Under one roof


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"It's been a while since we went out together right?"

Kira Hibiki chuckled and brought his girlfriend closer to him. "Yeah. Lately, we've been stuck at home since Dad's always out on dates. Ugh, that old man."

"Let him be. He's on a journey to find love again. Let him act like a young person once in a while, Kira" Lacus Clyne, Kira's pink haired girlfriend said as she leaned on his shoulder. "He looks so happy whenever he comes home from his dates. It's like he's in a fairy tale or something" She giggled remembering Ulen, Kira's fathers expression whenever he gets home.

"You're starting to sound like him at some point that it scares me. You hang out with the old geezard too much."

Lacus frowned and looked at Kira. "That's not a nice way to refer your dad, Kira." She chided. "Mr. Hibiki is a nice and funny man. He's a fun dad and I love it when he tells me stories about you."

Kira sighed in defeat and nodded his head. "All right." He exhaled deeply at the thought of his father's sparkling happy face. Almost appearing like a fresh high school girl in love. Last time he looked that happy was when his mother was still alive. Somehow Kira's thankful to the person Ulen was dating. She changed his father back to the old Ulen he knew. "Anyway,can you tell me where we're going?"

The pink haired girl grinned widely at him and stopped in front of two story house painted in white and blue with garden decorating the front and extending towards the back. There were a few thrash bags sitting outside the door and some other stuffs along with it suggesting the owner probably was doing some cleaning.

"A house?"





"uh...Lacus don't tell me this is..." Kira said as he heard a familiar voices screaming from inside the residence. Suddenly, the front door opened revealing an enraged blonde holding a broom stick in her hand and yelling about something incoherent to someone inside the house.

"Cagalli! We came!" Lacus called and gave her friend a small wave.

The blonde looked at her visitors and blinked several times. "Kira? Lacus?"

"Laugh if you want."

Kira didn't hold back his laughter and nearly rolled on the floor laughing at the sight of his best friend. Lacus, as well tried her best not to laugh out of respect but Athrun was just too hilarious to look at, at the moment."The modern Cinderella Who would have thought-This is hilarious."He gasped for air and laughed again. "Too...precious"

Standing beside them was Athrun who apparently was donned with a pink apron over his shirt and pants, a bandana tied over his head showing a part of his forehead, a mop on his right hand and a bucket on the other all courtesy of Cagalli. He rolled his eyes at Kira and threw him the rag hanging on the lid of the bucket. "Shut up already, Hibiki."

Cagalli giggled and sipped her tea silently.

"and you!" Athrun called, pointing the mop at Cagalli. "I thought slacking around wasn't allowed. Why am I the only one working here now!?"

"As you can see, I was entertaining our dear guests, Athrun...ella" She snorted and burst out laughing followed by Kira and Lacus.

"A..Athrunella?!"Athrun gasped as his new name.

"Hurry up with the chores now, Athrunella" Cagalli clapped her hand dismissively as Lacus and Kira laughed harder. "Chop, chop. You have a long day ahead of you. There's still the kitchen, garden, bathrooms to clean you know."

"You're really enjoying this aren't you." Athrun smirked and leaned forward from behind her. "Fuu~"

"Eeek!" Cagalli screamed as she felt Athrun blow on her ears almost sending chills down her spine. "W-what was that for..y-you...creep!"She covered her ears and stood up abruptly, looking at Athrun who had a smug expression on his face.

"Punishment." He replied and looked at the amused Kira and Lacus. "And you two are going to help us do some general cleaning as well."


"Here you go!" Athrun said handing Lacus the mop and Kira the bucket and the rag "The kitchen needs some cleaning and luckily you two came" He grinned "Thank you for helping!"

"Weeds! Of all the things I could do...It's pull the weeds. Seriously?!" Cagalli complained loudly as she pulled another of those unwanted plants growing in their garden. "I swear the next thing I'm gonna do is pull that idiot's hair out until he's bald" She growled.

"You know, I can hear you all the way from here and I'd appreciate it if you leave my hair alone, sunshine"

"Sunshine?" She looked back at Athrun at the other side of the garden. "Who are you calling sunshine?"

"You?" He grinned and looked at her innocently. "Don't you like it? From hot potato to sunshine?" He chuckled and continued to water the flowers. "Or would you rather be called baby or babe?"

"I prefer to be called by my name," She snapped at him. "Thank you very much."

"Sunshine it is then!"

"It's Cagalli! CA-GA-L-LI!"She stomped her foot and puffed her cheeks in annoyance.

"Whatever Sunshine~"

"Shut up!" Cagalli hissed at Athrun who continued to ignore her. Angrily, she ripped another group of weeds from the soil and chuck them on the small basket beside her. "I swear I'm gonna shave your head when you're asleep one of these days." she muttered.

Inwardly, Athrun felt sorry for the weeds as she pent out her anger on them and pulling them forcefully without any care in the world. "Sunshine, have mercy on the soil and plants...and why are you so angry?"


The blue haired shrugged his shoulder and continued his own chore while formulating a plan..

Meanwhile inside the new Zala residence, Kira and Lacus dutifully continued with their own tasked. As Kira mopped the living room, Lacus cleaned the kitchen.

"Lacus, tell me the truth did you know Athrun and Cagalli are cleaning today?"Kira asked as he walked inside the kitchen.

The pink haired smiled innocently and fixed her own bandana. "No~"


"Kira, come on don't be so grumpy" Lacus giggled. "Okay fine, I knew they were doing a general cleaning today because Cagalli told me. But Cagalli never asked me to help." She explained "I just wanted to come and help her because knowing the two of them they won't be able to finish anything together... and well I wanted to have fun together with everyone while cleaning too." She said and clasped her hands. "Milly was supposed to come as well but something came up."

"You really are incredible" Kira sighed "What am I going to do with you"

Lacus smiled and hugged Kira and say something really mushy when...

"GET BACK HERE YOU IDIOOOOT!" Cagalli screamed from the backyard.

"They're at it again" Lacus laughed. "Sometimes they act like they aren't married."

"But they do look really good together" Kira said as he glanced at Athrun and Cagalli from kitchen window.

Athrun was smiling and holding up the hose towards the other side and Cagalli was screaming and laughing while running around their backyard. She had her arms outstretched and shielding herself from the water. She threw a bucket of water at Athrun but the blue haired young man was able to dodge it easily.

"Take this!" Athrun yelled squirting some more water at Cagalli's butt and laughing playfully as Cagalli shrieked. She glared at Athrun and stomped her feet like a child.

"THAT WAS MY BUTT DUMBASS! AND THE WATER IS COOOLD" She yelled and ran away from Athrun. "No fair! I'm the only one getting wet!"She panted.

"This is punishment for calling me Athrunella and planning on shaving my precious hair" He laughed and waved the hose around again. "Watch out Sunshine~ Here I-"In a split second Athrun was drenching wet as well. "Wha-"

"Alright, you had your fun." Kira said as he placed the now empty bucket on the ground. "Cagalli's gonna catch a cold if you keep spraying her with water"

"Cagalli, go change your clothes" Lacus called her friend who was squeezing her shirt and for the first time since they arrived she finally noticed Cagalli's clothes.

Cagalli wore a dark blue shirt and denim shorts. Shorts and Cagalli. Cagalli and shorts. A piece of clothing that you rarely see her wear. "Shorts..." Lacus mumbled. "Cagalli you're wearing shorts!" She squealed and ran towards the drenched Cagalli.


"Am I dreaming? Cagalli you're wearing shorts" she screamed happily as if she acquired something she had wanted for a long time.

"Oh this?" Cagalli frowned and stared at her wet clothes. "Apparently, someone just did the laundry this morning and rest of my jeans are in there so I ended up wearing this. I don't have a choice or else I'd be wearing nothing"

"I like the latter!" Athrun teasingly responded earning a slap on the back of his head from Kira. "Damn it Kira!" Athrun cried and pointed the hose at him.


Soon the four of them were all wet. Kira and Cagalli teamed up against Athrun and Lacus and started playing Water games...the rest of the chores forgotten.

"Alright...I.. give...up!" Athrun raised his hand in defeat and fell back on the ground. His friends ceased fire and sat down on the ground as well still wet and laughing at each other. Athrun tried to shake the water off his head like dog and run his hands back on his wet blue hair. He noticed Cagalli staring at him silently and smirked. "Finally fell for my awesome looks, Sunshine?"He winked.

Cagallli gave him a flat look and spoke. "You wish. I was just wondering about your forehead. It's so big"

Suddenly, Kira burst out laughing and clutching his stomach so hard. "C-Cagalli..."

Athrun slightly frown and consciously covered his forehead with his hand.

"W-whats wrong?"the blonde asked slightly confused.

"Y-you just had to mention Athrun's forehead" Kira wiped a tear and snickered. "This guy" He said throwing an arm around Athrun. "is a tad bit conscious of his forehead."

"Am not!"

"Yes you are"

"I am not Kira!"

"This guy used to be called Shiny forehead back in elementary" Athrun's brown haired best friend explained.

"And this guy used to be called Kira the cry baby because he cries even over the smallest little thing." Athrun retaliated.

"I do not!"

"Remember when you cried when you thought you lost your pet bird and turns out your mom just brought it to a vet clinic?"

"I did not cry over that!"

Athrun put on a smug face and grinned "You practically ran to my house crying while you had mucus on your face that day!" He laughed.

Lacus and Cagalli laughed together and stared at the two boys. Both of them were engaged in a argument about their stories back when they were kids. "They get along so well."

"I couldn't agree more" Cagalli giggled and stare at Athrun who laughed and imitated Kira's cries. "Achoo!"

"Let's go get changed."Lacus suggested.

"Thanks for helping us out Kira, Lacus" Athrun said as they sat around their dining room all dried up and having dinner.

"Anytime. "Their pink haired friend smiled and finished the rest of her food. "The pasta was very good Athrun"

"Glad you liked it."Athrun nodded his head and sighed in relief. "I thought it would taste awful since little miss sunshine here decided to put weird ingredients on the sauce while I wasn't looking" He said side eyeing a certain blonde who was happily indulging herself with her food.

"I only added a little bit of hot sauce in it!"

"It was a little bit spicy but it really tasted good" Kira said truthfully. "Mind if i take some home. Dad would like this I'm sure!"

"HAH! SEE! I'm a genius!" Cagalli exclaimed proudly and stuck her tongue out at Athrun. Athrun in turn mimic her and stuck her tongue out at her as well.

The pink haired giggled and looked at Kira. "Maybe we should be on our way now, Athrun, Cagalii" She said and stood up signaling Kira that they should leave and give Athrun and Cagalli some time together. "Let's go Kira?"


"I'll send you guys off then" Cagalli said. Kira and Lacus nodded their heads and allowed Cagalli to see them off until they were gone. Once Cagalli returned inside the house and close the door behind her, the lights started to flicker and every thing turned black.

"W-what?"Cagalli blinked several times but all she could she was pitch black. "A black out?" She said to herself. "A-Athrun?"

The blonde walked one step at a time and tried to wave her arms around just to feel where she was. "Athrun! Where are you?! I can't see anything. Do we have a flash light? A-Athrun?!" She called for her young blue haired companion unfortunately there was no reply from him as she continued to walk blindly around the house. Time to time she bumped in to some furniture's and hiss at the pain of stubbing her toe on something or hitting her hip with something. "I can't see anything...this is why I hate black out" She mumbled. "A-athrun where are you? Answer me! Athr-"

"BOO!" Athrun opened the flashlight under his face while making a weird scary face and successfully scaring Cagalli who apparently was in front of him.

Cagalli screamed and fell a few steps back down on the floor. "Gotcha!" He laughed and knelt down beside Cagalli hoping to see her horrified reaction but all he heart was a sniff. "Cagalli?" Athrun placed the flash light down and touched her by the shoulder.

"No! Don't touch m-me" Cagalli sniffed and turned away.

Athrun was slightly taken a back and scratched his head. "I..uhm Sorry. I guess it was too much of a joke"he said feeling a little guilty.

"Damn right you are!" She yelled back at him and rubbed her eyes. "I was really..."She sniffed "scared"

"Sorry..."He mumbled. "Uh...Let me help you up" He offered his hand but Cagalli refused to move. Athrun sighed and grabbed Cagalli's hand. Silently, he led the sniffing blonde on the couch and sat down beside her. "Anyway, Why are we experiencing black out anyway." His asked out loud but his companion remained silent and slowly the eerie silence felt a little awkward. Cagalli refused to talk to him regardless of his attempts to start one. "I'll go get some blanket" He finally suggested and stood up from the seat.

"Wait..." Cagalli's hand immediately grabbed the back of Athrun's shirt and gripped it tightly "Don't leave me alone here."

"Cagalli..." He looked at the blonde and smiled. "Are you afraid of the dark?"

The blonde looked away and felt her cheeks flush. "Don't laugh about it" she mumbled. "It's childish I know but..."

Athrun chuckled and nodded his head. "Alright fine I'll stay by your side." He said sitting beside her and looking at her even if he could only see a little. "I won't leave you then."


"I'll even scare away the monsters who might want to eat you alive in the dark if you want." Athrun teased as he felt Cagalli grasping his shirt.

"Moron, there aren't monsters and I'm not a kid anymore"

"Right, then I'll go upstairs and sleep now" He said standing up again.


Athrun chuckled and sat back on the couch with her.

"You're enjoying this aren't you." Cagalli grumbled.

"Honestly? Yes" He said. "Easy on the shirt Cagalli...this is my favorite shirt" Athrun hesitantly touch her hand and pry her hands from her shirt. "I won't go anywhere. I promise. I'll be here by your side...so relax" He whispered softly and pat her hand. "I won't leave you...ever"

"I-If you leave I swear I'm gonna pull all your hair out"the blonde mumbled


The following morning.

Cagalli snuggled closer to the warm pillow and hug it tighter. It was a weird pillow. It felt firm yet soft and warm and surprisingly, the pillow seemed to respond to her and pull her closer to it. It was warm and it smelled really good like cinnamon. It really had a nice smell. She nuzzled the pillow and sighed when it suddenly chuckled.

The pillow chuckled but pillows don't chuckle or let alone make a sound.

"Good morning sunshine"

Amber colored orbs shot wide open and found herself completely tangled around a body rather than a pillow. "I..I..." She was snuggling on a chest. A man's chest. Athrun chest in fact.

"Had a good night sleep?" He whispered on her ears in the most seductive way possible.

Cagalli Yula Zala, 18 years old, married has finally slept with a man.

Top to bottom Cagalli turned red and immediately her reflex started kicking. "P-pervert!" She screamed pushing Athrun out of the couch they both fell asleep on.


Cagalli got out of the couch and ran to the nearest bathroom and locked herself inside. "What just happened?!" She asked herself as she felt her face heat up.

"I won't leave you...ever"

Remembering all the events that occurred last night, Cagalli turned to a deeper shade of red.

"He really didn't leave" she whispered to herself. SHe looked up at her flushed face on the mirror and internally screamed as her heart pounded loudly.

Cagalli Yula Zala, 18 years old, never experienced a real relationship yet married was furiously blushing and was experiencing a ridiculously fast heart beat.

"What is wrong with me?!"

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