that I have written this chapter before Thursday episode and before the stills from 4x18. I have corrected a few things after 4x17 to be a little bit more canon but most of the things happening between Klaus and Silas are not canon. Thank you for giving it a chance anyway. It's gonna be a two shots.

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Caroline froze at the entry of the Grill, unable to believe what she was seeing.


Hayley was there, comfortably settled down at a table like she owned the place. She looked even more smug than Caroline remembered. Caroline couldn't control the boiling rage that suddenly erupted in her chest. How dare she be here after all she had done? It was her fault that Tyler's plan had failed and that he had to flee town. It was her fault that Carol was dead. She had been the catalyst for all of this. How dare she sit here like nothing had happened?

Charging into Hayley, Caroline caught her out off guard and harshly gripped her arm. Pushing her into the bathroom she quickly checked that nobody was here and she closed the door. Caught off guard by Caroline's display of strength, Hayley had only just started to react. She kicked Caroline with her boots but Caroline slammed her into the door and pressed her hand against her throat.

"You stop that right now, do you hear me?" she warned sharply. "Last time you got me because you took me by surprise, but I am stronger than you so I wouldn't try anything if I was you."

Hayley growled but stopped kicking.

"What is your problem?" she grumbled.

Caroline scoffed incredulously.

"Seriously? What is my problem? My problem is that because of you, my boyfriend had to flee town to avoid having his heart ripped out. That is my problem!"

Hayley had the good grace to look guilty.

"I didn't want for Tyler to be harmed. I just wanted information about my parents," she explained, a little uncomfortable.

"I don't care about your motivation," Caroline retorted. " You are a back stabber and a liar. How dare you come back here?"

Hayley lost her apologetic face and she smiled smugly.

"I thought that if I couldn't have your boyfriend, I could be content with your backup," she answered teasingly.

Caroline frowned.

"I don't understand."

"I made a deal with Klaus," Hayley explained. "I help him find Katherine and he gives me his protection. I didn't know at the time that his protection would include the best shag I've ever had but I'm not complaining."

Completely taken aback, Caroline let go of her throat and took a step back.

"You're lying," she said after a couple seconds of silence.

Relishing the expression on Caroline's face, Hayley smiled.

"No, I'm not. Why would I? Klaus was clearly tired of waiting for you so he moved on. The guy has needs you know."

"Klaus would never sleep with you," Caroline said disdainfully.

Hayley grinned. "Do you want me to tell you about his tattoos? Because believe me, it's a major turn on," she taunted. "Or would you prefer that I tell you about what he can do with his hands? Or maybe you'd like to learn something about his tongue?"

Caroline slapped her. She hit Hayley flat on the cheek and sent her fly across the bathroom, destroying a stall's door in the process.

"Shut up," Caroline growled. "You shut up now!"

Hayley shrugged and stumbled to get back on her feet. Caroline couldn't move, unable to process what Hayley said to her. Klaus had slept with her. Klaus had slept with her. Klaus had…. The words finally sank and a sharp pain coursed Caroline's body. Klaus had slept with Hayley. No. It wasn't possible, he wouldn't have. But by looking at Hayley, Caroline knew that it was true.

Klaus had slept with someone else and Caroline couldn't understand why her heart was suddenly clenching or why her stomach felt like it had been stabbed or why her whole body felt like it had been plunged in a frozen bath.

A sudden vision flashed through her mind. Klaus holding Hayley in his arms. Klaus kissing Hayley. Klaus stroking Hayley's body. Caroline's inside twisted excruciatingly and an unwitting sound escaped her lips. Why did it hurt that much? It shouldn't hurt. Klaus was nothing to her. She didn't care about him. She hated him for what he did to Tyler. So why was the pain taking over her body like this? Why couldn't she stop picturing Klaus and Hayley together, with the same sharp pain attacking her with each new vision?

Hayley was observing Caroline, clearly enjoying her obvious distress. She had never liked her and she decided to strike the final blow.

"It's too bad for you that he had moved on," she mocked viciously. "He is absolutely amazing in bed. I'm sure you would have loved it. But now you will never know."

With these last words, Hayley turned her back to Caroline and grabbed the knob of the door, obviously deciding that their conversation had lasted long enough. Caroline suddenly snapped out of her trance, and mechanically, almost without thinking about it, she grabbed Hayley by the hair to pull her closer and snapped her neck. The noise made by the broken bones was extremely satisfying and Caroline felt much better. After all, it was only a tit for tat, she thought. The bitch had done the same thing to her only a few weeks ago. Without sparing another glance to the wolf, Caroline stepped over Hayley and left her on the floor, hoping that she wouldn't wake up before long.

Was he bluffing or was he serious? Klaus couldn't tell for now and it was making him quite uncomfortable. And if there was a feeling that Klaus wasn't use to, it was being uncomfortable. He was the Original Hybrid. He was immortal. He was invincible. He didn't do uncomfortable. And yet… Klaus couldn't help the odd feeling that something was bothering him.

Silas had just paid him a little visit in the form of Professor Shane. Klaus had found him comfortably settled down in one of his leather couches, a little bit earlier in the day. Before he even had the time to get mad at the intrusion, Shane had politely introduced himself as Silas, the most powerful vampire in the world. Klaus had scoffed at this, utterly annoyed at the cockiness of the vampire. Silas had done nothing to make things better when he had declared without further preamble, that he wanted Klaus as his minion. He knew how powerful Klaus was and he wanted him on his side. Klaus had had an extremely bad reaction at the word minion and Silas had been a lot less polite after this.

The "conversation" had quickly escalated into a demonstration of power, each one of them convinced that they were stronger than the other and wanted to prove it. The problem was that Silas was, indeed stronger than Klaus. He had put an end to their display of strength by staking Klaus with the white oak stake, avoiding the heart by a centimeter.

"I had a feeling that you wouldn't be very cooperative," he had said icily. "So I had the lovely Bonnie cast a spell on this stake. You have no idea how strong she is now and ready to do anything that I ask. You're in for a little surprise with the wound the stake has caused. This is only a warning, Klaus, I do hope you will be less stubborn next time we see each other or I won't miss the heart."

Silas had vanished after that and since then, Klaus had been wondering if he had been bluffing or not. Was the stake really spelled to hurt him or was it a ruse to impress him? Was Bonnie really strong enough to do something that could hurt him? He had been staked about an hour ago and the wound had healed perfectly. He didn't feel anything different. Silas was bluffing, Klaus decided. Nothing could be harmful to him, except the stake itself. He needed to have it back as soon as possible but until then, it was just a failed attempt to impress him.

Klaus still couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that Silas had actually beaten him. How was he stronger than him? Silas was older than Klaus, granted, but Klaus was a hybrid for God' sake. HE was the most powerful creature in the planet. For the first time in over one thousand years, Klaus felt weak and he hated it. The feeling was so new to him that he didn't know how to deal with it.

The sound of the doorbell broke his train of thought. Klaus smiled when he recognized the smell of the person who was on the other side of the door.

"Hello, Caroline," he greeted.

As usual, Caroline didn't bother to answer as she resolutely bypassed Klaus to enter the house. With a sigh, Klaus followed her into the living room and poured himself a glass of bourbon. The furious expression on Caroline's face, with her lips pressed into a thin line and her eyes glaring daggers made him suspect that he could use a drink.

"What did I do, this time?" he asked curiously.

"Did you sleep with Hayley?" Caroline blunted.

Klaus froze on his spot. How does she know that?

"I ran into her at the Grill," Caroline explained as she could read his mind. "She was very loquacious about your performance," she added icily. "I snapped her neck by the way. Hope you don't mind. She might be late coming back here."

Klaus turned from being uncomfortable to being rather pleased. The venom in Caroline's voice was unmistakable and Klaus couldn't help but smile.

"Are you jealous?" he asked cockily.

Caroline scoffed. "You wish," she spat. "How dare you? How dare you sleep with her, of all people? She is the reason why you had to kill your hybrids! How can you ban Tyler from town and give her a free pass? She is as responsible as he is."

Klaus lost his smile at the mention of Tyler. Why couldn't Caroline produce a sentence without his name in it?

"Tyler dedicated his life to kill me," he retorted sharply. "Hayley is actually the one who warned me."

Caroline huffed. "I can't believe that," she muttered.

"What bothers you the most, Caroline? The fact that I slept with Hayley, or the fact that I slept with someone who is not you?" Klaus asked dryly.

"I couldn't care less about whom you sleep with," Caroline replied, stubbornly ignoring the pain twisting her stomach at his confirmation that it was true.

"It seems to me that on the contrary, you do care," Klaus stated casually. "But you know what Caroline? I don't care about what you think. You have been rejecting me for a year now. What did you expect? That I was going to live like a monk while I waited for you?"

Caroline swallowed hard, trying to compose herself. How could he talk to her like this? How could he do this? And why on earth did it hurt so much? Why did she feel…betrayed?

"It hurts, doesn't it? This feeling of betrayal," Klaus demanded, correctly interpreting her expression, as always.

Unable to answer him, Caroline turned on her heels and dashed towards the door. Before she could take three steps Klaus flashed in front of her and blocked her way.

"Get out of my way," Caroline hissed.

"No. You are not going anywhere until you admit that you are jealous," Klaus said firmly.

"That's not gonna happen, so let me go," Caroline repeated forcefully. "I don't give a shit about who you fuck, Klaus."

Klaus looked at her in amusement. It was the first time he had ever heard her swear. And it was quite sexy.

"Then why are you so riled?" he asked tauntingly. "I don't think this is just because of Hayley. I think you would have reacted the same way with any girl."

"Don't flatter yourself. I don't care about you and you know it," Caroline spat.

"Really? So you don't care if I tell you that Hayley is as much of a glorious kisser as you are, do you? Klaus taunted. "Or if I say you that her wolf side made things extremely interesting in bed? Or if…"

Caroline hit him. She put her whole strength into the punch but he didn't even stagger which infuriated her even more.

"You're a dick," she snarled.

She headed to the door in a blur and it was at that very moment that Klaus collapsed on his knees with a scream.

A/N: I just want to make clear that Caroline doesn't kill Hayley. I'm not sure if a werewolf can have his neck snapped like a vampire because he's still human so I don't know but I really wanted that Caroline gets the chance to do it to Hayley.

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