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Chapter 1: Runaway TARDIS

"Doctor!" Clara cried once again, "Doctor!"

She was backed up against a cold metal door, her heart beating so rapidly that she could feel it at the back of her throat. After a fortnight of being stuck in the TARDIS in constant search of Bronwin, she had been ultimately relieved when the Doctor had revealed to her that they were going somewhere… their first adventure since their wedding. However, now that she found herself pinned against the locked door due to a deadly energy field slowly approaching her, she deeply regretted leaving the safety of the TARDIS that morning.

"Doctor!" she called, "Doctor please! Let me out!"

No matter how scared she felt, she knew he would rescue her. He always did. However, he was leaving that particular rescue very late…

The blood-red energy field, which was highly charged, was only metres away. She could feel its heat reaching for her skin, making her feel even warmer than she already did. The sound of it sizzling pulsed through her eardrums and increased her fear of it with every inch closer it got.

She knew full well the danger of that beam. She'd already seen its deadly nature earlier that day when a 'computer glitch' caused it to activate. The beam, usually used to sterilise the building, activated and trapped the alien Mayor and his 17-year-old son in the Conference Room. All that was left when she, the Doctor and the guards managed to override the lock was the smell of their burnt flesh. There were no traces of anything else, no bodies, no clothing, nothing.

It originally appeared to be a perfectly innocent malfunction. However, after a quick investigation, she and the Doctor had discovered that it wasn't actually an accident, it had been deliberate. Maybe that knowledge was why she found herself in a similar situation…

"Doctor!" she yelled.

She had seconds, if that and if she was honest, the knot in her stomach was tightening. Where was he?!

"Doctor…" she trailed off.

Suddenly after what felt like an eternity, the locked door she was leant on swiftly opened and a pair of very familiar hands pulled her out of harm's way. She was very lucky as just as she was moved away, the beam reached the area she had just been standing in.

Clara breathed out a sigh of relief as soon as her eyes fell onto her husband. She immediately wrapped her hands around his neck while her heartbeat began to normalise. The Doctor, who could feel her heart racing, wrapped his arms around her and began to rub her back in attempt to comfort her.

"Don't ever do that to me again!" she cried, "That was way too close…"

The Doctor pulled away and smiled weakly down at her.

"I promised I'd never let anything hurt you." he reminded her.

Clara nodded slightly. "I know." she agreed, "But still…"

"Um… Doctor?" piped up a man who was stood behind him.

The Doctor and Clara both turned to face him, only for their eyes to be drawn to another sterilisation beam approaching them from the other end of the corridor. The only difference between that one and the one Clara had just faced was the speed. Clara's beam remained at a slow constant however, that one appeared to be speeding up… rather quickly too.

"Oh, come on!" Clara cried, "Give me a break!"

The Doctor slowly ushered the two of them behind him, not taking his eyes off the approaching beam.

"Run!" he ordered.


Clara flopped down on the sofa while the Doctor exchanged his final goodbyes with the newly elected Mayor. She for one was more than glad to be leaving that particular planet. Was it so hard to go somewhere where danger didn't find them?

"Bye!" the Doctor called from the doorway before fully entering the TARDIS and closing the door behind him.

He then glided over to the console and flew the TARDIS back into the Time Vortex. He too couldn't deny that he was rather glad to leave.

He sighed as his ship stabilised in the vortex before looking over at Clara. Instead of watching like she usually did, her eyes were lightly closed and her hand was slowly rubbing her right temple.

He frowned slightly and carefully made his way over, capturing her attention enough to make her open her eyes.

"You alright?" he asked.

She nodded slightly. "Yeah." she confirmed, "But I'm cream crackered."

The Doctor raised his eyebrow slightly as he attempted to understand her.

"Nope… still no good with the Cockney slang." he admitted as he sat down next to her.

Clara laughed slighted. "Tired." she translated, "I'm tired."

The Doctor put his arm around her and allowed her to lean her slightly throbbing head on his chest. He proceeded to kiss the top her hair before leaning back on the chair while still allowing her to lean on him.

"You seem to be that quite often." he pointed out.

Clara sighed and frowned slightly. "What d'ya mean?" she asked.

"Tired." he answered, "You seem to get tired much more often that you used too."

Clara shrugged her shoulders slightly. "Maybe its the stress of bein' married to you." she joked.

The Doctor laughed slightly. "I'm not sure whether I should be offended or not." he confessed.

Clara laughed to herself. "I'm not sayin' anythin'." she said.

The Doctor smiled softly and allowed her to snuggle down into his embrace. He had noticed a major difference in her since their marriage a fortnight beforehand. Before, she had managed to go hours and hours without appearing to be that tired but for some reason ever since the wedding, she appeared to be physically drained even after minor outings. He'd have been lying if he said he wasn't slightly concerned but that's how most husbands were when it came to their wives, right?


Clara slept peacefully in his arms for about twenty minutes before waking up. It didn't really surprise the Doctor as the temperature of the control room wasn't the most pleasant. It was then that the Doctor insisted she go to bed, which to his surprise, she didn't object too. She must have felt exceptionally tired if she was willing to go to bed early without any objections.

The Doctor used his free time wisely, fixing and upgrading parts of the TARDIS he had forgotten existed. It had been a long time since he had meddled with his TARDIS and he actually couldn't remember a time he had in the new module… no wonder he was struggling to remember what went where.

If he was completely honest, he'd given up his search for Bronwin. He figured that when the time came, she'd find them… or at very least the TARDIS would drag them to her.

As he sat on the bottom step, trying to fit two pieces of apparatus which clearly didn't fit together, he heard the monitor above his head suddenly beep.

He frowned and looked up at it. When it sounded again, his curiosity got the better of him which resulted in him abandoning his present task and making his way over to the screen.

The screen itself was completely black. The only thing which actually showed him it was still turned on and working were the markings at the bottom.

"What…?" he muttered in disbelief.

If what he was seeing on the screen was correct, there was nothing out there, no stars, no planets, no nothing.

He began to mess with the button that controlled the screen. Surely what was being displayed was incorrect…

"Darkness!" something hissed, not from a specific direction.

His attention immediately resulted in his neck snapping up towards the screen. His frown was suddenly engraved onto his face but was soon overlooked as a millisecond later; the TARDIS stalled in mid-flight and sent him violently flying into the console. It was almost as if it had crashed against some sort of wall or barrier. He didn't even have time to glance back up at the screen when he heard the TARDIS' engines automatically rev up and materialise away from its previous destination. Whatever it had been, the TARDIS certainly hadn't liked it.

The Doctor subconsciously began to stroke part of the console as the ship began to materialise and stabilise in normal space. The monitor itself looked normal once again, displaying every star formation in the area.

The Doctor shook his head slightly. "What was all that about?" he questioned aloud.

The engines began to hum, almost as if they were attempting to answer him. They sounded normal once again which led him to believe that everything was now okay. However, the entire incident had worried him. What could have been so bad that the TARDIS had actually overpowered its usual command circuits and transported itself away?

Clara entered the control room moments later. She was wrapped in her dressing gown, still looking quite tired but much more alert than before.

"What the 'ell just 'appened? One minute I was in bed, the next I was on floor…" she moaned, "Did you get too close to a space station again?"

The Doctor rolled his eyes but let his smile form.

"That only happens once, dear." he replied with a wink.

Clara smiled softly and rubbed her right eye as she slowly travelled down the flight of stairs.

"So what 'appened?" she queried.

"I don't know." confessed the Doctor, "But the TARDIS materialised herself away from… whatever it was."

Clara laughed to herself. "Ha! A runaway TARDIS." she stated as she patted part of the console, "Only you could have a ship that throws tantrums and does runners."

The Doctor grinned and rubbed the console once again.

"I wouldn't have her any other way." he admitted.

Clara sighed. "You know, if she were humanoid, I'd lose ya to 'er." she told him.

The Doctor smiled slightly as he took her hand.

"Are you jealous of a machine?" he asked.

Clara rolled her eyes. "Course not." she guaranteed, "But if she were a real person… maybe."

The Doctor tutted and shook his head. "You're my wife." he reminded her with a smile, "I'm wouldn't leave you for a super-duper time machine, all be it a very brilliant super-duper time machine…"

Clara laughed softly. "Oh, shut up!" she cried before clasping her hands around his neck.

Within the next few seconds, the pair of them found their lips glued to one another's. Clara, who had initially been in control, soon found herself overpowered as the Doctor's hands found their way around her waist. The kiss deepened within moments and left them both tasting each others lips, hungry for more.

Clara soon found herself backed up against the console as the Doctor's hands gripped around her hips. His lips left hers not long after but they still remained against her skin, leaving a trail of kisses as he made his way down to her neck. Clara moaned in delight as he varied between both gentle kissing and lustful nibbling at her neck.

"Doctor…" she whispered, slightly out of breath.

The Doctor smiled into her neck before making his way along her collarbone.

It was strange. He had always found that kind of behaviour quite awkward to think about, let alone perform. He had once referred to it as all 'human-y, private stuff', which to be fair it was… private at the very least. As for the 'human-y' aspect, that was certainly inaccurate.

When he was with Clara, it definitely didn't seem so alien anymore. It was simply an act of love, one he loved to share with her.

Clara smiled softly after he slowly pulled away her neck. He looked down at her, his glistening eyes making her heart leap in her chest. As their noses touched, he could feel her panting slightly, clearly eager to continue. He could feel her hot breath on his neck as he tightened his grip around her waist.

No dialogue was exchanged yet they both shared the same line of thought. Without separating too much, they slowly began to head in the only direction they both could focus on… their bedroom.