I shot along the alleys of Seattle. Having no vision of Edward following me, I felt more relaxed, but now looking for Carlisle was proving to be a difficulty. Using my visions were a no shot. He seemed to blur straight out every time but was fading from them. It would be a matter of time till he was gone completely. But I knew he was in Seattle. I saw that, but I didn't know where, but I knew he was planning to go to the bank. But I was unsure.

Then I felt like I had made a break through, I caught his scent. If I couldn't track him though my visions then I would have do to it manually. Gosh normality was not my thing. Along slide Carlisle's scent, my nose detected another vampire's scent, much sweeter then any vampire I had smelt. I smelt the baby's scent, Clara as well, but Carlisle's scent Changing but not much.

It was dawn as I followed it towards the center of the city, the smells of the humans almost throwing me off trail but it was still fresh. I was getting closer. Then my eyes glazed over

A hotel then a flash of room 17.

He was there. With that, i took off down the road, faster than a human eye could see. Twisting and turning around corners till the hotel came into sight. I stopped. Would he be pleased to see me? I didn't know, that was a first. Taking deep breaths I entered the building. The woman at the desk was asleep so I slipped past her easily, continuing down the corridors to room 17. I stopped outside, I could hear the fast heart beat, Clara. and shuffling.

Knock knock knock.

The door flew open. There standing in the door was probably a 10-year-old boy, his hair a bright red, his eyes a gold. Vampire. He froze as soon as he saw me. I looked past him. There was Carlisle, Frozen too, looking around the bathroom door.

"Carlisle" I said, relieved I had found him. I wanted to indulge him in a hug. But the boy was still blocking my way. Carlisle seemed to snap out his shock but he slammed the door to the bathroom shut, him inside.

He wasn't ready to see me. I understood that. But I needed him.

The boy looked to the bathroom, as if debating something before stepping inside, letting me in.

"Hello Alice" The boy said, his voice oddly high-pitched. I expected him to know my name so I wasn't bothered.

"How is he? And Clara" I asked, looking around to see Clara sleep on the bed. I shot over to her and picked her up. The boy looked sharply to the door before looking back to me.

He says he's been better, Glad to be away from it all. Clara's been fine. Screamed a lot when her nappy needed a change. Deafened us both" He said, rubbing his ears. It took me a few second to realised...

"Mind reader?" I guessed. He smirked so i stood correct.

"Whats you name?" I asked, knowing he didn't establish that when I came in.

"Mallik" He replied, then looked to the door. I coud tell Carlisle was speaking to him silently. Clara yawned in her sleep, a dent formed in-between her eyebrows, her round lips pursing into an 'O'. Very adorable. I slipped my finger between her hand, in reflex her fingers tightened around it. Then I heard the door open.

"Alice" I heard Carlisle say, his voice cracking. I looked away from Clara to my father figure, I gasped at how different he looked. Physically he looked the same, his eyes were a light butterscotch, but the way he held himself my much different, not standing tall and proud like he use to, he now stood slightly hunched, looking down, his hands in his pockets, his hair going down over his face. I was so glad I found him.

"Carlisle" I said, relieved. He frowned seeing my face, but I didn't know what I looked like to the outside person. Must have been something because he looked concerned.

"What happened?" He asked approaching me. At this I couldn't help but break down. I felt him catch my shoulders.

"T-They wouldn't let us leave to find you. Jasper told me to run, but they had him" I weeped into his shoulder. I continued to tell then everything what had happened.

Mallik's face hardened as I told them what happened at the house. I started to cry at leaving my Jasper. I must be a horrible wife but I had promised him to run if he told me to. I felt my whole body freeze as a vision swept over me.

Jasper was curled up in our room. A picture of me in his room, he was gazing at the picture with loving eyes.

"Don't come here Ali, too soon. They're on their guard" He whispered, as if knowing I was watching. He looked suddenly to he door. "Dog has lockness" he said then the vision ended.

I felt Carlisle shake my shoulders lightly, mostly because Clara was still in my arms.

"We can't go and get my Jasper, too soon he said. They'll know when we're coming." I said in a rush. My mind translating the last bit. "The wolves have Nessie in La Push. I think." Now feeling relaxed that she was safe but my Jasper was still trapped. My worry peaked at that. Carlisle and Mallik exchanged words before looking to me.

Then my eyes caught something on Carlisle's hands. It looked like a puncture mark, but it was too red to be a ordinary bite, The skin around it looked to be pink. I grabbed Carlisle's wrist and pulled it closer. Next to me Mallik shifted uncomfortable. I ran my hand over it, Soft too.

"Carlisle, why is your hand turning soft?" I asked, He snatched his hand back then took Clara from my arms, a panic look flashed though his eyes as he looked to Mallik. I looked between them. There was something going on that they weren't telling me. Carlisle was vanishing from my visions, I couldn't see Mallik in my visions either...The power to read minds...He was changing? Into what? Then it stuck me.

"You bit him? Whats he turning into?" I asked, wanting to know the reason why before I panicked too much.

"It was Carlisle's choice. He's doing it for Clara by tuning into a half vampire" I froze. Was that even Possible? Evidently it was. I understood if it was for Clara. It was becoming part human for her. I nodded in understanding. But then I felt myself freeze as another vision hit me

"Go find me Alice Cullen. Drag her here if you must, Our plan has worked so the Cullen Coven should be broken" Aro commanded. smiling. Marcus looked sadly, more than usual. Caius grinned. Jane didn't look too happy but she, Alec, Dimitri and Felix nodded.

My vision self screamed as they held onto me dragging me with them but then Alec unleashed his gift, I watched my vision self suddenly when limp, Felix picking me up and began walking away.

"No" I said, my hands shooting to my head. "NO" I started to sob. No no no. Why me? Why did I have to have this ability.

"Alice, Alice" I heard Mallik say, shaking me out of my depressing thought. "We won't let them take you. That's a promise" I failed to see how. I was still shaking. " I'm sorry" He said, Carlisle nodded, looking to me.

"For what" I asked, looking up to him. But then before I could do anything. I felt his razor-sharp teeth dig into my wrists then neck. A feeling like boiled water now started under my skin.

"Sorry Alice" I heard him whisper in my ear. "Its the only way" Then I heard someone leave. But my limbs now felt like they weighed a ton, though I knew I could lift move than one, I curled up into a ball, my knees to my chin. But then I was sucked into a vision.

"I can not find her Master. Bella must have shielded her as soon as you decided." Dimitri said. Aro didn't look pleased.

"Then we'll have to wait till Bella drops it. Bella is too valuable to destroy, we'll collect her later after Alice. Edward too." Aro replied, tapping his throne with his index fingers. Marcus looked concerned but as soon as someone glanced his way, he became blank. A mask.

Then a vision started again

Marcus shot though trees. A small bag around his shoulder. but not far off, Jane, Alec, Felix and Dimitri were chasing after him. He was looking for us. In a week

"I'll find him, He'll need us too" Mallik said, I flinched away. Making hurt flash though his face. I couldn't help but feel guilty. Where did Carlisle go? I couldn't see him, though Clara was asleep on the bed next to me.

"To the Bank" Mallik said, i knew he had good intent for what he did. Warning should have been better. "Sorry" he said, sounding like he really meant it. But now I was untraceable. The Volturi couldn't find me, I could look after Clara better as well. I think I owed him much more than I should have. So I relaxed and waited till Carlisle came back. There was one step for something, I just didn't know what.