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Non Timebo Mala

Harry groaned as he opened his eyes. Looking around he saw all the telltale signs of an abandoned house.

"Kidnapped again, how wonderful" he let out a disgruntled growl as he stomped his feet against the floor, on which, he now saw, was painted some kind of ritual circle.

His arms were tied to the chair but just as he began trying to work them free, a man in a long black robe (dress) entered the room

"I take it you're the leader of this bunch of misfits then?" Harry said sweetly, sarcasm dripping from his English accented voice as he glared at the taller man

"Be silent" the other ordered

"Judging by the hole in my arm, I assume you've already taken my blood so if you would be so kind as to untie me, I'll take my leave" Harry smiled sweetly despite the throbbing cut on his forearm

"You will not leave this place, when the true Father of mankind rises you will be the first to die" the cult leader slapped him sharply and turned his back on the small boy to begin the chanting

"Human sacrifice, wonderful" Harry spat a small amount of blood onto the floor and let his head fall back

Non Timebo Mala

"Hey, has anyone seen Harry?" Sam asked as he walked into Bobby's kitchen

"Haven't seen him but there's a shit load of half made breakfasts out here" Bobby said, gesturing to the food that was set out on the counter

"Looks like he was going to make coffee and tea" Anna gestured to the cups full of coffee, sugar and tea bags

"He'd have a hard job, I ain't got any milk" Bobby laughed

"So? There's gotta be a store somewhere near here right?" Donny shrugged

"Yeah, in town, but Harry wouldn't be stupid enough to go there alone when those damn Cainites are after his blood" Dean rolled his eyes

"Gabriel? Do you think you can track Harry down?" Adam asked

"You betcha" Gabriel closed his eyes for a moment and focused on the connection between himself and the younger boy "shit!" he hissed

"What is it?" Sam asked

"They've got him" Gabriel clenched his fist as his eyes flashed fiery orange


"An abandoned building about two miles away"

"Let's go" Dean grabbed his keys, the others following behind him

Non Timebo Mala

The leader finished the summoning ritual and the circle began to glow an ominous purple-black. The floor inside the circle fell away into a deep chasm and a ball of what looked like smoke rose out. The ball formed itself into the shape of a tall man with long black hair tied back in a ponytail and dark skin, his eyes were such a deep brown they appeared black.

He turned his head to look at Harry, his fist clenched and he pulled a curved sword out of nowhere. He turned sharply and cut the cult leader's head off smoothly. He left the room, seemingly to finish off the other cult members. When he was finished, he came back into the room.

Harry looked into the taller man's eyes steadily, showing no fear; he was a Winchester after all.

"Are you alright?" Cain asked, concern in his tone

"I'll live" I hope he added mentally

"You are a direct descendant of Abel, only his blood could have raised me from the pit" Cain said, more a statement than a question

"I guess this is the part where you kill me?" Harry took a deep breath

"Why would I do that? Most believe I killed my brother because God chose him over me, a fit of jealousy. They're half right; I was jealous, but it was because Abel chose God over me, not because God chose Abel" Cain crouched down in front of him

"A lover's tiff? You've gotta be kidding me" Harry shook his head

"I will never see my brother again, you look just like him; the same dark hair and pale skin" Cain cupped Harry's face tenderly and gently pressed his lips to the smaller boy's.

Harry balked as the taller man kissed him and pulled back, he wasn't about to let this sinner kiss him.

"You are extremely powerful, with that power and my ambition we could overthrow God and Lucifer and take over Heaven and Hell; I would rule Hell and you would rule Heaven" Cain moved in to press his lips to Harry's again, this time Harry opened his mouth wide and ripped a chunk of flesh off of the older man's face

"Go to Hell, oh that's gonna scar" Harry swallowed the bloody flesh as he glared at the dark skinned man.

At that moment, there was a crash from the other room, a moment of silence and then

"Harry!" Dean's voice called from the other room

"Dean!" Harry called

"I guess this is good bye, fare thee well עיניים שלי" Cain blew Harry a kiss and vanished.

Dean ran into the room, closely followed by Gabriel, Sam, Adam, John, Ellen and Jo.

"Are you ok?" Jo asked

"Yeah, they summoned Cain" Harry looked at Gabriel

"Crap" Gabe face palmed

"Let's just get out of here" Harry sighed as Dean untied him

Non Timebo Mala

Author's Note hey guys, that's the end. The next story will be called Freaky-er Friday. So keep your eyes peeled.

עיניים שלי means My Eyes in Hebrew; apparently it's a term of endearment. In case anyone wonders, in Latin script it reads as 'eynyym shly.