Chapter 4:

Up Above the World so High

Golden eyes peered through the semi-darkness of the early morning twilight. The golden pools were unblinking as a sleek cream colored body slipped through the loose glass board in the wall. Its whiskers gave a little twitch as it sniffed the air. The red jewel set into its forehead glowed a bright red, signifying that it was on the prowl. Once it was all the way in, the Cat sniffed the air again. The smell of the Bird was nearby. Its prey was close. A soft growl escaped its throat – it was unsatisfied and hungry. The golden eyes blinked again and it set off, creeping through the Greenhouse.

There were a lot of vegetation and a lot of Grass and flying type Pokémon, but none of the Pokémon was what it was looking for. Slinking through the darkness, the Persian carefully treaded over the vines of a sleeping Carnivine and continued to follow the scent of the missing prey. It finally saw the source of the scent. The Persian saw a basket full of soft blankets and towels. The scent was a bit stronger here. It crept a bit closer to the sleeping form of a human girl fast asleep on the ground, unaware that its prey was exactly right under its nose. Slinking up to the basket, Persian gently pawed at the basket, its sharp claws scraping through the white cloth that was lined inside it.

An unsatisfied hiss broke through its mouth.

Where is its prey? Where did the Bird go? The smell of nuts, berries, and seeds filled the Cat's nostrils and the Feline suddenly poked its wet nose to the ground. The Bird's scent was here mixed among the small crumbs of food. Its roughly padded tongue lapped at the ground, sweeping up some of the crumbs and some unwanted dirt. Mixed in with the sweet taste of berries, the salty seeds, and the foul tasting earth was the bird. Its whiskers twitched again.

The Bird was still nearby. With its eyes gleaming again, the Cat purred gently and walked back towards the sleeping girl. Once it was towering over the girl, it looked down at a strange blue and white cottony ball of fluff.

Its eyes went wide with hunger.

Prey! Its prey was here!

The cottony blue ball of fluff trembled a bit, letting out a soft chirp in its sleep.

Baby Swablu shivered at feeling a little bit of a cold draft and snuggled more into Katarin's body, the two long feathers straying from the top of her head quivering a bit. Once comfortable, she tried to go back to her peaceful slumber, but there was a creepy feeling – a whitewash of feelings that overshadowed the peacefulness of the early morning hours. Swablu was used to getting up early, but not this early. Blinking blearily, Swablu opened her eyes and blinked again. Her blurry vision was showing a pale cream color mixing with gold and red.

The colors of her dream were so pretty…

"Bluu…" the Chick cooed softly. But a growl broke her from her sleepy state and she blinked again. The blurriness faded away as her vision straightened itself out. Large gold eyes stared at it with a red jewel shining brightly against the Cat's fur. It was a cat, not a rainbow. It was theCat that had tried to eat it.

Cat? Swablu blinked for the umpteenth time and took a better glance at the cat figure. It was then that her heart started to pound.

The Persian hissed loudly, letting out a yowl before pouncing. Luckily Katarin had been cradling Swablu in the safety of her arms for the claws and teeth sinking into the skin of her arms woke her up.

"Ow! Chatterbox!" Katarin yelled loudly. The Persian immediately jumped back, its creamy fur bristling at the girl being awake. Katarin just grumbled under her breath and just as the Swablu had done, she blinked blearily at the Persian, but she was quicker on the uptake than the baby Swablu she held in her arms.

"OK, you're not, Chatterbox. You're a Persian." The girl whispered quietly. She felt Swablu trembling in her arms, its soft beak being pressed against her chest. "A wild one…"

"Bluuu…. Swa…."

"It's ok, baby Swablu." Katarin crooned to the soft cottony bird, speaking in a gentle tone. Her eyes never left the Persian as it glowered at her. Its ears were perked forward, its claws out and ready for an attack.

The Persian growled, baring its teeth at the Human. It wanted its prey. It wanted food! It wanted the Bird! The red gem set into its forehead glowed and this time, the Cat Pokémon hissed. A projectile of rocks shot forth from the small ruby set into the middle of the Cat's forehead.

Katarin let out a scream as the rocks flew at her.

Leo jumped to his feet at hearing a faint, echoing scream. His ear twitched in nervousness. He could feel his fur rippling with fright. Pokémon can always sense when trouble is around. The Liepard quickly shot off, running out of the little cat and doggie door that Tyler had set up for him and out into the early morning. Chatterbox sang overhead, repeating one word over and over.

"Help! Help! Chatot!" Chatterbox twittered, circling overhead. His green eyes spotted Leo running across the lawn, making his way towards the greenhouse. The bird immediately nosedived towards Leo, only to stop himself, flapping his wings to keep his multicolored body floating in midair. "Leeeeo. Danger!"

Leo just growled softly at him and started sniffing around. He felt Chatterbox landing gently on his upraised tail, still chattering away. His fur bristled at sensing the startling presence. The other Cat was back – Swablu's attacker!

His golden gaze flickered back to Chatterbox.

"Liepurrr." It crooned at the bird before scouring the glass wall of the green house for a way in.

"Get help! Get help!" Chatterbox sang, taking off into the air now.

Once he saw that the bird was flying towards the window of Tyler and Marie's bedroom, Leo starting clawing at the ground near a loose glass board he found; the Cat managed to dig a small hole just big enough for him to squeeze through without much of a strain.

Swablu felt Katarin holding her firmly against her chest, its two antenna-like feathers quivering against the girl's chin. Its small blue body quivered with fright as the stone projectiles the Persian called forth finally appeared in full.

Katarin quickly leapt out of the way with the baby Swablu in her arms, causing the wild Persian's Power Gem to miss and hit the nearby work bench instead.

The Persian just growled in irritation and quickly leapt at her, the claws of its front paws beginning to glow. There was no way its Prey was getting away this time.

Katarin felt her body becoming unbalanced as she landed on her feet. She was never good at dodging any kind of attacks in general, not even when she was playing around with Leo, but even then Leo would only tackle her and gently bite her. But the Pokémon attacking her wasn't her mother's playful Liepard, it was a Persian – an angry, irritated wild Persian and it wasn't playing around. She didn't want to let go of the trembling Bird Pokémon in her arms just so she could grab onto something to steady her balance.

She saw some Oddish scuttling out of the line of fire and directly behind the growling Persian was…

She finally lost her balance. The Persian went to pounce onto her, ready to use a series of Fury Swipes when a loud snarl filled the air and the purple blur appeared out of nowhere, landing on top of it.

"Leo!" Katarin's voice came out as a surprised squeak as she finally toppled over in surprise. Her mother's Liepard had appeared in the nick of time.

Leo sank his teeth into the cream colored fur lining the scruff of Persian's neck before quickly releasing the enemy Cat. His tail glowed a dark purple, signifying the use of Night Slash and in one fluid motion, just as the Persian was going to respond with a series of Fury Swipes, his tail came in contact its opponent's face, knocking it away from his trainer's offspring. He landed gracefully on all fours while the Persian landed right into the messy mulch belonging to a startled Carnivine, which had used its vinelike limbs to pull itself into a nearby tree.

Leo just growled, standing protectively in front Katarin as she sat up.

"Leo!" Katarin said again, earning a quick glance from the said Cat. She quickly wracked her brain for all the possible moves that her mother could've taught him.

Night Slash, Captivate…

Curse her mother for choosing such an unbalanced selection of attacks!

The Persian was beginning to recover from the stunning blow of Leo's Night Slash now.

Attract, Thunder wave… That's it!

The Swablu trembling in her arms, Katarin shouted out the first order that popped into her head. "Leo, Thunder Wave, now!"

The Liepard gave an approving growl. Closing his eyes, Leo allowed a buildup of electricity to course through his body, making the yellow spots on his fur to shine more than normal. When the Cat opened its eyes, Katarin saw what looked like a spark of lightning raging in his eyes and before she knew it, a small spark of electric shot from Leo's mouth, striking the wild Persian right in its red gem, paralyzing it instantly.

Her heart leapt with happiness at seeing the successful results of her ordering her mother's partner in an attack. The joy was short lived as a growl pervaded her bubble and Katarin found herself gasping at seeing the Persian struggling to get to its feet, fighting through its paralysis. But she couldn't give out an order because her father's voice rang through the air.

"Chatterbox, Sing!"

"Chatterbox, Sing!" Chatterbox echoed, flying in. The multicolored bird immediately landed on top of Leo's head and it started to croon, singing in a gentle chirp.

"Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How the Swablu wonder what you are
Up above where the Altaria fly so high
Like a Volbeat in the sky
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How the Swablu love you as you are!"

Persian started to sway back and forth, its eyes beginning to grow heavy. As Chatterbox's tune became softer and gentler, Persian found itself getting sleepier. There was something about the Bird's song that was soothing – hypnotizing, mesmerizing. Soon the Cat fell onto its side, falling into the arms of slumber.

It was then that Chatot stopped singing. The bird quickly flew to Katarin's shoulder and whistled at her. "Katarin! Kat!"

For once, Katarin was glad to see her father's beloved Bird Pokémon and she stroked the top of his head with one hand while holding the now calm Swablu with the other. "Thanks, Chatter." She said softly.

"Are you alright, Katarin?" Tyler asked, after examining the sleeping Persian. He quickly walked up to his daughter and embraced her, looking her over for any injuries.

"I'm okay, Dad." The nine year old mumbled against his shirt as she was embraced by him. When the hug ended, she looked down at Swablu, who just chirped up at her. "I think Swablu's ok, too, right, baby Swablu?"

The Chick crooned at her, the two long feathers on its head quivering with delight. Her beady dark blue eyes sparkled with happiness.

Tyler just laughed a bit, rubbing the back of his neck with a goofy grin. "It looks like you have a way with the Swablu like your mom." He said teasingly to his daughter.

Katarin rolled her eyes. "Mom's the one with the real talent. I just…" she didn't actually know what she had. She looked back down at feeling Swablu nuzzling her side. The girl couldn't help but smile at this. "You're welcome, Swablu."

Leo growled softly and pressed his own head against the back of Kat's leg, wanting a reward of sorts. Katarin just giggled. She stroked the top of his head, scratching his favorite spot behind his left ear.

"You, too, Leo. Thanks for protecting us."

"Liepurrr..." the purple feline purred a loud thrumming rumbling in the back of his throat.

"Leeooo! Thank youuuu!" Chatterbox chirped, taking to the air again. He then started to circle Tyler overhead, his green eyes staring down at his trainer.

Tyler smiled and shook his head. Turning his gaze to Katarin, he gripped his daughter's shoulder with a soft squeeze, "What do you say we all go get some breakfast. I'll have Officer Jenny take the Wild One away so it can get back home safely."

"Alright, but I think you need to apologize to Leo first, Dad." Kat smiled at seeing the confusion etched onto her father's face.

"For what?" she heard him ask.

Leo glared at the Man who dared called himself his Trainer's Mate, feeling his fur bristling from the irritation. His ears laid flat against his skull. The Liepard's intimidating appearance made Tyler take a step back in surprise, his blue eyes widening.


"I think Leo's trying to tell you that it was the Persian who attacked Swablu yesterday morning, not him." In order to prove her point, Katarin carefully placed the Swablu onto the ground before Leo, earning a quizzical blink from the baby Pokémon.

Swablu blinked in confusion at being placed onto the ground. At first she cooed softly, shaking her entire body before looking up at Katarin, as best as she could anyways and then her gaze turned to a pair of golden eyes staring down at her. The presence of Leo startled her at first, but after a split second of looking the Pokémon over, she chirped again. The fluffy blue Chick then skipped closer to Leo, beginning to press her cheek against the Feline's leg.

Tyler's eyes went up in surprise as his wife's Pokémon licked at the Chick's face. "Well, I'll be a Mankey's uncle." He muttered, blinking while staring at how friendly the two Pokémon were. Leo was purring gently to the little Bird chirping at it while Swablu just chirped happily. His lips curled back into an embarrassed smile as his fingers tousled his dark brown hair. "I guess I mistook Leo's actions for an attack on the poor thing when he was just licking at the little one's injuries."

Katarin just laughed and shook her head again. She scooped up the Baby Swablu, being careful of its wing as she did so and hugged the happy Bird. "Ignore him, Swablu; Dad's just blind as a Zubat without his glasses."

Her words earned a gentle thrumming sound from the baby Swablu, the little Chick snuggling more into the crevice of her arms.

"Alright, that's enough; let's go before your mother starts to worry. We all know how she'll send out her Lopunny to find us." Tyler gently touched his daughter's shoulder again, ushering Katarin out of the greenhouse with Leo and Chatterbox trailing after them.