God behind the Wheel

Year: Three

"Okay seatbelts." Tony said from the passenger seat of his blood red Acura NSX. Today was the day that Tony Stark taught the Norse god how to drive a car. It was the first time the god had been behind the wheel and Tony could see that Loki was nervous. Loki was actually good at hiding it but Tony had been around the god for about three years and knew the signs of his nervousness.

The green eyed god had an unusually tight grip around the wheel and his back was ramrod stiff. Tony stifled his chuckle and then lay back in his seat. "Okay now fix your mirrors."

Loki turned his attention to Tony with a confused look. "Fix my mirror?"

"Those things on the side of the car are mirrors." Tony pointed to the rearview mirror, "and this one right here is one."

"You use the mirrors to see behind you and to the side of the car. It's so you won't have to turn your head completely around to see who is behind or beside you."

"I see no reason for me to learn something so trivial." he said fixing the mirror so he could see behind himself. Tony explained how to fix the mirror properly and then he answered Loki's statement.

"Because the next time Fury sends us out to do some half-ass mission that involves driving, you are going to be driving." the brown haired man said messing with the heating controls.

Since Loki's return to earth he had been shoved off on to Tony because Tony was the only one willing to help. That was only because the god had saved his life. The deal made with Fury was that Loki would work the odd missions they had and Tony as his full time babysitter would help. To Tony's dismay he had no choice in the matter since Fury was holding a couple things over his head and he owed Loki for saving his life. So, Tony was left rehabilitating a criminal. The first year and a half was hell for Tony. The god was pompous and a mental mess. Somehow they pulled through that and now had a good working relationship. Tony even considered the god a semi friend.

"Why do I have to drive now?" Loki said with an air of superiority and Tony had to laugh it off lest his punch the god.

"Because the last time we were chased through the city and people were shooting at us you did nothing. You made be immune to bullets but I am not." Tony said rubbing at a spot on his arm. Unfortunately most of the odd missions they were sent on involve being undercover. Which should have been impossible for Tony Stark, but he was surprising good at blending in.

"You are still bringing up that small matter, Stark." the god said slightly annoyed.

"Turn the damn car on." Tony said exasperated with the god.

"How do you do that?" Loki looked genuinely confused.

"How do you not know, I do it whenever I drive and you are right there in the passenger seat."

"Stark I do not pay attention to you when you drive." he said like it was a fact Tony should have known.

Tony leaned over and turned the key in the ignition. "Okay, Rock of Ages put the car in drive by using this lever thing and moving it until the light on the D turns on but pushed down the brake when you do so. The brake is the big pedal in the center and the gas is the slim one to the right."

Loki did so and then took his foot off the pedal. The car started to cruise forward slowly. Loki looked at Tony questioningly. "Why does it not move any faster?"

"You have to put some gas in her."

"Put somewhat in who" he said even more confused.

"Press the gas pedal to the far right, but-" Tony couldn't finish his sentence because they went zooming forward toward a wall. "Hit the brake! Hit the brakes damn it."

Loki slammed the brake and the car stopped on dime. Tony put his hand to his reactor as if to calm his heart down. If he wasn't wearing a seatbelt he might have gone through the window. He turned his head to look at Loki.

"This is far too complicated." Loki said folding his arms over his chest not even looking toward Tony as if they hadn't narrowly avoided an ugly accident.

"Ok, let try this slower. When you step on the gas pedal do it slowly and only enough to make the car move. You don't have to press the pedal to the floor." Tony leaned over and reached under the seat to pushed Loki's seat back. "There you won't be able to press so hard.

After three more almost crash incident and an incident where Loki somehow put the call in reverse almost killing Tony, he learned the basics. They were actually on the road but out in the secluded areas now because Tony fear they would crash in the city limits. The dirty road they travel wasn't familiar to Loki but Tony remembered the road well. That was another story, so Tony turned his attention back to Loki. The god look like he was concentrating and Tony decided to turn on the radio. He popped in a cd and turned the music up. A frown tugged at Loki's face and Tony turn the music down.


"You call this music?" Loki asked.

"It's a classic War Machine, AC/DC." Tony said bopping his head and saying 'war machine' repeatedly with the chorus. Loki shook his head and put his attention back to the road until he unexpectedly ran over a possum. He hit the brakes and Tony grabbed the door. "What."

Loki turned the radio off. "If I am going to drive then I need this off."

Tony frowned but let it go. He didn't want the god to total his car in some weird accident because he couldn't rock to the music.

On the way back to Tony's home Loki had no trouble at all except for when Tony asked him to park. They had always been going forward, except that one time that nearly had Tony ready to mess his pants. Basically, the god didn't know how to drive in reverse.

"Okay slowly and turn the wheel but don't cut the wheel just yet."

"Cut the wheel? Stark speak properly; I cannot discern what you are saying." Loki hated when Tony used idioms or any other slang he couldn't understand.

"Don't turn the wheel too much, now give it some gas." Tony said watching how close the car was to his Porsche. Loki did so and backed the car up perfectly then drove forward and parked the car between Tony's Porsche and an old timey hot rod.

Tony took a deep breath actually surprise that the god didn't crash into the car. "Nice job, Buttercup."

"That is not my name." Loki said getting out of the car, suddenly irritated.

Tony followed a little thrown off. "I didn't mean it as an insult."

"How can that be? You always call me out of my name." Loki headed to the elevator. Tony sped up his pace to catch up to the long strides.

"Really, I meant it kind of like an endearment..." Tony trailed off when he realized he did mean it as an endearment. He and Loki had gotten along pretty well, so the insult just kind of turn into a nickname. Tony was surprised that he considered Loki less of a semi-friend and more of a friend. Someone he could actually depend on.

"Really, Loki I don't mean it as an insult." Tony said hitting the top level then turning to look at the god. Loki only nodded and stared at the elevator doors.

The god actually thought of the mortal as a good acquaintance, better than the ones he had in Asgard. He trusted the man but he was still wary. Tony's friends had become increasingly irritated by his stay in Midgard, though he had no choice in the matter. He was still serving his time. When he was finally free where would he go? There was nothing in Asgard and he had not seen Thor in a long time. He shook the thought away because he didn't want to think about what would happen at the end of his sentence. He had no home to return to and the only person he felt safe with was a mortal. 'Oh how the mighty have fallen.'

Tony looked at Loki and knew that the god was thinking about something. "Hey, what do you want to eat tonight? I know you're sick of pizza, never gets old for me, but since you learned to somewhat drive I guess I can let you choose dinner." Tony went and flopped down once they were on his floor. He waiting for an answer.

Loki looked from the floor. "Steak, like the ones you had at your birthday party."

"Someone's in the mood for gourmet food." Tony said grabbing a folder he left on the table. "Tell Jarvis what you want and he'll order it."

Tony turned most of his attention to the folder and left Loki to his own devices. The two had settle into a routine that neither would admit growing fond of.

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