Sora… You are so lucky… You have so many friends, a perfect life, everything you could ask for. No, you don't need to know me. I'm the Nobody after all…

I just fade.

You stay.

I fade.

That's how it works.

I won't tell you what I know, because you don't need to know. I forged friendships, even without my heart, but they all came crashing down in a way you shouldn't see. I won't let you suffer like that. I may hate you, but no one deserves that hell. No one. Except the shadow.

Except me…

You've given so much, but you've also withheld that help and light. Maybe you deserve to be blind to my knowledge. You never cared if I existed, did you? That's what your friends say. I'm the Nobody to them, the pawn, the key to waking you. That's what I've always been… A pawn. I've never had my own life. Someone has always been pulling the strings.

Maybe it's you. Perhaps even in all that light you still want to see me suffer. Because I'm your mistake. The thing you created without thinking. The regret. The child you disown. The shade that haunts your every step.

So me?

I'm Nobody.

That's all I ever was.