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THIS IS A LINE. A Line. a line.

England is in the middle of a meeting, arguing with Germany, America, and China about some economic problem that seems immensely important at the time when he gets the call. Flashing an 'I'll only be a moment' look to the other nations, he pulls the small black phone from his pocket and checks the caller ID. It's France.

England excuses himself from the meeting, glad of an excuse to leave. He accepts the call, then waits for her to speak.

"Ah, Angleterre?"

Her voice is questioning. Odd, seeing as she's the one who called him. "Hello, Rach."

She is silent.


She takes a shaky breath. "Angleterre, the other day I wasn't feeling well, and I mentioned it to Spain and Prussia, and they thought, well, they thought maybe that was what it was, so we bought a test, and it was just one of those cheap ones from the pharmacy so I don't know how reliable it was, but it - well, it seems I'm pregnant."

"Bloody hell."


England's mind is completely blank. That little traitor, deserting him in his moment of greatest need. Like Stanley at Bosworth. Except his mind didn't join the other side, it just- No. Don't ramble. Be rational. Rational. Someone better get him a bloody script for this because he certainly doesn't know his lines.

Think rational. "Rachel, when-"

"That night in May when you almost fell into the Seine."


After a brief moment of silence, he attempts to rally. "Have you thought about-" (he chooses his words carefully) "-what you're going to do?"

There's a slight pause. "I was going to ask you that."

"Rachel, I'm not going to... To order you to get an abortion or something. If you choose to keep it, we'll get that place in the Channel Isles we've been talking about and we'll raise the child together. If you decide otherwise, well, I'll take care of you and nobody will say any more about it."

Again, she waits for a moment before saying anything. "I would like to keep it." Her voice is unusually hesitant.

"Alright love. Alright."

"You're coming over tonight, right?"

"Yes, I was planning on it."

"Well, come as soon as the meeting's over, and we can talk more."

As they say goodbye and hang up, England can't keep from grinning broadly. He's going to be a father.

A/N: France has the memory of an elephant when it comes to romantic, ah, events. I'll leave it up to you to decide why England almost fell into the Seine.

Stanley at Bosworth: Stanley was a fifteenth century English nobleman who betrayed King Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth and went to join Henry Tudor (the future King Henry VII) who was fighting Richard for the Crown of England. He was also Henry Tudor's stepfather. Honestly, what was Richard expecting?