Peter POV:

My dad, Eric, drags me into a hallway once he sees Tris and I part ways.

"How'd it go?" he asks.

I shrug, "Tris is nice and all. She ranked first and all of that crap."

"Well, get on with it!"

"I don't really like her."

"You what?!"

"I mean, before it was okay, like during initiation I felt like I had power over her, and that felt good. And now, it just feels, well, wrong."

"Son, power is good, power makes one feel happy."

I shrug again, "Here's your ring back." I turn around and heads toward the Pit.

His face turns bright red. "Peter! You get back here!"

I roll my eyes and turn around.

He hands me the ring, "Here. Go back to her. And this time, I want good news!"

"News that's good for me or for you?"

He looks at me like I already know the answer. And I do. He means what's good for him, Max, and the other Dauntless leaders. I walk towards the bar and pick up another beer. At least I can party about getting into Dauntless.

Tris POV:

After meeting with Peter, I decide to get a soda. I sit down, unfortunately next to Will and Christina who are making out. I rest my chin on my palm and cross my legs. Four comes up to me.

"You okay?" he asks.

I take a deep breath and shrug. "You know how I told you about the leaders plans for my future?"

He nods.

"Well, Peter understands me now. He um, tried to rape me again, so I explained to it to him."

"That bastard. Wait, explained what?"

"Like how, fear isn't the same as respect."

He nods again.

"He said that Eric never even explained it to him; it was ordered. Now I feel bad for him. For what Eric will do to him."



"He didn't stand up to his dad. It's his own fault."

"He could have gotten kicked out of Dauntless for standing up to a leader though."

"And risk his only chance of getting more power? Eric would never do that."

I nod. It makes more sense. Peter never was one to talk much.

"Anyways, you should be celebrating. Ranked first."

"Yeah. What rank were you?"


I nod. Four is perfect for Dauntless. How couldn't he be. Ranked first, he could get a job in the government.

"Why didn't you get a government job? Is it because you don''t want to interact with your father?" I ask, remembering his fear landscape that he showed me.

"That and I've always felt that I have never fit in with Dauntless."

"Why? You're perfect for it. Ranked first, and only four fears."

"Well, Dauntless has changed. It used to be better, a place to challenge your fears and be brave, acknowledging courage. Now it's more of gruesome and punk-like."

I nod; that was in the History of the Factions textbook that we had at school.

"But, why aren't you partying? It's your night. You'll only ever do initiation once."

I nod, unsure of what to do.

Four sees my anxiety, "Say, where are Lynn, Marlene and Uriah?"

"Marlene and Uriah are probably somewhere far off drunk and making out And Peter is also probably drunk trying to chat up Lynn."

Four nods, "What don't you come to my place?"

"My parents will probably see me."

"So? You're an official Dauntless member now. Key words: Dauntless member. You're not afraid of them are you? Besides, you're a real member now. Who cares what they say? You're all grown up."

I nod, throw away my soda can, and take his hand.

I remember this room from the night that Four saved me. From the manly scent of metal and soap to the 'Fear God Alone' sign, this room feels good to be in again. I look around and see a list of initiate names, next to numbers. Some are crossed out, others circled.

"Hey, Four, what's this?"

"Don't look at that."

"Why not?"

He smiles, "Top-secret."

I smile back and look at the list. "Ooh, Eric wanted Peter to be ranked first huh? So he could be a leader?"

"Yeah dummy."

I put the list down. "So, why am I in here again?" Damn you Tris, always speaking your mind, huh?

"Well, I took you into my fear landscape which no one but me and leaders, only during initiation though, have seen. And I trained you at night. Because I like you. Ever since I helped you off of the net after you jumped."

I am about to say something, but am lost with no words. So I walk up to him and kiss him. Romantically, I hope. He smiles and kisses me back. We fall back onto the bed, snogging each other. His hand travels up my shirt, and stops at my shoulder. I hands are wrapped around his neck. He pulls me closer to him, and his tongue grazes my bottom lip asking for entrance. I open my mouth automatically, new to this whole experience. But before the panic takes over me, he breaks apart.

Four frowns, "What's this? Are you hurt?"

I shake my head, "No, it's a new tattoo."

"Can I see it?"

I nod, unsure of how else to respond. I unzip my sweater and slip my arm through part of my shirt. He carefully unwraps the bandage and sees the tattoo I got this afternoon, after initiation ended: a circle with the three factions that were on my aptitude test. The Abnegation arm holds a hand of Dauntless fire, and in that fire is Erudite's eye. The whole tattoo is all black.

Four looks at it and asks what it stands for.

I pull him down and whisper in his ear, "The three factions that I got in my aptitude test."

He nods. He knows about my Divergence.

"Four, do you have any tattoos?"

He nods.

"Can I see them?"

He nods again, but he seems unsure.

"What's wrong?"

"No one has ever seen me undress before, except my father." He shudders and I remember his fear landscape.

I pat his back and he takes off his shirt. I gasp, but not just because he is so hot. There is more tattoos than normal skin on his back. He has all five factions, plus a lot of other designs.

"Why the five factions?

"I want all of their values, not just the Dauntless', but I continually struggle."

"No one is perfect."

And with that, he hugs me, tightly.

When we break apart, I ask him "Four, can I ask you a couple questions?"

"Sure." He shrugs.

"What's your real name? What faction did you come from?"

"Tobias Eaton."

"So that makes you-"

"Yeah, yeah. The reports that Jeanine issued about Marcus are true. He beat me up, so I came here."

"Are you Divergent?"

He nods. It's obvious, he fits in so well in both places.

"So can I ask you a question?"

"You just did."

"He gives me his 'Instructor Four' look.

I smile, "Kidding, kidding. Yes you can. What's up?"

"Do you like it here?"

I shrug, "Yeah, but I'm Divergent; anywhere is okay for me, but I don't fit in particularly well here."

He nods.

I look at the time, "Wow, 11:23, that early huh. Well, Tobias, I'd better get back to the dorms. Don't want Eric getting any wrong thoughts, now, do we?"

He winks at me but looks sad that I'm leaving.

"Don't worry, I'll be back to bug you," I reassure him. He grins and I smile back. He pulls me back into one last kiss, which lasts about 10 minutes. I smile toothily at him. He smiles back and blows me kisses. I blow them back and peck his cheek before tip-toeing back to the dorms.

Unfortunately, Christina spots me.

"Where've you been missy?"

I whisper in her ear, "Four made out with me."

"How drunk was he?"

"Not at all. I'll tell you about it tomorrow. Night."

"G'night!" she tells me back.

Once I get to the Dauntless-born dorms, Uriah, Marlene, Peter, and Lynn are passed out on their cots. Glad I'm not the one that'll have a hangover tomorrow, I think to myself as I drift asleep...