This is a parody of the Prince of tennis OC fanfictions. Most of which are absouletely ridiculous. I hope you don't take this too seriously and manage to get a laugh out of it.

Keiko Suzubishi Honda Civic Sakura was a beautiful 12 year old girl. She had just moved to the beautiful country of Nihongo. She had medium length pink hair and beautiful green eyes. She was american, japanese, spanish, italian, french and also british. She had grown up in america but her parents moved to japan from job reasons.

Keiko was so nervous to begin junior high at Seishun gakuen! She was a shy, cute, clumsy girl. She walked into her classroom. Everyone was staring at her and she was so nervous that she tripped! Luckily, a black haired boy caught her. "Made Made Dane." The boy said. Keiko looked up, blushing nervously. "G-G-Gomenasai!" she said, turning bright red. How embarrassing.

"My name is Ryoma." The boy introduced himself. "You can sit with me." He said, he was obviously enchanted by her beauty. "Okay!" Keiko agree'd, she stood up infront of the class. "K-Konichiwa, Watashi wa Keiko Suzubishi Honda Civic Sakura desu!" ((My name is...!)) she blushed because she was so nervous! The class giggled as they whispered to each other. "Wow, she is so kawaii.. I hope she will sit with me!"

but Keiko sat with Ryoma because he looked so kakoii. And he was the only person who didn't stare at her like she was a kitten!


Keiko was alone at lunch and was ready to run away crying, but she ran into Sakuno and Tomo! They thought she was kawaii and sugoi looking. They started to talk to her. "SO, what do you like to do?!" Tomo asked the girl. "O-Oh, I like to sing, and dance, and draw and play music and...I like tennis,desu!" Both other girls gasped. "But Keiko Suzubishi Honda Toyota Civic Matsumoto Sakura-san, don't you know we have a tennis team?! You should join!" Sakuno yelled happily. "H-Honto?!" Keiko was so happy, she loved tennis!

The girls showed Keiko to the tennis team. She noticed the sugoi boy from her class, Ryoma Echizen-san! He was talking to his senpais, and Keiko could read his lips, he was saying "I met this sugoi girl in class and my tensai tennis senses told me that she is a good tennis player and that we should let her try out."

Keiko gasped. "Ryoma!" She exclaimed, and then blushed as everyone looked at her. "I want to play tennis with anata ga!"

The boys were all surprised. "But she's a girl, nya! She's so kawaii, but this is a boys team, nya!" Eiji said. "My data says kawaii girls play kawaii tennis and we should give her a chance." Inui said, smartly. "yu dan sayzu knee eeko." Tezuka buchou said his catch phrase!

Keiko was so excited, she ran into the courts but tripped! She is so clumsy! She stood up, tears in her eyes. "I'm so embarrassed, desu!"

Ryoma walked to her, wiping her uguu kawaii tears away. " Don't be sad, you are too kireii to be sad, Keiko Suzubishi honda Civic Sakura-chan."

Keiko smiled. It was the first time Ryoma said her name! She was ready to play tennis!

After a bunch of long tennis matches, Keiko beat all of the regulars! EVEN TEZUKA. Everyone praised her. She was kawaii and sugoi at tennis!

But Keiko couldn't stay at the school, she had fallen in love with all of the regulars, and they all fell in love with her too! Even boys from other schools, like Atobe and Sengoku! Even the gays from Shitinhojo had gone straight for her.

Keiko knew she couldn't stay in Japan, it wasn't good for her to pick out of all those bishounens. She had to move on.

And that was how Keiko Suzubishi Neko Kawaii Toyota Matsumoto Honda Civic Sakura moved back to america! Where she would become the tennis master, desu!