Natalie Prior POV:

Today's the day. The day of my daughter Tris' aptitude test. My husband Max, a Dauntless leader, is terrified that she will not pick Dauntless. I told him that it was fine, it is her choice, after all. But I am a bit worried too. I am Divergent. I had to hide it, even from my husband. Tris knows that even if she is Divergent, she must tell everyone that she is not, even her father.

Max now walks up to me, "Well, they've left for school," I nod quietly, "Natalie, Caleb is meant for Erudite, we know that. We've seen the books in his room for the past seven years. But what about Tris? What if she's Divergent? She must stay at all costs. Remember, I became a Dauntless leader, in exchange for Tris marrying Peter, Eric's son, so that Dauntless could have more power than Abnegation. I guess I have enjoyed my job more than I intended to." He sighs and I hug him.

I knock on Max's door once, then twice, then three times, then six times, so he knows it's me he taught me this. "Come in," he says.

"Tris and Caleb are back from the aptitude tests," I tell Max. He comes out of his office.

"Did they tell you anything?"

"Not yet."

"What if Tris goes to Abnegation? It should be safe there. Besides, she could always marry Marcus' Eaton's son."

"Remember two years ago, when Jeanine Matthews issued that report that Marcus' son transferred to Dauntless?" He nods and I continue, "He must have changed his name or something." Max nods again and I rub his back, "Let's go back to the kids and discuss some matters."

"Tris? Caleb? We have some things to talk about, if you would come into the living room for a minute," I tell the kids.

They walk in and I squeeze Max's hand. He clears his throat, "Caleb what were your results?"

Caleb looks at Tris uneasily and she nods, "Um, Erudite," he swallows, "Can I go now?" Max and I nod. He picks a book off the counter and dives back into his room.

Tris looks at us, waiting for someone to speak up. Max clears his throat, "Tris, as you know, I am a Dauntless leader," she nods and rolls her eyes, "And it was arranged that if your mother's baby was a girl, she, as in you, would be married to Peter, Eric's son," Tris presses her lips together and looks away, "And as you know, Abnegation has the most power, and now, Eric wants it. You can be whether that happens or not. Now, what were your results?"

She glares at him and speaks, "Dauntless."

"Is that it?"

"What was yours? Candor?"

"Tris, calm down."

"Dad, I'm not marrying Peter. He's weird."

"Either you stay here and marry him, or go to another faction," he tells her. She glares at him and goes to her room, slamming the door.

"Natalie, please. Go talk to her."

"Tris?" I say softly.

"It's open!" she says, her voice muffled by the door and music.

I walk into a room filled with boy-band posters and rock music playing.

"Tris! Can you turn it down?!"

"Sure mom!" She turns it down.

"Tris, what were your results?"

She gulps and says, "Pinky-promise?"


She whispers in my ear, so softly I can barely hear it, "Erudite, Abnegation, and Dauntless."

I look at her funny and hold up three fingers. She nods. I hug her, and stroke her hair. She's crying, "Oh, Tris. Your father only wants what's best."

"For me or for Dauntless?"

"For everyone."

"Now Tris, never ever tell anyone those results," she nods, "No. I mean never ever ever again under any circumstances." She nods. I kiss her forehead and leave.

"And?" Max asks me.


"That's it?"

I nod and gulp. It's been a long day, emotionally taxing.