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Liddell: I hope Loue is finds me soon.

Tank: Why?

Liddell (teasing voice): You'll see.

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The Search Begins

"Liddell," Rally repeated, tasting the way it sounded on his tongue. "That's a cool name." "Thanks," Liddell said with a smile. "You're a cool guy. I like you." She likes me! Rally thought blushing. "Who are you guys anyway?" Liddell asked looking at the others. "I'm Yusie," Yusie said introducing himself. "This is Tank (A/N: Yusie is pointing at them as he introduces them.), Nervin, and Blitz." "The red head is Rally," Tank said pointing at the still blushing boy. "Rally?" Liddell asked turning to the red head. "Cool name, I like you even more now." Rally stood there blushing at everything that came out of the blonde witch's mouth.

"So," Blitz started eyeing her outfit. "Where ya from, Liddell?" "I-," She started, but then a loud crash came from outside. "What was that?!" Nervin shouted as he ran to see what happened. "Should you be running towards a loud scary noise?!" Tank shouted as he tried to hide behind Liddell. "Weak," the blonde girl said as she ran after Nervin. "Liddell!" Rally cried as he ran after her. "What's with you guys!?" Tank shouted. "Come on," Yusie said as he too ran after them. "We better help." "Fine," Tank sighed as he and Blitz followed Yusie outside.

"What are those things!?" Tank shouted as soon as they got outside. Before them were multiple little pink things with purple tongues attack people. "Faceless!" Liddell cried shocked. "But how?!" "You know these guys?" Tank asked. "In a way," the blonde girl said. "Then how do we stop them from eating Nervin!" Blitz shouted. "I can get rid of all of them," Liddell said. "But you all have to promise me, that when I do, you won't try to get rid of me." "Deal!" All of them shouted. "Hey pink freaks!" Liddell shouted getting the faceless' attention as she waved her umbrella. "Over here!" "What are you doing!?" Tank shouted as he grabbed the others and ran to a safe place. "This," Liddell said as all the faceless came to her. "Expa Abyss!" Suddenly multiple explosions started shooting out of Liddell's umbrella, destroying the faceless.

Once the monsters where gone and the guys' brains started function again, the group went back under ground. "So," Nervin said. "Anything you'd like to tell us?" "Okay," Liddell said. "To start I'm not from this world. And don't interrupt me. I came from another world in place of Queen Alice, who called me to her castle because the Eld Witch, who's the enemy by the way, has once again escaped her prison and has come to your world to become more powerful." "How does she plan to do that?" Rally said uneasy by all this. "Most likely," Liddell started. "By destroying you world." "What!?" Tank shouted in fear. "But there's no need to worry," the blonde girl said. "That's why I'm here!" "And how can you help?" Blitz asked. "I'm a witch," she answered. "And I beat the Eld Witch before. All I need to do now is find the Princesses, who became duel cards, which have been sent to your world. Find and defeat the Eld Witch, and your world will be safe!"

"All our lives are in your hands," Tank said. "We're doomed." "Hey!" Liddell shouted. "I took down those monsters! And they were summoned by the Eld Witch from one of the worlds she attacked before!" "How can we help?" Rally asked before a fight broke out. "I need to find the cards," Liddell told him ignoring Tank. "But I have no idea where they are or how to find them. If you guys can show me around this place I might find them." "What makes you think they're here?" Yusei asked. "I fell here," Liddell said. "And Alice wouldn't send me some where the cards aren't." "Why do you say that?" Nervin asked. "Because," Liddell started with a small blush on her cheeks. "Alice isn't like that." "You look up to her," Rally said with a smile. "I-It's not that I look up to her," the blonde witch said with her blush growing. "I just see her as my rival." "Rival?" Yusei asked. "That's right," Liddell said with her blush now under control. "I'm gonna become the greatest witch in time and space! To achieve my goal, she's in my way." "Come on," Rally said getting up. "Let's show Liddell around." "Good idea Rally," Tank said. "The sooner she finds her cards, the sooner we won't be in danger anymore." This earned him a whack in the head with Liddell's umbrella. "You're just as annoying as Loue," she muttered.

After almost an hour of showing Liddell around the Satellite Sector, the group still hadn't found any of the princesses. However, Rally and Yusei had showed Liddell how to use the duel disk Jabberwock gave her. "Well that was pointless," Tank said as they started back home. "Not really," Liddell said. "I now know where to go in the Satellite, and how to use this duel disk thing." "I still don't believe that you're from another world," Tank said. "Well then," Liddell said crossing her arms. "What do you think?" "I think you're nuts," Tank said, earning him a whack on the head by Liddell's umbrella. "Next time I'll use one of my spells!" She shouted walking off as the guys tried to help their fallen friend.

"Liddell!" Rally shouted once Tank was back on his feet. "Wait up!" Suddenly something caught his eye. On the ground was a card he never saw before. Rally quickly picked it up and saw a girl with long hair put into two braids and a white flower in her hair wearing a red and white dress. "What card is this?" he wondered aloud. 'I'm Dorothy,' a female voice said. Huh? Rally thought as he looked around. "Is someone there?" He called out, getting the others to look his way. 'I did,' the voice said again, this time he looked down at the card and realized it the source of the voice. 'And I need your help.' "You do?" He asked as his eyes started to go blank. "Rally!" Liddell cried as she ran up to him. 'Ignore that annoying witch,' Dorothy commanded. 'You will listen only to me. Now, put me in your deck and destroy her!' "Yes Dorothy," Rally said blankly as he placed her in his deck and put on his duel disk. Liddell watched as Rally's deck flashed gold and a metallic rope attacked itself to her duel disk! "Huh!?" Liddell cried. "Now we duel," Rally said as Dorothy's voice became mixed with his.

"Cut it out Dorothy!" Liddell shouted. "Rally has nothing to do with this!" "Oh yes he does," Dorothy/ Rally said. "You got him into this when you came here. Why didn't you just let the Eld Witch come and destroy this world? It's not even ours. Why bother?" "Why?" Liddell asked shacking. "Because I want to make sure nothing like what almost happened back in our world happen here! I never forgave myself the first time the Eld Witch showed up in my life! I'm not about to add guilt of another world being destroyed when I could've done something!" Liddell put her deck in and glared at Dorothy. "I'll save Rally," the blonde witch said. "And you too Dorothy," she added in a soft mutter. "Duel!" Both shouted.

Rally 4000 life points

Liddell 4000 life points

"I'm up!" Liddell cried. "Draw! And I summon Ziggy in attack mode!"

Ziggy 1200 attack points

"And I end my turn," the blonde witch said. "My turn," Dorothy/ Rally said. "Draw, I activate the field spell Artis!" The group was shocked as Dorothy's kingdom appeared in place of the Satellite's rundown buildings. "What card is this?!" Blitz shouted. "This isn't one of Rally's cards!" No," Yusei said trying to be calm. "This must be Dorothy; one of the Princesses Liddell was telling us about." "So anyone who touches one of the cards Liddell is looking for will be put under its control?" Nervin asked. "That's nuts!" Tank shouted. "That girl has never dueled before!" "Neither has Dorothy," Yusei told him. "And Rally and I had given Liddell some pointers on dueling while showing her around." "So Liddell has an advantage!" Nervin said. "You better believe it," Liddell said. "I'm going to win."

"Never," Dorothy/ Rally said as a shadow came from behind them. "Huh?" The guys said. "No way," Liddell said. "The Eld Witch." "Oh Liddell," the Eld Witch's shadow said. "Is that any way to treat a friend?" "Anne was my friend," Liddell said gently fingering the bracelet Anne gave her. "Not you." "You're a fool," the Eld Witch told her. "Friends should help each other. Come Liddell, join me. And together we can rule this world and destroy Alice." "I'll never help you!" The blonde witch snapped. "I'm going to stop you, save this world and go back home! But first I have to save Rally and Dorothy!" "That was a very bad choice," the Eld Witch told her as she vanished. "Dorothy, destroy her." "Of' course my queen," Dorothy/ Rally said.

"Rally!" Yusei called out. "You have to fight the power that's controlling you!" "Never," Dorothy/ Rally said grinning darkly. "I rather like this power. It suits me perfectly." "No it doesn't!" Liddell shouted angrily. "I may not know Rally as well as these guys, but I do know that he's not one for darkness! Rally is a good person! (*stops shouting*) … He's my friend." "How touching," Dorothy/ Rally said teasingly. "Too bad your journey has to come to an end." "No it's not," Liddell said. "I'm going to win this duel; I'm going to save Rally; and I'm going to stop the Eld Witch!" The young witch stood her ground ready to finish the duel.

Stardust: Sorry for the late update. I was having trouble writing this duel. That's why I made it a two part-er. I need help to finish this duel. Anyone who's reading this story… Please help me!