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Andy Sachs got off the taxi and slowly climbed the stairs up to her apartment; the three day conference in Boston had worn her out.

She was exhausted, and couldn't wait to crawl into bed. The plane had landed at JFK around midnight and between luggage retrieval and finding a taxi she had made it home only two hours later.

I feel like I've never stopped running back there, she mused, at least now Greg won't pester me for a while.

Andy had reached her landing by then and opened the door , her gaze sweeping the flat. Dropping the bags on the floor she took out her phone and sent a text.

'Got home now. I'll call you tomorrow.'

Sighing she made her way to the bathroom, intent on having a shower before crashing on the bed, however the phone's buzz reached her ear and she jogged back to it. Miranda.

"Hey" she answered, a tired smile making its way on her face.

"Andréa," was the soft reply, "You're home."

"Yes, I texted you as soon as I got in."

Andy made her way to the couch, unceremoniously lowering herself on it.

"My darling, I have missed you so much." Miranda's voice was like a lullaby, cradling Andrea and allowing the tension to slowly leave her.

"So have I, I'm so sorry I couldn't leave with you and the girls for the Hamptons" Andrea said, thinking back to when she had had to tell the twins she would not be coming with them for their break.

Andrea knew that calling the twins to tell them about her sudden job would not be easy. Caroline and Cassidy had been looking forward to a whole week with both Andy and Miranda, and had gone as far as calling the new 'Emily' to instruct that their mother was not to be disturbed. Miranda had pretended for all of three seconds to be enraged before opening her arms to cuddle her babies as soon as she had been informed of her suddenly free week. Needless to say, she was a lot less pleased when her lover called to tell her they would not be going, after all, together to the holiday home.

"It's alright, they sulked and grouched for a while but in the end they realized they now have a bargaining chip to use in their favor." The editor said, a hint of pride in her voice as she knew what her daughters were up to.

The twins had indeed pouted for the whole evening after Andrea had called them to say she would not be joining them, and Miranda had to make an effort to hide how disappointed she was that Andrea would not be joining them. She too, after all, had wanted to pass an entire week cavorting with the brunette. However an idea had sprung to mind and she had told her daughters, who had been immediately appeased and decided to prepare everything.

"Oh really? And who gave them that idea?" Andy chuckled.

"Really Andréa, you cannot believe that I would not teach my children how to turn a situation in their favor, now would you?" Miranda answered back, her voice teasing and soothing the effect of the words she had uttered.

"Yeah well, I would expect nothing less from you lot," the journalist yawned, feeling tired yet unwilling to head off to bed before she'd heard what the twins had done, "And do you have any idea of what they will do now that they have this 'free-pass'?"

Miranda smiled, looking out from her veranda onto the sea in front of her "Well, they asked me to tell you to set the alarm for seven o'clock tomorrow morning, as a car will be waiting for you downstairs."

"Wait, what?" Andy perked up at that, the news travelling fast through her brain "Why?"

"Well, they thought that if they couldn't spend a whole week with you, you had better prepare to make the most of the three days of your permanence here" the editor purred, thinking that tomorrow at this time she would be with her Andrea.

"Oh god, they will make me pay, won't they?" Andrea laughed, knowing that the twins and their mother had planned to get her to the Hamptons one way or another.

"Indeed, but they won't be only ones you will have to make it up to Andréa, " A sudden gasp told Miranda that her lover had definitely woken up, "Well darling, I suggest you start packing and get as much rest as you can. You're going to need it."

"Damn Miranda, there is no chance I'm simply going to sleep right now if you say those things," Andrea was almost pouting, but grinned when ad idea passed through her head, "Although now that I think of it, I may have to look for the La Perla swimming costume…" she left the sentence hanging

"Andréa, which costume are you talking about?" Miranda had straightened up, and her heartbeat had quickened. This would be the first time, she had to admit, that she would see Andréa with very little on in a place that was not a bedroom.

"Oh you know, the black bandeau one with the brasilian bottom," Andrea had passed to outright teasing now, If I have to suffer so should Miranda. "I think it was last year's collection."

"Andréa," the editor growled "Our conversation should come to an end. I am going to bed now, and will see you tomorrow morning at 10. That's all." Miranda was pacing now, the thought of seeing Andrea with a barely-there costume mixing with the desire she had felt for the last few she had been deprived of the younger woman.

"Yes, Miranda," Andrea said, then softly added, "I love you, and can't wait to see you tomorrow. Sweet dreams my love".

Miranda's breath hitched, and her voice took on a soft edge "I love you too Andréa, sleep well. I'm looking forward to being reunited with you".

A few seconds passed and Andy then heard the tone of the phone, signaling the call had been ended.

Well, she still hangs up on me, she thought, as one of her sun-rivaling smiles appeared on her face, but at least now I know what she is expecting!