally blank. I was the sole author of this chapter. It was time to get busy writing.


(Across town in a beautifully furnished spacious hotel room – life was about to open a new chapter for one very unsuspecting young man.)

The previous night had been a late one. First the house show, then going out with some of the guys from the roster, and even later hooking up with AnnaLise. John fully enjoyed the rare opportunity to sleep in. As the sunlight crept in through the barely open curtain, John turned in bed reaching for Annalise. Stretching across the bed he found nothing but warm sheets. As he listened he heard the shower cut off. Shoving a pillow behind his head he leaned leisurely against the head board coming awake slowly. A few minutes later Annalisa exited the bathroom, a large white fluffy bath towel wrapped around her tall lean frame. Moving across the room she smiled, "You're awake," she murmured as she crossed to stand at the foot of the bed. Her hand clutching the towel gathered at her breasts. John merely nodded, smiling as he took in the beauty of the woman before him. Annalise was tall, nearly five foot nine in bare feet. John's warm gaze traveled over every inch of exposed skin – silky skin the color of creamy caramel. He found himself a little disappointed that her long dark curly locks were wrapped in a towel atop her head.

Moving with slow languid movements she came to stand beside the bed. Reaching for his hand she smiled, "I know that look Cena and I'm not sure we have time. We both have places to be – remember?"

Smiling up at the beautiful creature before him, John remembered, right now he just didn't give a damn. Snagging the younger woman's hand a little tighter her gave her gentle tug; finally satisfied when she was sprawled deliciously across his bare chest. "They can wait," he murmured as he claimed her mouth in a fiery kiss.

Author's Note: Finishing this story means a lot to me; as do all of my current works. Sadly I have once again bitten off more than I can reasonably chew. For that reason, I PROMISE that this work will be completed – I just don't know when. Thank you to everyone who is patient with me and gives my work a fair chance. Much love to you all !