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The two heroes speeded down the road, the headlights casting eerie shadows on the nearby buildings. "So where do you think M'gann is?" Superboy asked worriedly, shouting over the roar of the motorcycles.

The raven-haired boy shrugged, "I don't know, she could be at Arkham, or somewhere else". Superboy roared angrily. "How can you be so calm? You don't even know where she is? She could be hurt, or worse!" The two turned onto a narrow, serpentine path leading towards Arkham Asylum. "I know it sucks to play the Riddler's game, but it's the only way we'll find M'gann, Wally, and the others. He always leaves a trail of breadcrumbs, leading us from one place to another. It's a fault that always ends with him being caught; at least when the right people are on the job." The clone had seemed to have calmed down, but was still confused.

"What do you mean, 'the right people'?" Conner asked, his eyes narrowing. The two slowed to a stop behind a tree near the old, dilapidated building. "The Riddler's real name is Edward Nigma. He was always obsessed with mental puzzles and riddles. Ever since he became the Riddler, he has wanted to test himself, prove that he has the 'superior intellect'." Robin whispered, putting up air quotes. "That's why he always leaves clues; he wants to see who is smart enough to rival him, although he's not really as smart as he seems, otherwise he wouldn't leave clues in the first place." Superboy nodded and turned towards the building, scoping it out.

The boy wonder opened up his computer, beginning to hack the security system in order to remain undetected. He explained his plan without looking up. "Now Superboy, since you won't be able to use your powers, we'll have to do this covertly, meaning no barging in-" CRASH! - OW!

Dick looked up sighing as he saw his teammate already up at the door, grasping his hand in pain. "Conner! What did you do?!" Robin asked in a half-whisper half-shout. "What does it look like? I tried to knock down the door!" The dark knight's protege dragged Conner around a corner before they would be seen by the patrolling guards. "Superboy!" Robin said, gritting his teeth, "That collar you have on eliminates your powers, remember? If we're going to pull this off we will need to do it without alerting the guards - silently."

Superboy cursed himself for being so foolish as to forget about his collar. "Fine, but I don't like it…" He said crossing his arms.

- - -

The two figures dashed across the jagged rooftop: one graceful and lithe, the other haphazard and clumsy. "How -woah!- do you -ow!- do this?" asked Superboy through gasps. Dick looked back, somewhat surprised to see something that came so easily to him be struggled through by the team's heavy-hitter. "I've been doing this since I was nine, so I have a bit more experience than you." he said as he flew to another ledge, "Also, you aren't used to having no powers - being human, so you'll probably be out of breath more easily." Conner glanced up at the youngest member of the team, wondering how much he'd underestimated the human.

"Alright, Supey, I found an open window!." Robin waved over to Superboy as he silently inched open the window and dropped inside. This is so weird, Dick thought, Conner is always angry and can't do covert missions, so why is he so... quiet? The clone made it to the window and jumped in with a thud, making Robin wince. The corridor was dark, echoey and seemed like it could fall apart any minute - almost like it was straight out of a horror film. The Boy Wonder closed his eyes, letting his ears take over. It would take forever to find his captured teammate on foot, but these long hallways would carry the smallest sounds for miles. Robin squinted his eyes tighter and motioned for Superboy to be silent. There was the sound of the two of them breathing, the creaks of the building as the wind whistled by, dripping water from some unknown pipe, the tiniest pitter-pat, maybe rats or mice somewhere… then he heard it, footsteps. . . They're getting louder; someone's coming this way!

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