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Hi, My name is Katniss. I'm 16 years old and live in District 12. I get straight A's in school and my GPA is a 4.2. I may only be 16, but I'm already on full scholarship to Panem College in the Capitol for soccer. My dad died in a mine explosion when I was only 11 years old and I have been providing for my 12 year old sister Prim and my mom ever since. My bestfriends are Gale, Johanna, Madge, Annie, and Finnick. My boyfriend Peeta and I have known each other since kindergarten and have been dating for five years now. Even after all these years, Peeta's mother hasn't warmed up to me, she actually calls me a Seam Rat. My sister loves Peeta, but my mom thinks Gale is a better suit for me because we're both from the Seam and he also provides for his family too. But I hope all of us can get along very soon because I'm pregnant!

March, three months pregnant

Peeta is the only one who knows about my pregnancy, he promised to stick by me the whole time even when the baby is here. I know Peeta means what he says, he always does, but spring break is in a few weeks, and I'm just worried everyone will see my baby bump when I go to the beach with my friends for break.

I know I need to tell my Mom to get the vitamins I need, but I'm just worried on how she will react. The big thing that scares me about my pregnancy is I won't be able to go hunting, and I'll have to stop going to work to take care of the baby. Since my dad died, my mom fell into a deep depression, that left me to provide for my sister who was only seven at the time. I still remember the look on my sisters face when I couldn't find any food, her ribs were beginning to show. My dad taught me how to use the bow, but I wasn't very good at it. I decided to go into town and look through the trash, no luck. The last place I went was at the town bakery. I was going through the trash in the rain, maybe about 45 degrees, Peeta's mom, came outside, called me a Seam Rat, through a pan at me and told me to never come back here.

The tears started to pour down my face, I walked about 50 yards to a nearby tree and just pulled my legs up into the fetal position and that's when I heard the Baker's Wife started to scream at their youngest son, she beat him on the side of the face with a roller 'No one decent enough will buy bread that's burned, feed it to the pigs!' she scream and walked back inside. What happened next surprised me, the boy through the bread towards me, I took this as a sign that he wanted me to have this. I gather up enough strength and grabbed the bread. I make eye contact with him, I remember him now, his name's Peeta, I'm pretty sure he's in my class. 'Thank you.' I mouth.

Peeta walks out towards me, I remember shaking from being cold. 'Are you okay?' Peeta asks. I nod. 'Thank you, you have no idea how much this means.' The tears come even harder. Peeta grabs me and pulls me in a tight embrace, I bury my head into his chest and he lets me cry my eyes out. I pull away. I can't wait to see Prim's face when she sees I have found food, this might be her first time eating in five days. And plus this bread is from the bakery, food from the bakery is stuff we could never afford. 'I have to go, my sister is waiting on me. Thank you so much, I guess I'll see you at school tomorrow.' I say with a smile. 'Yeah I'll see you tomorrow.' Peeta says, I walk away.

With this little act of kindness, it gave me enough confidence to go out into the woods to hunt again, this is how I met my friend Gale, Peeta and I started to talk daily and introduced me to his friends Finnick, Annie, Gale and Johanna, and I introduced them to Madge. A few weeks later, Peeta asked me out, and ever since then, we've been dating.

I feel a paper ball hit me, I look back and Johanna threw it at me telling me to read it I think. You ready for break? I can't wait! Better bring some condoms ;) I laugh at the last sentence, she has no idea. I look back and smile at her.

"Ms. Everdeen. I think it's in your best interest to pay attention to this lecture." My teacher Mrs. Cash snaps. Mrs. Cash has never been too fond of me, it might be because she lives in town and I live in the Seam. The difference of the town and the Seam is like Heaven and Hell. The Seam is where poorer people live, normally there is no electricity, running water, children die daily from starvation, the roads are dirt and have many pot holes in them, paint peeling, and the houses are run down. In town, the roads are brick, children don't normally die from starvation, the houses are nice and not run down.

The bell dismissing fourth period rings and the class rushes out. I wait by the door for Johanna who is still gathering her things. "I cannot wait for break, the beach house, and no worries for over a week." she begins. "No parents, no people from school, no drama." Like I said, Peeta only knows about my pregnancy, we're telling our families and friends tomorrow but I want to tell her today. I take a few deep breathes while I walk to her locker with her.

"Johanna?" I say while my voice shakes. "Hmm?" She replies not looking at me while she trades out binders and textbooks. I take another few deep breathes, "I'm...I'm pregnant." My voice shakes even more. Suddenly she stops everything she's doing and looks at me. "Really? Pregnant as in carrying a baby?" She seems kind of shocked, she probably thought she would be hearing this from Finnick and Annie instead of Peeta and I. "Yeah. I'm about three months." I try to smile, but the tardy bell rings. "Come on Johanna, we're going to be late. Don't want to be late to Algebra again." I start to walk through the deserted hallways but she grabs my arm before I can get fully away. "I don't care. Who else knows? Does Peeta even know?" "You're the one who knows besides Peeta, but he's already promised me he won't leave me." Johanna still gives me a disappointing look, like you need to tell your families look. "I know I need to tell my mom, but we're telling our families tomorrow."

I start the walk to Algebra, I walk in late, and everyone stares at me like they already know I'm pregnant. Boy, this is going to be a long seven months.

After two more classes, the bell rings to go home, Peeta meets me at my locker, my eyes are filled with guilt. "Hey, haven't seen you since lunch." Peeta whispers while he puts an arm around me. Peeta and I second and lunch together. "What's wrong?" Peeta asks, he can see right through me regardless on how hard I try to hide it. "Peeta, we need to tell our families today. I can't hide this bump for much longer." My baby bump isn't noticeable, unless you known to look for it, but it grows every day. "We can tell them whenever you want Hun." Peeta says, his voice seems really soothing right now. "After school, we'll tell your parents first, because my mom won't be home from work, I have practice, and after practice, come by my house, and we'll tell my mom and Prim through dinner." "Whatever you say." Peeta smirks and gives me a peck on my cheek.

We pull up into Peeta's driveway and see his dad is sweeping the porch, his family owns the town's bakery and their house is also inside. "Hi Mr. Mellark." I say a give him a quick hug. "It's nice to see you both, I have some cookies on the counter if you want some." My stomach growls in response. "Actually Dad, Katniss and I need to tell you and Mom something." Peeta says a little nervously. "Of coarse, I think she's in the living room."

We make our way into the living room. Peeta's parents sit on the leather love seat, while Peeta and I sit on the coach across from them. They almost have more furniture in this one room than I have in my entire house, almost.

"Katniss and I have a very important topic to discuss." Peeta says. "Well you better not be marrying that Seam Rat." Peeta's mom, who I call The Witch, snaps. Even after five years, his mom still hates me. But I have learned to shake off any rude comments she makes about me. "Actually Katniss and I are welcoming a new addition to the Mellark and Everdeen Family. But it's not marriage, it's a baby." There, we finally said it, now we have await their reactions. It feels like years before one of them speaks up, I guess it's a lot to take in, especially if your child is having a baby at 16.

"As much as I'm happy for you both, I'm a little disapointed in the both of you. A baby is a very costly and demanding, and you're both still sophmores " Peeta's dad says, at least I'll know he'll be here for us. "Forget about cost, when are you getting a damn abortion?" Peeta's mom blurts out. Even for Peeta's mom, that is a little harsh. "We're not getting an abortion," I speak up. "It's not the baby's fault its going to be born, it's ours." "We'll are you going to chose adoption? Because I'm not going to help with the expenses as long as The Rat is in the baby's life."

I've had enough and walk out on the house onto the porch. I lean against the cool, brick building and slide down onto the ground and start to cry. Peeta quickly follows me. "Katniss, she didn't mean it. Don't cry, we want our baby to know we're happy it's on it's way." I'm happy the baby is on it's way, but this is no place for it to grow up. "Keep your head up darling, your tiara is falling." I chuckle at that, that's what I always tell Prim when she's upset about something.

"I have to go Peeta, I have practice in a hour." He gives me a hand up. "Do you want me to give you a ride home so you don't have to walk?" Peeta asks, I look into his ocean blue eyes and give him a quick kiss. "I'm fine, I need to just think about some things. Come over about 7 for dinner." With that said, I walk down the three steps onto the road and make my way home to the Seam. I quickly get dressed in my soccer uniform and begin to walk to Central Park, where my club team practices soccer. I'm a midfielder, so I can still play and practice until I get too big to run, which at the rate I'm growing, it won't be much longer.

Practice was nothing special, we play a team from the capitol next weekend were they get top training and equipment, so we did a lot of possession games and shooting drills. I try to enjoy my last few practices because pretty soon, I won't be able to play. I catch a ride home from my friend Sarah, she lives in town, but the Seam isn't that far away from her house.

"I'm home!" I shout, the house I live in is a three bedroom 1.5 bath, so for the most part, we all share one bathroom because the toilet in one does not work. "Peeta's coming over for dinner too." I add, I know my mom is home, she might be gardening in our small, backyard, gardening with Prim, it's one of the only things we can afford to do as a family. I walk up the wooden stairs and stare at a picture of my father and I when it was my first day of school, I feel a small tear run down my face, everything was so different back then my smile, with my dress, and my braids; it looked like I actually was enjoying my life, I wasn't providing for my mom and sister, and for sure pregnant. I grab the tub where we shower, since there is really no running water, we keep a bucket filled with water for bathes and stuff. The water feels cool against my skin, but after a long and humid practice, it feels nice. I get out of the tub and dry my hair a little, I put it in it's traditional braid, a Dutch Braid going across my head. And grab one of my hunting shirts with some running shorts, well cloths sewn together by Prim that she gave me for Christmas.

I hear a knock on the front door and hear Prim great Peeta. They both get along so well. It makes me smile, I really don't know why, must be the hormones. By the time I get dressed, Peeta is already at the table eating with Mom and Prim. "Hey." I say with a smile and sitting next to Peeta. We have some squirrel (that I caught yesterday with Gale.)with some carrots that we grew in our backyard.

The silence is a little awkward and I took this as a que from God that it was time to tell them. "Mom, Prim, Peeta and I need to tell you something."

"Yes Katniss what is it?" The kindness in her voice is a little shocking to me. It takes all the strength in the world to tell her the truth. "I'm pregnant." There I said it, I'm pregnant, and now, my whole life is going to be ruined. "I figured you were." My mom speaks up, I look at her like how'd you know? "Katniss, I work with pregnant women, you were vomiting constantly, the food cravings, you snapped at Prim a few times, which you never do and I noticed you never got your period." That wasn't too bad, I guess it's good she didn't flip out on Peeta like his mom did to me. "But I am disappointed in the both of you, having a baby is a big responsibility, and I can't afford to help support you financially, you're on your own for that part." She says and takes a sip of her milk. "And I'm assuming you have not been taking any vitamins, or have even been to the doctor?" She asks, Peeta and I both shake our heads. "I'll be able to get you an appointment after school tomorrow, but you need to start taking these vitamins." She gets up and looks through the medicine cabinant and hands me a container of pills.

I say good bye to Peeta. The next day at school goes by really slowly. Just like every other day, Peeta meets me at my locker and instead of going home, we go to the hospital, the reception lady recognizes me as 'Natalie's daughter' and leads me to a room, white walls, white tile, white bed, no color, just white. That makes me feel like I'm in some type of mental hospital. "Dr. Aruelius will be with you shortly." The reception lady says and walks out.

Peeta is the first one to break the silence. "I would say lets play ispy, but the room is all white." The sentence makes me laugh, he has such a way with words. Right when I was about to respond, a middle age man walks in. "I'm Dr. Aruelius, and I'll be your doctor from now, until you give birth." He smiles while he's talking, I like this guy already. "Katniss, I need you to lie down on the bed, and pull up your shirt half way." I do as I'm told, it feels a little weird pulling up my shirt to this guy I just met, but might as well get over it, he'll be delivering my baby.

"I'm going to put this gel on you to listen to the heartbeat, your mom said you're about three months, so it's a little early to look at the baby." To my surprise, the gel is a little cool, it makes me jump a little which makes Peeta laugh. Throughout the entire appointment, he is holding my hand. Dr. Aruelis's face looks a little concerned. "Is everything okay?" I ask, I already care about this baby so much even though I never really wanted kids. "You could honestly take this either way, but the heartbeat is a little faster than normal, but normally when this happens, it means you're carrying twins." I feel nervous now, twins? Really twins? Double the cost, double the trouble. Dr. Aruelius must realize my concern on my face. "Don't worry, its not definite yet, it's just a possibility." He wipes off my stomach and walks out giving Peeta and I to talk. "Like I said before, I'll always be here for you Katniss." Peeta says. I wonder how he feels, he'll make a great dad. I can hardly even keep my mom and Prim alive, now I'll also be partly responsible for twins too?

Peeta drives me home, I'm home alone, I'm sure Prim is at a friends house doing homework, and Mom still trying to work extra hours. I walk upstairs to my room where I keep one of my most prize possessions, it was my dad's old laptop. I open it and type look up, 'Adoption, District 12,' I click on the first link which was PanemAdoption, I read all about the different types of adoption. I hate to admit it, but maybe Peeta's mom is right, maybe adoption is the best choice especially if I am carrying twins. But how will Peeta react? He's already excited about this baby, he'll make a great Dad, I have no doubt about that, but do we really want them growing up in this type of family?