Magic mirror on the wall

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived a powerful wizard, wise and bright as day

So powerful was he, that people came from far to see

His powers over magics great and small, made the people gather all

For many a time he aided people, using his power for small and equal

But he too was only human after all, and like all others doomed to fall

Thus created he the mirror speaking rhymes, that it might help those in future times

And thus the wizard came to pass, leaving the mirror for times vast

Until one day a girl wouldst find this treasure, and grant upon he power without measure

But betrayed was he and his creation, for the girl used it not for man's equation

The girl didst use it for personal gain, her fame and fortune were quickly gained

But more she wanted to her call, she wanted beauty fairest of all

She used it's magics to make it so a wicked crime, none were fairer for lengths of time

She even used it's power to make her queen, but could not change her nature mean

Until one day nature did what magic could not, and thus came a girl born to a fairer lot

Snow White was she called and none were fairer, not even the magicked mirror's bearer

So jealous was the queen at this beauty's rise, she soon didst order Snow White's demise

But destiny had been set in motion and would not be fooled, it preserved the girl as the queen ruled

Until one day she asked the mirror, who is fairest of them all, and the mirror did answer Oh queen though fair ye be, Snow White is fairer still to see

Thus raged the queen and didst despair, but soon a plan was laid to bare

She trekked into the wide forest to trick Snow White, and tricked her with a poisoned apple bite

Thus Snow White succumbed to a deep sleep, and the queen returned to her royal keep

Until the prince didst wake her with his kiss, Snow White arose fairest of all in merry bliss

The two didst wed and invited all, even the queen who sought their fall

But forgotten had the queen to ask the mirror's advise, thus at her arrival she was ambushed and demised

Happily ever after they did live for long a time, with the mirror who still spoke in rhyme

It's power restored for the good of all, the mirror wouldst protect them from their fall