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Chapter 18: the happy family

"It's good to be home," England said while inhaling the smell of his house, only to then look down to Marie and tell her that this was her home now. In all honesty, England hated being stuck in any kind of hospital setting which made the trip home very welcomed. One of the few upsides was that at least he was not stuck in the hospital room as long as he was with Henry.

"Don't forget us," France called back from the parked car, placing the now car-seat-free Henry onto the pavement for him to run after his mother. England paused in the doorway and waited for his son to reach him, took his son's hand, entered the house; closing the door before France could enter.

The other sighed from his place outside the house, only to then open the door and follow the sounds of the family in the sitting room. He stared at the happy scene for a moment, England happily holding the infant, humming a lullaby, while Henry snuggled close to him to look at her. The two children yawned in unison, causing England to look to Henry and say, "You tired already, luv?"

Henry shook his head while yawning, only to reluctantly follow England when his mother stood up and began to take his younger sister to her nursery. As England walked to the room, France also followed and picked Henry up; causing the boy to give out a tired giggle and France to smile. Systematically, the two adults placed the children to bed; Henry first then Marie.

Marie looked up at her two parents when she was placed in the crib, her blue-green eyes blinking several times before she finally closed them once more and fell asleep. The adults stared at her quietly for several moments, only to stop when France motioned England towards the hallway.

Once in the hallway, France said, "It's nice, having the two of them like this. It's like everything is finally complete."

England nodded silently, only to then respond, "Glad you feel that way, because if you knock me up again-on purpose or otherwise- I'm going to fucking kill you."

France chuckled cautiously at this, only to wrap England in a hug and say, "And then after that your brothers would most likely bring me back and kill me again, non? Don't worry England, I promise I will not do that to you again. I would never want to lose this now that I have it."

England said nothing to this, but did not move out of the hug. Not even when France softly kissed him on the side of the head and whispered an I love you. After standing there like that for several minutes, England finally smiled back and said, "Thank you, France. And I love you too. I'm not completely sure why I would love a scheming Frog like you, but I do and so do the children."

France could not help but smile at this and begin to hug England tighter, only to release him when Henry called out, "Mama?"

England sighed, walked up to his son, and asked what was wrong. In response, Henry answered, "I don't wanna take a nap. I wanna be with you and Papa and Baby sisdor."

"Well Marie is sleeping right now and we aren't doing anything fun. Why don't you try to nap again," England said calmly, smiling with the thought of how well Henry was taking the idea of being a good big brother.

Henry tiredly shook his head and answered, "No! Me a big boy," before leaning into England for a hug. England sighed and picked the obviously tired child up and looked at France. He then commented, "Well it looks like Henry is too big for nap time, so he'll be joining us downstairs. Next thing we know we'll be told he's too big for hugs or bed time stories or for the Froggy Prince."

The tired child looked at his mother for a moment upset, only to then whine out, "No! I'm not that big yet."

"Of course not, Luv, Muma's just trying to be funny. But you really should take a nap," England spoke to the child, stopping him from crying and waking up the infant.

"With Mama?" Henry asked almost pleadingly; causing England to sigh and agree to that felling a bit tired himself. With this said, England walked downstairs and to his chair; allowing the child to curl up next to him as he grabbed a book to read. In a matter of moments, Henry was fast asleep next to his mother.

France chuckled slightly at the scene and whispered, "Both Marie and Henry. You're certainly a popular person in this house."

"Don't get jealous, frog, they're just little kids. Besides, he wasn't able to snuggle a lot with me recently because of the pregnancy," England whispered back while slightly hugging his son and giving France a slightly kiss. He then looked back into space and sighed. France was correct, everything simply felt complete with everyone here.

"Mama, Marie's not playing fair!" the now six-year-old Henry called to his mother. It was a pleasant summer day at England's house, so Henry and his five-year-old sister Marie decided to play a game outside. The only problem was that Marie did not like to lose games and often forgot the rules.

On that day, their uncles Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland were visiting the family and Henry's outburst cause several of them to start laughing. They all then looked over to the little girl who was holding a small ball and looked as if about to cry. The older nations all had to admit that the girl looked very much like her father France; the only exceptions being her slightly green-colored eyes and slightly bushy eyebrows.

"No I'm not, Henwy's making the rules up. It's not fair!" the little girl whimpered in an adorable voice.

England sighed from his seat and answered, "Henry, Marie, if you two cannot play nice than you can't play that game anymore. Choose something else to play."

"We could play tea party," Henry said after several moments of thought, only to have his sister agree happily and rush inside to grab her favorite doll to join them while England helped Henry set up the little, ceramic dishware. The tea party then began and the adults continued their conversation; only to abruptly pause when they heard Marie call out, "Fuck!"

"Mon Cherie, what did you just say?" France said while walking up to his daughter only to find her covered in the lemonade they were using for tea.

"Henwy started it! He spilled all the juice on me!" the girl said defensively in an attempt to make the adults angry at her brother too.

"No! I was making a bee go away when the pot spilled on her," Henry responded, defending himself.

The adults sighed as England knelt down to his daughter and said, "That was a very bad word you used, poppet. Young ladies should not talk like that; even when getting lemonade spilled on them."

The girl looked at her wet lap sadly for a moment, only to then look back to the adults and say, "But Mama saying that word lots of times and Mama's a lady."

The uncles began to snicker at this as England blushed and Northern Ireland asked, "And how do you know Mama's a girl?"

"'Cause my friend said that only girls can be Mamas so mama has to be a girl," Marie answered matter-of-factly; causing everyone but the two children and England to burst out laughing.

France then picked his daughter off the now damp blanket and said, "Trust me Cherie, Mama is not a girl."

"How you know?" the two children innocently asked their father, both looking at his intrigued.

The three uncles shared another laugh at this before Wales asked, "Yes, France, how do you know Mama's not a girl?"

France paused for a moment before saying, "Because I know lots of things about Mama, just like how I know that you would like a yummy treat right now, non?"

"Oui!" the little girl answered happily, no longer thinking about her question. With this said, France began to lead the children into the kitchen door while the others went back to their places outside by the table.

"Ye ever think of watchin' yar mouth around the lass and laddy?" Scotland asked with a smirk on his face.

"Oh like I need to hear that from you. I distinctly remember hearing you say worse when I was her age," England answered while cautiously sipping his tea; his face still blushing slightly from his daughter calling him a girl. After this, their conversation soon went back to what it was before. They were then joined several minutes later by France and the children, the two children each happily eating a cookie and Marie now in a dry dress.

As France walked up to the other adults, he smiled slightly at England and wrapped an arm around the man. England instantly leaned onto his boyfriend and smiled, immensely enjoying the day with his family.

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