Max POV:

It is now the morning of Caleb and Tris' choosing ceremony. I am in my apartment pacing, when I am interrupte-

"Max. Come. It's time," Natalie walks in and tells me. I run my hand over my hair. We take the train to the ceremony. This is the one year that I will not be at the net, or have anything to do with the initiation. I look behind my seat and see Tris laughing with Uriah, Lynn, and Marlene. Then I see Caleb looking out the window, focusing in on certain Erudite buildings that are closer to the city.

I feel Eric's cold hand on my shoulder, "What do you want Eric?" I say, sounding more annoyed that I intended to.

"I just came to ask how Tris is doing. After initiation, I intend for them to be at least engaged."

I raise my eyebrows at Natalie and she nods. I clear my throat, "Well, her results were Dauntless, but she isn't too happy about being married to Peter." Eric presses his lips together and looks away, towards Tris. So I continue, "To be honest, maybe she likes Uriah," I lie, just to get him wound up. He sees me trying to hide my smile and laughs.

"Well we are here. And remember, make sure that Tris chooses Dauntless," Eric says. I nod. Why wouldn't she?

Tris POV:

I stand next to Caleb and some girl named Jennifer from Amity. Abnegation's leader, Marcus Eaton, makes a speech and the next thing I know, Caleb's name is being called. I try to calm myself. Tris, you already know that he's gonna choose Erudite, so don't act so surprised. Caleb does choose Erudite and then Marcus calls my name.

"What'd he say?" I ask Jennifer.

"He called your name, silly! Go for it, girl!" she tells me. So I take the knife and put my blood in Dauntless' black coals. My father pats my shoulder, smiling, but I can't even look at him in the eyes anymore. Even after what mom told me.

Natalie POV:

Oh, good. Tris chose Dauntless. But what will become of her now? I think to myself, But I hope Caleb makes the right decisions in Erudite. I never really trusted them, or Jeanine Matthews for that matter.

The next thing I know, the ceremony is done and us Dauntless run out of there. Max grabs my hand and we lead the initiates and other members that have come towards the tracks. We run all the way there, and I don't see anyone missing Caleb. That's a shame. He way very bright, too bright, I realize, for Dauntless.