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Chapter one: unexpected

"Where are ya, runt!" Scotland yelled while opening the door to England's house. England and his brothers were supposed to be at a meeting to talk about their economies, England even being the one who set the meeting up, but when the other members of the United Kingdom reached the meeting room they found it empty. They stayed there waiting for the Englishman, but he never showed, causing Scotland to not be in the best of moods with his younger brother and left to find out where he was.

The first place the three brothers went to check was England's house, which looked deserted despite the fact that the owner's car was in the driveway. Scotland called out again for England to say if he was there or not. In response, they heard a strained call for the Scot from behind the hallway corner.

The brothers then followed the call to find England lying down on the floor in a horrible state. Sweat beaded down his tired and pain-stricken face and his breath came out in gasps. Surprised by their brother's appearance, they knelt down by him to help him up; feeling his extremely hot temperature.

"What happened?" Wales asked while Scotland helped their brother to his feet, only to have England give out a pained squeak and crumple in onto the Scot.

Slowly England looked at them and whispered, "I-I don't know…I was getting set to leave for our meeting when I forgot my cellphone, so I was going to my room to get it. I then felt this pain which made me drop to the floor. The-the pain then kept coming and getting stronger and," he stopped when another bolt of pain hit him, causing him to cling to Scotland and give out a slight moan before his knees buckled.

Scotland kept him up, however, and began to lead him to a car so they could get him to a hospital. It did not take the now foursome long to reach the nearest hospital and have England checked in. With England checked in and being looked at, it was only a matter of time for the three brothers sitting in the waiting room and whispering about what could have happened to their brother.

An hour and a half passed before a nurse walked up to the other nations and told them they could follow her to their brother's room. They walked in silence, only to then become confused as she led them to the maternity ward. At last she stopped in front of a little room and ushered them in. In the room, they were drawn to see their brother fast asleep in bed. Next to him was a small crib and the doctor standing over both and writing several things down.

The doctor then looked up as the nations walked up and smiled at them. After the last one entered the room he said, "Hello gentlemen, you must be Arthur's brothers."

"Aye, is he alright?" Scotland asked only to then look down at the crib when he saw a little fist rise above the padded walls.

"He will be, just needs a bit of rest. You boys got him here right in time; any longer and he would have been in serious trouble," the doctor said.

"Well, what happened to him?" Northern Ireland asked, not yet noticing the little fist.

The doctor gave a slight smile and said, "Well, he was in labor. A bit before what would have been his due date, but I guess the child wanted to come out."

The three brothers looked at the doctor in shock. Sure, they did not talk much more than they needed to with their younger brother, but certainly he would have told him that he was pregnant. Cautiously, Wales walked closer to the crib and peered down at the little infant, only to be followed by his brothers.

The child was a little boy, with several small tuffs of blond hair. As they looked at the child, he began to wiggle around before giving out a cry. The cry was not too loud, but it was still loud enough to wake England.

England groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, staring at his brothers as his eyes adjusted to the light. As he awoke, he mumbled out a question about the noise only to have his brothers stare at him. After a moment of watching England blink the sleep away, Scotland leaned over England and asked, "Why didn't ye tell us ye was havin' a wee bairn?!"

England blinked again at the question and felt his face pale when he glanced at the small child Wales picked up. At last England mumbled out, "I-I didn't realize I was…I didn't even know this was possible."

"Yes, either extremely rare or just a fluke, it still happened," the doctor said while marking something on a notepad. He then looked back to England and said, "It's actually understandable that you didn't know. You weren't exactly showing a lot of symptoms when your brothers brought you here and we only found out after doing a quick blood test."

England nodded slowly while allowing the news to sink in. He had been pregnant, which did explain the slight weight gain and being more annoyed by people lately, but it was the last thing he would have thought. More than that, he now had a baby. As he thought about this, he looked at the child Wales was still holding. Wales noticed this and brought the child closer so that England could see his son.

England stared at the child for a moment before slowly reaching out to touch the baby's soft skin. Upon feeling his mother's touch, the baby slowly blinked his little, blue eyes open and stared at England finger. England could not help but smiling as the child reached out for the finger, despite the amount of anxiety and surprise he felt.

The feeling of anxiety then took over when the doctor asked, "Do you by any chance know who the father is?"

England's brothers then stared at him expectantly while England himself gulped. At last he said, "The last guy I slept with was France eight or so months ago."

"France? I didn't know you were dating him?" said Northern Ireland slightly confused, "All I ever hear about you two from Ireland is that you guys used to spend almost all of the meetings fighting."

"We aren't, weren't dating," England said softly while holding onto the child. England bit his lip slightly when his brothers' gazes became even more confused.

"Then what happened?" Wales asked.

"It's kind of a long story, nothing you need to be bored with," England said, trying to dissuade them from making him tell them. It became evident that it failed, however, when Scotland said, "Well then start telling."

England looked down for a moment to look at the now sleeping child. He licked his lips before saying, "Well, eight months ago at a world meeting France was acting surprisingly not as perverted or annoying and I got a bit drunk that night but…it was only supposed to be a onetime fling. Then when I awoke the next morning he was taking pictures of me and told me that the whole act the day before and night was simply so that he could win a stupid bet between him and his friends."

England paused there, clung to the child, and began to shake. After taking a slightly shaky breath he continued, "I-I guess I just assumed that nothing more would come from that night. I guess I was wrong."

After saying this, England slumped back into the pillowed bed and looked down, not wanting to meet his brothers' most likely disappointed gazes. He could hear Scotland scowl and mumble about hurting the frog before Wales said, "We should probably tell France that he has a son, huh."

"What would be the point?" England asked while giving out a yawn. He had not realized how much the day had taken out of him, but he continued none the less, "He's currently in a steady relationship, and it's not like I'd even want his help. It's not like I've never taken care of a child alone before."

With this said, England gave one last glance to the child before closing his eyes. His brothers had grown silent after hearing what England said, only to have the silence broken when Scotland placed a friendly hand on England's shoulder and say, "Sorry, runt, be ye see, the others and I don't think ye can take care o' the wee one in yar current state. So while ye recover we're goin' to be helping ye with the lad. Understand?"

England slowly opened his eyes again and looked at Scotland. He then gave the Scot a slight smile and nodded, only to then be told by the brother to get some more rest.

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