Notes (there's a lot, sorry!): Honestly my plan was the typical high school AU plot line but it ends up with hospitals and mass-murderers and kidnappers and aliens and pop-singers and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World battles… Okay not really, but it does have hospitals and a serial killer whoops. Also, Loki was written in a perspective that I picture him from before he and Thor started hating each other. ALSO I don't make up any characters, so if you think you recognize a name but aren't sure then yes, yes that is another Marvel character.

And some additional little things are:
1) I basically made up a whole new family background for almost every character except Tony's. I mean I tried to make them somewhat similar, but honestly it just didn't work out in this particular AU.
2) Steve is still super tiny at first, but there are subtle changes throughout the year of him growing.
3) Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are in this story as Loki's best friends since I just watched The Amazing Spiderman :P
4) I know Tony and the others were in high school back in 19-whatever, but I'm just pretending that it's all 2012/2013 recent because I want to give them cell phones and Tony needs his Audi R8 and blah yadda blah.
5) The movies that are in theaters are going to be way off what it really is, since I'm writing this over the span of a few months. I've got things like Brave playing at the same time as Rock of Ages, which is totally not how it works, but shh.
6) Thor and his families last name is just going to be "Asgard", because a man named Odin Odinson is just awkward. I know "Thor Asgard" sounds like shit but oh well. Except Loki's last name was still Laufeyson because of reasons.
7) This fic includes a lot of chess, hence the title. And I haven't played a real game since like third grade, so forgive me if any of the rules have changed or I totally botch the worth of points or anything else along those lines
8) It's never mentioned, but the school they go to is going to be called SHIELD. I don't have what it stands for, but that's what it is.

Anyway, on with the fic! Enjoy :)

Disclaimer: You know the drill!

Summary: Tony/Loki HS AU. "Tony's life is complete. He's got his friends and his enemies, and he doesn't need anybody else. Thor's little brother sticks himself in anyway, though, and it's just way to much work to push him away. What's the worst that could happen? Nobody's ever beaten him at a game of chess anyway." COMPLETE.

Pairings: (Main) Tony/Loki; (Other) Thor/Natasha, Bruce/Clint, Steve/Peggy, Pepper/Happy, Peter/Gwen, Phil/Sigyn, Bucky/Sharon, Fandral/Darcy, Skurge/Amora, Odin/Frigga, Erik/Charles, Rebecca/Remy, previous Loki/Victor, previous Clint/Victor, platonic Tony/Phil, platonic Clint/Maria

Status: Complete
Rating: Mature
Warnings: strong language; AU - High School, AU - Human; romance/adventure; non-graphic violence; underage; m/m and m/f pairings; sexual content

1: Emerald on High

October 1

"Steve, honestly, no wonder people beat you up all the time," Tony says, turning Steve to face him. "You have got to stop tucking your horrible looking plaid shirts into your jeans." He untucks it.

Steve rolls his eyes. "I don't get beat up that much," he mutters, pushing Tony's hand off of him to smooth out his blue and white button up top over the jeans he has held up too high with the belt buckle the size of his fuckin' palm (but Tony can appreciate it enough since Steve made it himself in welding shop, and Steve is his best friend, after all).

"Yes you do," Pepper says pointedly, reaching up to smooth a lock of hair down on Steve's head. "Promptly every three days behind the public restrooms at the park because you refuse not to go jogging every three days by there after school unless it's snowing or hailing."

"Well I'd love to take somebody with me," Steve mutters, pushing her hand away as well, "but you're the only friends I have and you never want to come."

"Only because we're too busy," Bruce says, playing with the watch on his wrist. "Tone and I have chess club."

"Yeah, and that one Thursday a week just happens to land on all of the days I go jogging."

"Oh, Ban, shut up," Tony says, scuffing up Bruce's hair. "You know very well we purposely avoid it and he knows it too."

"Well I don't," Pepper says, taking out her ponytail to put it back in again. "I go jogging in the morning during my first period fitness running class, and I am not about to do it again."

"You don't count," Steve and Tony say simultaneously.

They're waiting for a snide comment back from Pepper, but when she's silent they look back over at her. Her eyes are narrowed and she's looking behind all of them, as are Bruce's at her side.

Tony and Steve turn around in their cafeteria bench seat to see their group of four's least favorite people striding into the large mess hall of people.

Looking far cooler than legal and probably far cooler than they really are, in walk three of the most popular people in their senior year (not because they are, but because they enforce it): Thor Asgard, Clint Barton, and Natalia Romanova (except that's her Russian name, so everybody just calls her Natasha Romanov). And they are, of course, the three that are always beating up on Steve. Thing is, though, they beat up on Tony just as much. It's even better because Clint's gay as the rainbow banner he has in his locker and Natasha and Thor are dating so Tony gets to make a lot of crude jokes about them having a three way or something.

Tony's entire body clenches up while Steve's droops beside him. Tony wants to do something about it, but he knows he can't do enough. If it weren't for the fact that he honestly doesn't give a shit, his grades would be the top in his year and he knows it. Thing is, he doesn't usually do his homework. Or if he does he forgets to turn it in. He's in all the highest classes, though, not to mention chess club after school on Thursday's, and he would be in cake decorating on Wednesday's if he had lost a bet he had with Pepper back in sophomore year a few weeks before they broke up.

As Tony glares intently at the group, he catches eyes with Natasha. Tony hates to admit it, but she's far too attractive for her own good. Dark red hair long and flowing past her shoulders and eyes that pierce you like an assassin shooting its prey, and today she's in a tight black outfit that Tony of course trailed over before they accidentally caught eyes.

She elbows Clint, who looks over and catches eyes with Tony as well.

That's when he elbows Thor, who towers over fucking every single person like a god, long blonde hair and stubble over his chin as he struts around in his expensive designer shit. T's rich too, but he doesn't wear no Gucci.

Of course Thor catches his eye as well, grinning at Clint and Natasha before the three of them make their ways over to Tony's table of four.

"If it is not my good friend Tony Stark," Thor says, sitting down beside the man like they're actually friends. That's before he leans across the table and flicks Bruce's glasses off his face though, sending them skittering across the table where Natasha snatches them up before Pepper has a chance to. "How are you feeling after yesterday?"

Tony's eyes narrow at the memory. It was fourth period fitness training and Thor had knocked Tony's off his feet, so Tony of course retaliated by jumping up on a bench and elbowing Thor in the face. Of course, after that, he was punched in the stomach before slamming against the back wall completely unconscious, but where's the fun in winning…?

"That is right," Thor says, giving Tony an evil grin. Tony can see it just fine. He only has a problem with seeing things that are far away, which is perfect for him since all he ever does is work with things close to his face. He usually just wears contacts. "I will do it again today if you cross me," he says darkly.

"I'll be sure to do it somewhere where there aren't any dumbbells then," Tony snaps, turning away from Thor to go back to his food. "Get the fuck out of my face, jackass."

He shouldn't have done it. He damn well knows he shouldn't have. But he did, and now he's being thrown off the bench and roughly to the ground, sat on by Miss Romanov herself before getting a nice fistful of knuckles in the nose.

"Damn," he says, reaching a hand up to his nose. "I should have known Thor'd have his bitch doin' all the dirty work while he just eats my food."

This time Clint punches him after Natasha jumps off and pulls him up, sending him flat on his back again where he's promptly all but leapt upon by Thor. Then Steve jumps in but instantly gets pulled off of Thor's back by Clint and Natasha, and Bruce is stiff as a board because he's terrified and Pepper runs off to get the principle and vice principle as the cafeteria inhabitance surround the fight (AKA Tony getting punched in the face as he does his best to block them with his arms).

That's how it always happens. Once a week, without fail. Sometimes twice a week. Hell, the second week of school it was three. Hasn't happened that many times in a week since then, it only being the first week of the second month of school…but there was always last year. It was usually three days a week then.

But something's different this time…somebody new comes in.

"Thor! Thor, stop it, you're hurting him!"

Thor stops at the voice, and Tony pulls in a giant lungful of air at the break. That's when a new face comes into his vision, too. He's skinny (but not near as skinny as Mr. Steve the Stick), with jet black hair that hangs straight and somewhat messy down to his shoulders. Tony can only tell what he looks like because he's bent over, pushing aside Tony's blood and sweat plastered hair stuck to his face. His hands are soft, and the only reason he's noticing that is because they're even softer than Pepper's, and her hands are damn soft. He has emerald green eyes that shine so bright it's sickening.

"Stay out of this, brother," Thor growls, gripping onto the front of…of his brother's shirt and pulling them eye level. "Stark and I have something to settle."

"You settle things every day, you beast," the guy grumbles, ripping Thor's hand off of him. "Get off of him before I call mom."

Thor emits a feral growl as he swings off of Tony, standing up to be instantly flanked by Clint and Natasha. "Mother would not care."

"No, but when she tells father you'll—"

"Silence! That is to be silenced!"

Without another word between each other (though the three don't move), the man swings around so that his body is pointing in the same direction as Tony's and bends over him again from the side, looking carefully over him. "How many times has my brother broken your nose before?" he asks quietly, pulling Tony slowly into a sitting position.

"Just twice," Tony wheezes, clinging onto the arm of whoever this guy is like a lifeline. Nobody's ever been there to help him up before but Pepper and Bruce. This is…this is weird. "It's not broken now, just bruised. I know the difference."

"Neither one will happen again," he says, glaring up at his brother. That's when he sees Pepper and Bruce helping Steve up, who's miraculously un-bloodied. Tony knows Natasha and Clint's secret though. They know all the places to hit that won't bleed or bruise until the fight is over and nobody can prove it was them. Convenient, really. "Good lord, Thor! Two of them? How could you?!"

Thor bares his teeth (Tony's never really understood the whole ode to beast thing, but maybe it's just because his family came to America from who knows where and he's the size of a beast) and begins to protest, but that's when all the fun stops.

"What the hell have we told you all about fighting at my school?" Principle Fury bellows, parting the crowd like Moses with his staff and the Red Sea.

"And what did we tell you would happen the next time it happened?" Vice Principle Hill says afterwards.

All of Pepper, Bruce, Thor, Clint, and Natasha let out defeated sighs. Tony and Steve, though, are too busy trying not to whimper at all of the blood on Tony's face and the bruises that aren't there yet on Steve's.

"Excuse me, Principle Fury," Thor's brother says, standing up in such a way that he's still right beside Tony so that he can lean against his leg.

Fury narrows his eyes. "Yes?"

"They didn't do anything. It was just my brother and his friends. I saw what happened. I saw all of it. Thor, Clint, and Natasha started the whole thing."

Fury frowns even deeper. "You would rat out your own brother?"

"I'm sure you don't find it very hard to believe, Mr. Fury, but I don't exactly like my brother."

Fury actually smiles a bit before turning to Miss Hill. "I'm going back to my office. Deal with these motherfuckers for me."

Hill nods, taking a step forward. "You three," she snaps at Thor and his friends, "are hereby suspended for the rest of the week. If it happens again it will be a month, and then you will be expelled. You two, though…" She looks down at Tony and Steve, giving them a somewhat sympathetic look. "Are off free, thanks to your newfound ally over here. For now." Then she looks up at the rest of the cafeteria. "And the rest of you motherfuckers can get the hell back to your food!"

Tony actually laughs, giving Thor's brother a fright so he quick squats back down. "Do you usually laugh at getting beaten to a pulp by a man three times larger than you?"

"No, no," he says, pushing the guy off of him. "I just—fuck, ow."

"Yeah, hospital time." The guy stands, calling after Miss Hill: "His nose is bruised, and his friend over there looks like he has some bruised ribs. I think you should call the hospital, Miss Hill."

She rolls her eyes, glaring down at Tony. "This is the second time this year, Mr. Stark, that we've had to include the hospital in these fights of yours."

"Yeah, I know," Tony says, wishing more than anything that the cafeteria would clear out a little faster than it is. "It's not my fault Thor's such an asshole."

"I know," she says. "I just wish you wouldn't encourage it."

"I don't know, ma'am. Your job would be pretty boring without me and Steve to fuck shit up, I think."

Miss Hill rolls her eyes heavenward with a faint smile. She and Tony hate each other, of course, but they sure do have fun doing it.

An ambulance is called and takes both Tony and Steve to the hospital. About halfway there Tony realizes he doesn't even know the name of Thor's brother, the guy who saved him a little earlier than usual. Hell, he didn't even know Thor had a brother. Has he always had him? Maybe he was recently adopted, because they sure as hell don't look alike.

"Afternoon, Tony," the receptionist at the desk says as Tony and Steve stumble in with Miss Hill. "Steve."

"Hello, Mrs. Hardy," they say, giving her a smile and a wave as they're seated for the wait for being put back together.

Tony and Steve are in here so often they know all the receptions on a mostly first name basis. Even if they're not here for themselves, Steve's mother Sarah has been off and on with having pneumonia, not to mention having breast cancer, so she's in here pretty often too. (His dad was an alcoholic and died when he was pretty young, so the only person he had to look up for was his grandpa, who fought in the war.) Basically Steve is always in the hospital with his mom and Tony spends the night along with him every once in a while. Pepper and Bruce come over too, sometimes, but not as often. They know that the best friends would rather just be alone.


October 2

Tony goes to school the next morning with a bandage across his nose and with his darkest pair of sunglasses, partly because he has two black eyes but mostly because he's completely hung over. Steve stayed with his mom in the hospital last night, but Tony went home before grabbing a half empty bottle of scotch and some ice cubes before getting drunk in his room.

"Here's some Advil, Tone," Bruce says, appearing at his side. "Miss Hill said I could. Are you doing alright?"

"Yeah, Ban," Tony says, slinging an arm over his friends shoulder. "Way better than Tuesday."

"Today is Tuesday."

"Last Tuesday."

"Tony!" a new voice says, and they turn to see Steve and Pepper, Steve sporting a shiny pair of aviators and the big brown leather jacket he wears to try and hide his stick-ish frame.

"Well hey!" Tony says, clinging to Bruce so he doesn't fall over. "Fancy seein' you here."

"Here's your water bottle," Pepper says, unscrewing the lid. "Three Advil and you'll be fine by second period."

"Don't let Fury catch you with those sunglasses again," Steve says. "Are your contacts acting up at all?"

"No," Tony says, letting Bruce steer him to his locker. "I'm fine. Fine." He and Bruce head off to calculus while Steve and Pepper go their separate ways.

That's how they spend every morning where Tony and/or Steve got beat up the day before. Tony comes to school hung over, Hill allows Bruce to bring Advil (though he would even if she didn't), Pepper brings a bottle of water, and Steve makes sure that he's actually doing alright.

Tony naps through his first period calculus class, the activity kept secret from Mr. Crosetti thanks to Bruce. Tony adores Bruce. He's like a giant teddy bear, but Tony knows what's really inside of him. His family life can be hell thanks to his single mom with too many boyfriends (his parents got divorced when he was four and Bruce hasn't seen his father since), but somehow he never gets angry about hardly anything. Or at least not angry enough to show it. There was this one time, though…

Tony was over, and so was Bruce's moms' (Rebecca) newest boyfriend. The guy was an absolute jackass, and something he said snapped Bruce so much that he actually leveled the guy. He (the boyfriend, not Bruce) spent five days in the hospital. Tony wishes Bruce would get that angry again and beat up Thor a bit, but in truth he never wants to see his friend that angry ever again.

Second period Tony has advanced art with Steve, and he feels quite better by then. After that, though, is an eight minute break that Tony instantly ditches Steve for, going straight to his third period class.

Tony's favorite class of the day is his third period class, so he always just makes his way straight to the advanced chemistry room instead of spending the small time doing something else. His friends don't know that he goes there simply to hang out with his favorite teacher, Mr. Coulson, but instead think he runs to the bathroom and then goes to get extra credit material. He's never done extra credit in his life, though. Why do something you don't need to do when it's not even going to be able to improve your grade?

"Phil?" Tony says, poking his head into the room.

"Over here, Tone," comes the teacher's voice from around the corner. It's an oddly shaped room. It's huge and open, but there are two spots where it breaks off and goes into smaller rooms. One of them has a door, which is Phil's office, but the other is just an open place, which is where Phil is now.

"How'd I do on my test?" Tony asks, walking over to see what he's doing. It doesn't hold his interest for more than a second, though, because it's just regular junior chemistry stuff.

"How do you think you did?" Phil asks, glancing up at Tony with a smile. "One-hundred and two percent, since you got my extra credit questions too."

Okay, so maybe he does do some extra credit. But only if it's on tests. He never grabs clean worksheets or some shit.

"Obviously," Tony says, leaning against the counter. "Will you be at my chess tournament on Saturday?"

Phil smirks without looking up. "Of course I will," he says. "You know I come to all of those. You gonna win again?"

"I always win."

"Yeah, I know. How many trophies do you have again?"


"Sitting in the trash can behind your house that never gets taken out, I take it?"

"Where else? I don't want them in my room. They take up space and they're ugly."

They manage to get a few more words in before the door opens, and Phil's smile melts away to a very stern look. "And don't let me ever catch you again telling the freshman that we dissect their brains during senior year, am I clear?"

"Yes Mr. Coulson," Tony says dejectedly, turning to go over to his assigned seat in the back corner of the room. Him and Phil have been closer than anybody else (well, nearly) since last year. Phil rescued Tony from Thor one time because both Fury and Hill were out on a big meeting, and somehow they never stopped talking. They don't want anybody to know, though, because it's generally frowned upon for a student to be so close to a teacher that they can curl up under the same blanket on a movie night at the students house. No, Phil doesn't like Tony. No, Tony doesn't like Phil. He instead has a gigantic crush on Natasha; there must be something about badass women that beat him up, but he doesn't know. But in any case, they keep their friendship a thing of secret. Everybody thinks that they hate each other.

Fourth period he has running fitness and weight training with Thor and Natasha (or he would, if they and Clint weren't suspended), and of course he can't wear sunglasses while doing jumping jacks, so he gets to show off his awesome face. Black eyes, bruised nose, bruised cheeks, and a cut lip. They're not all from just yesterday, though. He and Thor have been fighting for way too long.

Finally its lunch and he collapses down in his usual spot beside Steve. "I feel like shit," he sighs, picking apart the peel of an orange.

"Maybe if you didn't drink so much you wouldn't," Steve says darkly.

"I'm a senior, Steve-o. Don't hurt yourself."

"Don't look now," Bruce says, "but your guys' senior savior is over there with pretty boy."

Obviously Tony and Steve both look. Thor's little (in every way) brother is standing with Peter Parker, the prettiest looking bad-boy senior you ever did see. Hair a mess, ripped jeans, scrapes on his face, and the skateboard that he carries around to go through the halls and to get to and from home. Beside him is his girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. He…really doesn't seem her type. She dresses in mini skirts and knee-high socks and still manages to look proper enough to uphold her father's name (the head policeman of good ole New York) and her job (at Oscorp or something; Tony only knows because his dad has done a few business deals with her boss, Dr. Curtis Connors).

Of course, Thor's brother sees Tony and Steve almost instantly and says something to Peter before making his way over to them.

"Hey," he says with a bright smile. He's wearing a flannel and looks a lot better than Steve usually does. "How are you two feeling?"

"Fine," Tony and Steve says together, though Steve's is bright and chirpy while Tony's is dark and snippy.

Pepper reaches across to punch him in the shoulder. "Don't be an ass."

"I'm an ass?" Tony snaps, turning to her. "Tell that to his brother."

"I'll tell him for you when I get home," Mr. Green Eyes says, sitting down beside Tony like he owns the place.

"Uh, no," Bruce says quickly. "The last time we had a message relayed Steve ended up in the trash bin out back."

Thor's brother frowns, looking between Tony and Steve. "I don't know which of you is Steve."

Steve smiles, sticking a hand out to him. "Steve Rogers. Nice to meet you."

"Likewise. I'm Loki," he replies, reaching in front of Tony to shakes Steve's hand. Then he turns to Tony with an expecting smile.

Tony stares at him and eats a piece of orange before answering: "Tony fuckin' Stark, at your service."

Even at the jackass reply, Loki smiles brightly at him, green eyes shimmering. "I knew I recognized you. I've been to a couple of your chess tournaments."

Tony tilts his head down and pushes his sunglasses down his nose to look at him. "You what?"

"Gwen's friend plays, she brings Peter, and Peter brings me. Is there a reason you don't ever care about winning?"

Tony pushes his sunglasses back up and eats another piece of orange. "Yeah. I've been to eighteen tournaments and I've won every single one of them. It's boring because nobody's as good as me." He looks over at Bruce, reaching across to pat him on the hand. "Except you. I like playing with you."

Bruce pats him back. "Thanks, Tone. I can always count on you."

"I'll play you," Loki says, and everybody turns to blink at him.

"You'll lose," Pepper says, sipping from the coffee she gets at the office. She's a TA for Mr. Fury and Miss Hill.

"Oh, I know that," Loki says, standing with a smile that's illegally bright and innocent. "I've never played before. Meet me outside the front door when school is out, kay?" And he walks away before Tony can turn him down.

"Did I just get asked out on the nerdiest date of my life by a guy I met for five minutes yesterday?"

"It's your only date," Pepper says, "and no. You have a pathetic crush on a total bitch anyway."

"Hey," S says. "Good news is you'll get along."

"Come on, Tony," Bruce says. "Why her? Why Natasha? You couldn't choose the sweet junior girl in your AP government class?"

"Does she still like me? Bruce, I don't even know what her name is. No, I don't want her, that's way too boring. I need someone with a mouth—and I don't mean on my dick."

Pepper hits his shoulder before saying, "I beg to differ. You need somebody to counteract yours."

Tony smirks. "That may be true, Pep, but you can't say I never got turned on when you swore at me while—"

Pepper hits him again to shut him up, causing him to snort, while Steve rolls his eyes and Bruce averts his. Tony and Pepper never had sex, but they got close. Not that Tony didn't want to, but Pepper's too respectable for that. She promised herself (who makes promises to themselves? How boring) that she wouldn't have sex until she was out of the house. And Tony respects that, he just wishes he could have anyway. Pepper was the one who first brought up the need for a break-up, and while after it was talked through it was a mutual idea (because it wasn't to Tony until it was thoroughly explained), it still hurt. Tony said he was fine, and he was as far as he could tell.

Unbeknownst to himself at the time, though, he was actually rather devastated, which started his next relationship a couple of weeks later (that only lasted two months) with a senior girl (that's right, sophomore gettin' with the older girls) named Christine Everhart. She had already had sex before, and Tony's always been a charmer as long as people can stomach the fact that he's a total asshole, so they had it a few times, and that was Tony's virginity loss. Nothing special, but nothing he regrets either. He had it a few more times with some hookups in his junior year, too, and once during the most recent summer, but now he literally cannot stomach it because he likes Natasha so much. Even though she hates him and he doesn't know her near as well as he acts, he feels like he's betraying himself by doing anything with anyone. Sure, he shamelessly flirts, and he'll make out with someone, but that's about it. That's what masturbation is for, right? Which Tony also hasn't done much of lately. He's too busy drinking, not doing his homework, and tinkering with the eight hundred thousand projects cluttered around his bedroom.

Christine graduated a couple years ago, now, and is a reporter for some newspaper. She actually came over to Tony's place once last year to interview his dad, and boy was that confrontation awkward. It was funny, though. Tony happened to be walking past the front door right when she knocked, and Pepper was with him because they were working on their French homework (since they had it together last year as well). Opening the door, Pepper smirked, Tony blinked a lot, and Christine gave the tiniest of glares. Tony's the one that broke up with her, after all, and not very nicely. He told her right out that "I'm realizing now that I just used you because I was hurt so there's actually no feelings between us at all and I feel bad so uh we should break up" and that was pretty much that.

"Hi!" she had said, smacking lip-glossed lips at him. "Got back together with your ex, then?"

Pepper had burst into laughter. "No, we're well past that." Then the laughter was gone from her face entirely. "We actually stayed friends, though."

"Poor you," she said, giving Pepper a condescending smile. "Anyway, Tony." She turned to Tony, the same smile on her face. "I'm sure you heard about the reporting job I got. I'm here to see your father, Howard."

"Yeah, I know his name," Tony said, raising his eyebrows and then lowering them in a not-so eye roll. "But thanks."

She gave an evil smirk. "Can I come in? I'm doing a spread on him."

"Oh, like the one you did on Tony last year?" Pepper asked.

"PEPPER!" Tony yelled, pushing her away from the door. "Go to my room!"

"I'm going, I'm going," she said, flitting her wrist as she sashayed up the steps. "Don't have too much fun, Everhart."

Tony gave her a smile both apologetic and guilty, inviting her in and letting her follow him around until he found his dad.

Tony looks over at Pepper and gives her a look, and she smirks. He knows she knows exactly what he's thinking about. Good times.

Fifth period is his second year of French with Pepper, and Clint happens to have it as well. Pepper easily has the highest grade in class, but Tony's pretty sure that Clint is right behind her. Whenever Tony is feeling down he pictures the guy in the classic French outfit of a black and white striped long sleeve, a red sash, a black beret, and a thin little handlebar mustache. It hurts to know that he actually looks okay as a French kid, but it's still funny. Maybe he'll start imagining him as a mime instead.

Sixth period is his literature through film class, and they just read a book and then watch its movie. Classic things like To Kill a Mockingbird, but also recent things like The Hunger Games. They read and watched Perfume: the Story of a Murderer, too, but that was… Well, let's just say that some students and their parents complained. Even Tony was scarred for life. He liked it, though. It was creepy and weird as fuck, but he still liked it. He also has that class with both of his recent savior's best friends, but they've never really talked before. Those are the only three movies they've gotten through so far, and next they're watching Matilda.

School starts at eight-thirty and ends at three-fifteen, so seventh period is the last class of the day, in which he has AP government. It's the only class he has that he doesn't at least have it with somebody that he knows. First with Bruce, second with Steve, third is taught by Phil, fourth with Natasha and Thor, fifth with Pepper and Clint, and sixth with Peter and Gwen. Even though he just gets beat up by Natasha and Thor and then he doesn't talk to Peter and Gwen he at least knows them. Seventh, though, he's got all by himself. There is one girl he always ends up paired with, though, but he doesn't even know her name. It's the girl Bruce really wants him to like, but it's a wasted want. The only way that Tony would stop liking Natasha enough to like somebody else is if somebody came along and literally forced themselves between them, and so far it doesn't look like that's going to happen.

End chapter authors notes: This chapter was originally called "Two Groups and a Savior" but how boring is that? So. I changed it to what it is now because…idk the first time Tony sees Loki he's above him so his emerald green eyes are higher? Whatever it sounds cooler than the last thing and without the description so whatever XD

Anyway, that's it for chapter one! Hope you liked it and want to keep reading, because it took way too long to write this entire thing. I know first chapters are always kind of boring because background, but the whole story is good I swear! Anyway, tell me what you think! :)