Mamma Mia

Captain Jack Harkness had met many different species in his life, not the least of which was that ruddy Doctor who ever so smoothly avoided him. But these two fine specimens were more intriguing than a recalcitrant Time Lord.

The ginger reeked of background radiation, while the little humanoid wasn't even registering on his newest DTD. Doctor Tracking Device, for the uninitiated. In fact, the anomaly in time she presented was almost the exact opposite to the Doctor's so there was no way she was him... destroying that little fantasy.

Well, shoot, forgive me if my inner fanboy wishes the Doctor would change genders every so often. It's such a tempting little scenario.

In his long, long years, he'd found that the best way to find answers is to ask questions, so he walked over to them and had a seat next to the woman. "What is a pretty humanoid like you doing in a Centauri 48 krast bar like this?" His eyes twinkled mischievously and he gave her his most seductive grin, reaching for her hand and laying an open mouthed kiss on it.

She heaved a put-upon sigh and slid her hand from his grasp. "Captain Jack Harkness, we meet again. And I'm not humanoid. I'm one-hundred percent human." She looked him over with her own gorgeous grays and laughed. "Or, rather, with that look on your face, it seems we meet for the first time. I'm not your brand of candy, Captain, but my son may wish to play."

"Mother, I've played with Jack before." The deep voice, green eyes, and long hair sent a thrill through Jack's system, and he shifted his focus.

"You have?" he asked rather unimaginatively. Nothing like having a conversation when your blood's debunked to the south. "Mother?" he mouthed at the man, not seeing how the girl was old enough to have a son his age.

"The wonders of walking the timepaths." She grinned at the two. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a few idiots to take care of. And Jack?"

He looked into the woman's eyes, wishing she'd join them.

She rolled her eyes, correctly assuming his thoughts, "Don't pull his tails. I don't want to travel home with a vengeful kitsune. He's caused epidemics, earthquakes, and stock market crashes over lovers before, and I'm tired of dealing with the fallout."

"They deserved it." Shippou mumbled.

She waved at them, leaving with the parting shot, "Demolishing a country's economic system over a lover's tiff is not the action of a sane man, Shippou."

"But I'm not a man, mother. Enjoy cracking skulls!"

Jack watched her walk away, then turned on the kitsune. "Shippou, you have the most interesting mother. I don't know that anyone's ever set their son up with me and then left to crack skulls before. I guess she's not into threesomes... or is it the son thing?"

The fox gave Jack a toothy grin. "Someday, Jack, when she doesn't have gods watching her every move."




Welcome to my new Dr. Who crossover playground. I'm going to cross over anything I care to. The stories will go together, but will be non linear. Today's crossover included Dr. Who, Torchwood, Inuyasha, and a slight bit of Sailor Moon.

This chapter was 500 words. I completely blame the pairing on the big-eyed plotbunny Torchwood slipped in my inbox.