In The Beginning, The Gods Cried

Kagome paused in picking the wild herbs and vegetables that supplemented their table, feeling an enormous presence in the section of the wood she was in. She'd been living in the Sengoku Jidai for two years now and was used to the minor gods coming to speak with her and share little delicacies of their court. But this being was immense, so she quickly put aside her basket and knelt, forehead to the ground, smelling the rich scent of earth and crushed herbs.

She dared not look up as the presence stopped in front of her, their radiance making the little she saw into beautiful, glowing works of art. Tears began to streak down her face, the sadness of the being overwhelming her defenses.

"Yes," a voice made of many sighed, a musical scale that had never existed until the kami spoke. "Cry for us, miko. Our beautiful people, our master creation whom we loved is gone. The Time Lords are dead, only two survive and one is utterly insane. Pity them, alone in all the universes we created."

Kagome was sobbing by this point, but she still heard the words, the ringing music of them speaking directly to her soul. "What would you have of me, Bright Ones?" The words never passed her lips, but were plucked as soon as they formed in her mind.

"Would you give up your mortal life to save a race completely unlike your own, who are so secure in their superiority that you will receive no thanks for reworking time for them? Would you take the seed within you and nurture it, becoming something other than human, something that would make time itself wish to submit to your hand?"

Her heart stopped. "My husband and family..."

"No, we do not ask you to leave them. We will not sacrifice our favored child's happiness for our beloved creation's mistakes. Learning and becoming will take long years as you currently see time. When you are ready, and the seed within you matures, you will be conducted to the Gatekeeper of Time. She will teach you to navigate the paths of time, and to recognize the points you are allowed to influence."

She felt a heavy hand rest on her head, and deep within her a warm burst of energy exploded, like a ripe seed sprouting. She suddenly became aware of Goshinboku and the well, the time magic within them singing the gods' song.

"Perhaps the years will not be as long as we feared. Take joy in your life, favored one. Live it to its fullest, and don't be afraid to love as deeply as you can. You will not be called upon before you are ready, this we promise."

The presence departed, and she didn't even bother to lift her head, too exhausted to move. Inuyasha found her like that an hour later and carried swiftly her to Kaede's.

But not before villagers saw the glow that marked one visited by the elder gods.




And we see how she got wrapped up in the Time Lord's business.