A/N After 2 and a half years of writing the Derek Hicks Chronicles series it is of a heavy heart to say that I have completed the series. Terminal Velocity and anything unfinished will be put on a permanent Hiatus. All other stories will be deleted for the focus of this story which is all of the stories. We will divide the series into 3 parts. Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3. Generation 2 will be the canon version. Some stories are missing because they were completely deleted such as TDHC World Tour and some others. I would like to say thanks to all of my supporters over the years. And I hope you've enjoyed my zany amateur written stories over the years and thank you again everyone.

The Derek Hicks Chronicles Anthology is dedicated to:

Ted Wakeman: who inspired me to become a writer.

CntWolf: whose profile has been deleted.

Odstspartan: Changed his profile name several times and is now known as Soarin and Spitfire

Firehound427 who amazed me with his writing

Sierra Strike: Who's OC's inspired new Adventures

General MB: Made a few comments in his stories about mine that may have been negative but I still thank him

Special thanks to:


Rooster Teeth Productions

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Bethesda Softworks

Clasky Scupo Productions

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The various other song artists whom I've used there works as background music

And let's not forget


All of the people in the appropriate areas


Table of Contents:

Rio: The Derek Hicks chronicles (G1)

Rio: The Derek Hicks Chronicles 2 (G1)

The Derek Hicks chronicles 3 Love story (Gen 1)

Lucky and Zorba The Derek Hicks Chronicles (G1)

Halo: The Derek Hicks Chronicles (G2)

Rio: The Derek Hicks Chronicles (G2)

Fallout The Derek Hicks Chronicles (G2)

The Derek Hicks Chronicles First Contact Equestria (G2)

The Derek Hicks Chronicles: The search for Echo (G2)

The Derek Hicks Chronicles Untold stories (G2.5 (both G2 and G3))

Rio: The Derek Hicks Chronicles (G3)

The Derek Hicks Chronicles Terminal Velocity (Unfinished) (G3)

A/N Table of Contents is susceptible to Change