Sink or Swim

Kagome navigated the streets of a small town in west Texas carefully, trying to keep an eye out for soldiers from the nearby fort. The American Civil War had been over just seven years, and she'd found out the hard way that most of the people in this era couldn't tell the different Asian nationalities apart. And since the Chinese girls the soldiers normally met were sadly either prostitutes, worked in the opium dens, or were washerwomen, she had to be careful she didn't meet up with a group of men looking for a good time.

She couldn't figure out why she'd been called here. The Doctor was definitely not in Texas right now. The inner sense she had of him told her he was in Scotland right now, getting himself and his companion into trouble.

A warm presence directed her into an alleyway and solidified next to her, and she immediately began sinking to the ground to make an obeisance to her patron deity.

No, Beloved. Remain standing. The glow of Amaterasu filled Kagome's being, her joy dancing in the godsong around them. I thought to make you something Time would want to take under it's wing. What a wonderful surprise to find that Time did not adopt you, nor did it bow to your power. Time has pledged itself to you. My dear one, you are perilously close to becoming my daughter in truth, something I did not anticipate.

Kagome tried hard not to choke, not wishing to disrespect the goddess. Trilling laughter like the sweetest birdsong thrummed through her soul.

You always have been a modest girl, though you do extraordinary things. The sun goddess looked at her priestess, thrilled how this gamble was working out. Pluto told me you have mastered the timepaths, and have a very acute sense of how much change you need to introduce to correct a situation, words of high praise from the guardian of time.

Kagome bowed her head, thanking her wordlessly for the compliment.

Now it is the time for you to learn about the other supernaturals of your own planet and the laws that govern them. Defend yourself well, Beloved. Amaterasu disappeared, and two men in soldier's uniforms entered the other end of the alley.

"Miss?" One of them spoke, his voice a slow, lilting drawl. "It's not particularly safe for a young lady to be here, even during the daylight."

She inclined her head, her senses screaming danger. "My guardian told me to wait here, and she's not back yet."

The shorter, darker one looked between the two of them and shook his head. "You've got cajones, hermano."

The blond swept off his hat, making an extravagant bow. "Please excuse the impropriety, but since there is no one to introduce me properly, we shall have to make do with rough manners. I am Major Jasper Whitlock, Miss?" He looked at her, and her heart began to hammer in her chest.

His eyes were the color of fresh blood.




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