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Anyway it starts off different following events of the Battle of Kyushu with Lelouch knowing that Suzaku is a lost cause decides to seek out another friend to be Nunnally's protector, but little does he realize the world he knows is about to come to a sudden end as he must fight to not only survive, but he must save his sister and those he love from the zombie horde.

It's going to be a Saeko and Lelouch pair up while it will be Takashi and Rei while everyone else I am deciding on, but more importantly I am deciding who will live and who will die. Shido of course will get his so don't worry on that before you ask.

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Chapter 1

End of the world

The day was like any other with the sun high over the sky and a few clouds hanging in the sky, but while everything else was normal for a majority of the people living in Tokonosu Concession. Formerly Tokonosu City before events seven years ago when the superpower Holy Britannian Empire invaded the independent nation of Japan known throughout the world as possessing about seventy percent of the world's supply of Sakuradite. It was part of that reason that Japan was invaded and in one month due to the combinations of Britannia's overwhelming military forces that outnumbered Japan's military causing them to lose the early aerial and naval battles quickly and then what likely shortened the ground battles on Japan was the introduction of Britannia's new weapon the Knightmare Frame.

Although the Japanese had the misconception that it was the Knightmare Frame that decided the war, but the fact was that they were introduced late into the war when the Britannian Forces began making landfall on the Japanese mainland. Japan lost due to Britannia's overwhelming military numbers and that besides Knightmare Frames the Britannian Forces had vastly more superior military technology and weaponry at their disposal.

Japan lost the war after a month after hostiles began ending when the country surrendered after the suicide of Prime Minister Genbu Kururugi, although rumors persist that he was murdered and the suicide story was a cover up.

Regardless Japan had lost and was now a colony of the Empire being renamed Area 11, although Japan lost the worse of it came after the war where not only did Japan lose its independence as a country. It was stripped of its culture, name and dignity as the Japanese were referred to as Elevens. But this didn't mean the fight was over as resistance groups formed following the end of the war. One group formed from what remained of Japan's military became the Japan Liberation Front.

Seven years later and the fighting continued, but it was then a game changer that broke the dead lock between the two sides. Following an incident that happened in Shinjuku Ghetto a half-year ago things began to change with the appearance of a mysterious masked man known to the public as Zero. No one knew his identity or where he came from with some rumors of Zero not even being a Japanese person, but regardless the achievements and results of Zero's actions turned him into Japan's hope for freedom from Britannia. Later on Zero formed his own resistance group dubbed the Order of the Black Knights.

However there was no doubt the Order of the Black Knights was very different from the other groups around Area 11. As demonstrated that Zero and a small group of his followers successfully rescued a group of Britannian civilians had been taken hostage by the Japan Liberation Front at the Lake Kawaguchi Convention Center. As the Britannian Forces under acting Viceroy Second Princess Cornelia li Britannia were unable to Zero and his followers succeeded where they failed saving the hostages.

It was after this that the Order of the Black Knights while fighting against Britannia didn't hesitate to point their spear at Britannia, but they would go after anyone they deemed tyrannical and powerful such as drug dealers and corrupt politicians. Also another factor that made them popular among the Japanese who hated Britannian rule, but didn't agree with the use of terrorism was that they wouldn't involve innocent civilians. A fact they had demonstrated many times earning them much more support from the public than any other group before them had achieved.

Black Knights had in fact achieved much in the following months after the organization's appearance to the entire world. The group rapidly grew in size and capability as the organization soon matched the Japan Liberation Front.

The Order of the Black Knights soon became Japan's only hope for freedom from Britannia. Not long after the Lake Kawaguchi incident the Japan Liberation Front was all but wiped out when their headquarters in the Narita Mountains led by Viceroy Cornelia. However the Black Knights intervened in this battle launching a shocking counterattack that wiped out a large number of the Britannian Army. They even came close to capturing Viceroy Cornelia, but at the last possible moment victory was snatched from their grasp.

But this battle marked the end of the Japan Liberation Front as the group had exhausted their forces in fighting Britannia in previous battles found their influence to wane rapidly until it finally fell apart. The damage they received with the lost of their headquarters and their heavy looses over the past months was just too enormous for them to recover from.

Thus the Black Knights had replaced the Japan Liberation Front as the most powerful and organized resistance group in Japan, but another change took place with Suzaku Kururugi being announced to become Princess Euphemia li Britannia, Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, knight and protector which caused a division among the Japanese on who to support the People's Princess Euphemia or the Black Knights. A division that was only furthered when seemingly out of nowhere a sudden invasion of Kyushu, Japan, staged by former Chief Cabinet Secretary Atsushi Sawasaki. Sawasaki with the aid of General Cao of the Chinese Federation was providing aid and military support.

He began a revival of a legitimate, independent Japan with the Fukuoka base serving as a capital. However there was only so much a politician could pull off meaning that Sawasaki was merely a puppet working with the Chinese Federation. Zero knew the only thing that would come of Sawasaki's actions would be a change in masters from the Britannian Empire to the Chinese Federation.

But only if they had they been successful.

Thus bringing us to the present where the leader of the Black Knights the mysterious masked revolutionary who had achieved more than any resistance group had in the last seven years was in Tokonosu City on his way to Fujimi Academy to meet with an old friend.

For this he was without his mask, but besides his chief accomplice no one else in the Black Knights knew the identity of Zero. There was one other who knew, but he wasn't an official member of the organization but rather a leader of the Six Houses of Kyoto who backed the Black Knights.

The man under the mask had medium-length ebony hair, violet eyes, and a fair sink complexion. Although he was somewhat scrawny having little muscle he is considerably tall for his age. He was dressed in causal civilian attire consisting of a black trimmed white jacket with matching pants and brown shoes while wearing an amaranth pink collar-shirt underneath with a dark blue tie. Ordinary at first appearance the young man however carried a concealed weapon hidden by his jacket which was a pistol while carrying a spare clip for his own protection.

Zero's identity was Lelouch Lamperouge, no, his real name was Lelouch vi Britannia the former Eleventh Prince of the Holy Britannian Empire. He was exiled to Japan roughly around eight to seven years ago along with his younger sister as political hostages and was assumed killed along with his sister during the war between Japan and Britannia. At present he was using a fake name to overthrow the Britannian Empire his father ruled as he continued to live his life behind a mask.

Lelouch arrived at his destination the front gates of the academy, although he had been told about the academy but considering the education structures the Japanese had the Academy was in surprising good shape which is likely contributed to the fact it was more of a boarding school being attended by Honorary Britannians or Japanese who had the right connections for their children. Fujimi Academy was built upon a large campus with multiple buildings in a fenced and gated area, but its size wasn't equal to that of Ashford Academy being much smaller in comparison.

The black-haired young man opened the gate and walked in closing it behind him. Suddenly a tall man with black hair wearing a light blue shirt with a high collar and black pants approaching Lelouch.

"Hey what is a Britannian kid doing here," Teshima, the Physical Education teacher at Fujimi Academy, said as he approached Lelouch obviously not happy to see him.

"I am merely here to see a friend of mines," Lelouch said as he moved his left hand over his left eye prompting a strange red glow to appear. The mark of a phoenix about to take flight manifested within Lelouch's eye. "I would like a visitor's pass and given full permission to travel the grounds to speak to her without any further interruption until I leave the academy."

The ethereal phoenix took flight traveling from Lelouch's mind and into Teshima's eyes as the man's demeanor suddenly changed from aggressive to suddenly passive and obedient.

"Sure thing why don't we get you checked in and with a visitor's pass."

"Thank you very much I appreciate that," Lelouch said with a smirk.

As Lelouch got a visitor's pass after spending a few moments in the office allowing him to move about the school unquestioned the former prince began looking for the person he sought. His mind wandered to the first day they met and besides another boy she was another real friend.

(April 5th 2010 A.T.B.)

Near the Kururugi Shrine on the pathway leading back to the shrine a young ten-year old boy wearing a white short-sleeve shirt with a collar with black pants and red suspenders on was on the ground trying to shield the food he had brought from the store to feed his younger sister. Three boys had surrounded the ten-year old and were viciously kicking him as he made no effort to fight back.

"That Kururugi kid isn't here to protect you now, so fight back you damn Brit!"

"Yeah fight back!"

Lelouch didn't move as he took their blows and kept trying to shield the food he had bought with his body, Suzaku Kururugi was in Tokyo so as the boys said he had no one to save him. Lelouch was going to have to wait until the boys tired out, but unknown to him someone who had observed him make the risky and dangerous trip from the Kururugi Shrine every couple of days. The girl was about the same age as Lelouch and Suzaku if not older by about a year wearing a white and blue sailor-style school uniform with a red bow and a blue dress carrying a wooden sword by her side. She had a fair skin complexion with light blue eyes and long purple hair styled into a top-knot ponytail.

She was even present when Suzaku intervened and broke up one of the attacks on Lelouch. The men assigned to watch him would only intervene if he tried to flee, kill himself or others trying to kill him. She watched with a seemingly sad expression as Lelouch merely endured the vicious beating he was receiving as the 11-year old girl recalled the words he told Suzaku.

"It's your own fault you know, why don't you just accept the food we give you instead of risking yourself going into town? It's not poisoned." Suzaku snapped at the black haired boy.

"I know it's not poisoned."

"Then eat it," Suzaku shouted.

"I am here and I will live…I am living by my own strength and I won't be dead any longer. Not me and not Nunnally either," Lelouch said as those words left the young girl curious about the boy.

After thinking about those words again the girl stepped forward brandishing her wooden sword and approached the three boys declaring to them.

"I must insist you stop that," An eleven year old Saeko said.

"Or what, you should be helping us beat this kid up."

"It is both despicable and dishonorable to be beating a young man who is too weak to fight back and has no wish to fight any of you. I will ask again, please cease your actions."

"Nobody tells me what to do you stupid Brit lover," The lead boy said as he rushed Saeko, but quicker than the eyes could see the purple haired woman knocked the boy to the ground after dropping to her knees delivering a sweeping blow. Before the lead boy could move Saeko was about to bring her wooden sword down upon the bully, but stopped it just a centimeter from his face.

"I strongly believe you should reconsider your actions otherwise I can inflict a lot of harm upon you, I will defend myself or is it truly a fight you seek?"

Seeing at how close Saeko came to crushing the boy's face with her bokken the older child was shivering in fright at both the near hit and the look in Saeko's eyes prompting the boy and his friends to flee. Once they were gone Saeko turned to Lelouch who was struggling to his feet before dusting himself off. The girl approached him; she didn't offer to help him only because she knew he would refuse it.

"You do this because you are alive, but I am curious why would you say something like that?"

Lelouch looked up at the eleven year old girl with a tint of confusion on his face and annoyance that he had someone else poking his nose into his business. But the girl was oddly different from Suzaku who seemed more curious for the reasons behind his words than criticizing him on going out to get his own food.

"Because that man," Lelouch began with his voice filled with bitterness and resentment. "Said I was dead and had no rights, dead since the day I was born, but I intend to prove otherwise. I won't accept things just given to me."

"I see so you wish to be self-reliant despite being born with a weak body," Saeko inquired.

"I guess that's one way to put it, but…who are you anyway," Lelouch asked as he picked up the groceries.

"Oh," Saeko began realizing she did not introduce herself properly. "I am sorry, I am Saeko Busujima of the Busujima Family and you are?"

"Uh, I am Lelouch vi Britannia."

(Present Day)

Speaking of whom, Saeko Busujima was sitting on a bench near the track field reading a book titled The Sickness onto Death. The woman had aged seven years since first meeting Lelouch she was obviously older but her body matured into that of a woman with an athletic and slender figure. She was dressed in the academy uniform that consisted of a long-green skirt, a white schoolgirl sailor style uniform shirt with long sleeves trimmed in green and a green bow to match. She wore long black socks and brown shoes to complete her attire while on the bench sitting near her was her bokken wooden sword.

Instead of pigtails she had a child she allowed her long purple hair to hang free reaching down past her waist. She had grown quite tall for her age being just only slightly shorter than Lelouch.

It was almost the end of lunch and after finishing her meal the young woman was reading a book quietly to herself before going to her next class. As she read her book a strange feeling came to her as she began thinking about Lelouch. The young man she met as a child due to the fact that Kyoshiro Tohdoh who was staying on the Kururugi Grounds acting as a martial arts instructor to Suzaku was looking after Saeko while her father was away having been called back into active duty with the military. In fact she was actually going to the shrine to meet up with Tohdoh when she ran into Lelouch. Thanks to that it was easy for Saeko to hang out with Lelouch and Suzaku while Nunnally was delighted to have another girl to play with.

When the war came and Japan became Area 11, although contact with Suzaku was lost but after seven years later Saeko and Lelouch remained in contact with one another despite having lost touch with Suzaku. In fact it was easier keeping in touch with Saeko than it would have been with Suzaku considering his status as the son of the late Prime Minister. Lately the young woman had been worried for Lelouch, because ever since the last time they saw each other it was just a little under five months ago.

(Five Months Ago)

Following the first public reveal of Zero the man who had been accused of Clovis's murder was set free and yet through a surprising chain of events ended up as a student of Ashford Academy. Suzaku Kururugi much to the surpise of his old childhood friend Lelouch was now attending the same school as he was which was equally surprisingly to the brown-haired boy as well. As a special surpise Suzaku invited over to dinner but he wasn't the only guest he intended to surpise Nunnally with as Saeko was asked to come by for dinner as well too…a special reunion dinner as it were.

A young Japanese maid of twenty four years old was wearing the traditional grab of a maid complete with the white hat and apron. She had short black-hair with brown eyes and a fair skin complexion while before her she was pushing a fourteen year old girl with long sandy curly brown hair that reached down to her waist. Her eyes was closed rendering her blinded to a terrible event in her childhood with her blindness being a result of the trauma she suffered. She was wearing the Ashford Academy Middle-School uniform that consisted of a pink dress and white collar shirt combination uniform with a red tie. She had black shoes with almost-knee high dark pink socks.

"Hi Lelouch I have returned home," Nunnally vi Britannia or rather Nunnally Lamperouge greeted happily as Sayoko Shinozaki wheeled the girl into the dining room.

"Welcome back Miss Sayoko…Nunnally I have a special surpise for you." Lelouch said as he rose up from behind the chair where he had been sitting at the table.

"Really what could it be?"

Lelouch smiled before brining a finger up to his lips gesturing for Sayoko to be quiet. A moment later Lelouch gestured for Suzaku to step out from the corner he had been hiding behind as the brown-haired boy who was a little shorter than Lelouch looked upon Nunnally with nervous green eyes. Without a word Suzaku approached Nunnally's side, but after a nod from Lelouch the young man knelt before her taking her right hand. Nunnally was surprised as the hand wasn't that of her brother, but yet somehow recognized it as someone she had last known seven years ago. Nunnally touched the top of his hand with her left hand.

"This hand," Nunnally began before tears fell from her eyes. "Thank heaven I knew you would be alright."

"It's been a long time Nunnally," Suzaku Kururugi said as Nunnally shed tears of joy.

"Of course that's not all I thought someone else should be here for this occasion," Lelouch said with a smile as that was the signal for Saeko to step out from another room surprising Suzaku as the purple hair and the blue eyes were almost instant giveaways. She was dressed in her Fujimi Academy uniform, but she put her hand on Nunnally's shoulder.

"This wouldn't be a proper reunion without me right," Saeko said with a smile.

"Saeko…you're here too!"

"Of course…your brother told me Suzaku-kun was going to be here tonight so how could I not come."

Lelouch smiled at his sister seeing the smile and the tears. This was without doubt the happiest he had seen his sister in a long time. This was a reunion of close friends as Suzaku and Saeko were the only people he could express his true self where to the students of Ashford Academy Lelouch had to wear the mask of the sociable, likeable, and often easy going student. Being with Saeko and Suzaku he could drop the mask…slightly in the case of Suzaku through, but Lelouch felt free in a sense.

Although unaware to both of them including Nunnally the young man was able to cast off his mask completely while ironically donning a physical mask to remove the false mask he wore daily.

The evening went on uneventfully with the four friends catching back-up, but as the evening rolled down to the conclusion Nunnally turned to Suzaku who sat on the left side of the table by Nunnally while Lelouch sat across from him with Saeko sitting to Lelouch's left.

"So tell me you will stay the night won't you," Nunnally asked before Lelouch answered.

"Suzaku is enrolled as a student at Ashford Academy now so you can see him anytime you want."

"Is that true," Nunnally asked hopefully.

"Well I still have military duties, so I can't be here every day," Suzaku answered while Nunnally was saddened and worried by this.

"Oh you are still in the military?"

"Don't worry I have been reassigned to the engineering corps it's a lot less dangerous," Suzaku replied referring to his transfer to the Advance Special Envoy Engineering Corps where he was the pilot of the prototype seventh generation Knightmare Frame the Z-01 Lancelot.

"Oh cool engineering huh," Lelouch commented.

"Sounds like a safer job," Saeko said in agreement.

Lelouch suddenly got up to take care of the empty tea pot, but seeing this Suzaku began to get up.

"Oh let me help you," Suzaku began but Lelouch stopped him.

"You just sit down…unlike seven years ago we get to be your hosts now."Suzaku smiled before Lelouch commented. "It's funny you are more mellow than you used to be."

"And you are a bit rougher than you used to be."

Lelouch laughed slightly adding. "I suppose."

As Lelouch walked off into the kitchen Saeko smiled at the scene before commenting.

"I think you two despite how old you have gotten are still the same people you just merely matured with age."

"I guess you have a point Saeko, the three of us are almost adults now."

"I like to think we still have a long way to go," Saeko replied with a smile.

"Speaking of which how have you and Lelouch been," Suzaku inquired.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you guys seem close so," Suzaku began as Saeko realized what the young man was trying to ask her. A light blush appeared on her face before she giggled a bit giving a response.

"We are not serious if that is what you mean?"

"Oh no nothing like," Suzaku said trying to be polite while at the same time not giving Nunnally the wrong idea who was sitting more or less between them.

"It's alright I understand. Really through all I want is to be useful. As a daughter of the Busujima family, I intend to be true to my word."

"So you are keeping the promise you made," Nunnally asked.

"Of course," The purple-haired woman replied.

"But do you, uh, love Lelouch? If you don't mind me asking," Nunnally asked feeling a little embarrassed asking such a question while Suzaku was equally as curious.

"Then let me ask you a question. Do you know how it feels, to finally find someone worthy to serve and follow, being of samurai lineage? Like if all your life beforehand was meaningless, merely a pathway to this moment and the future. If he seeks to use me as a blade or a lover, I shall be glad, because it's the one that I chose to follow and serve of my own heart and soul," Saeko said as Suzaku wasn't exactly sure how to respond to that.

"That's deep Saeko," Nunnally replied.

"I apologize if I sounded a little too personal Nunnally-chan."

"No its okay I am glad my brother has someone like you looking out for him…thank you," Nunnally said with a kind smile.

(Present Day)

Saeko was brought out of her thoughts as a hand rested on her left shoulder. Turning her head she saw probably the last person she expected. Lelouch was standing right there behind her for the first time in five months the two friends were face to face again.

"Saeko…is there somewhere we could talk in private?"

"Sure Lelouch-sama, but why are you here?"

"I'll explain," Lelouch said as his voice held a hint of hesitation.

Saeko led Lelouch to an empty classroom on the first floor and no one was expected to use it until later that day giving the two a private location to have their discussion while Saeko was curious about why Lelouch would travel all the way to Fujimi Academy just to see her and to have a private discussion. For Lelouch to ask for a place to speak privately Saeko knew it had to be serious.

"Is something wrong," Saeko asked.

Lelouch was quiet before answering.

"Nothing serious, but I am facing a problem."

"Go on," Saeko asked as Lelouch took his breath before he began.

"Saeko I am involved with something considerable and more of my time has been occupied, but there is no easy way to say this but I need your help."

Saeko eyed Lelouch suspiciously before saying.

"Is it because you're Zero?"

Lelouch was taken aback by her words, but the young man knew he was going to have to tell her sooner or later in order for Saeko to better grasp the situation he was in. But that secret was merely the tip of the iceberg for other secrets he was now likely to reveal.

"How long did you know," Lelouch said making no attempt to hide it, but he was curious to how she figured it out. The only other person so far who figured it out was Euphemia when they were both stranded on Kaminejima Island after the disaster of a mission in which Lelouch as Zero tried for one final time to recruit Suzaku while having him abandon his position as Euphemia's Knight.

The mission failed due to Britannia's willingness to sacrifice Suzaku who was quick to take Zero captive to hold him until the strike destroyed them both, but it failed due to the surprising appearance the new Britannian Prototype aerial battleship the BBAF-1001 Avalon that nearly wiped out the Black Knights forces on the island. However Tohdoh acting as the new field commander and head of military operations for the Black Knights managed to salvage the situation while Zero after being stranded on Kaminejima Island for the night pulled off a stunning heist by hijacking the prototype IFX-V301 Gawain which had both experimental weapons and a portable version of the technology that allowed the Avalon to achieve flight.

"I didn't know for sure until now?"

Lelouch laughed mockingly at himself.

"You're the second person to deduce I was Zero and here I thought I was doing a good job hiding my identity. I even wore heeled boots to look taller too."

"I think that is just it you were trying to mask who you are, but there are just some things you can't hide. I am sorry Lelouch, but there were just some things Zero did that had me suspect it was you, because you're the only one I can think of who has both an intense hate for Britannia and would be intelligent enough to pull off what Zero has done not to mention you would have a damn good reason to hide behind a mask."

Her response surprised him, but it was closer along the lines what Euphemia told him when he asked her how he figured out he was Zero.

"Because you were trying to disguise you are now, right? I don't know that part of you. I just remembered how you used to be. It's obvious you would be taller and you have changed in other ways as well right?"

Even now Euphemia's words still surprised Lelouch, although he was a little uneasy with the Sub-Viceroy being aware of his identity still he knew Euphemia wouldn't tell Cornelia since judging from her response when Lelouch inquired about it she likely feared Lelouch would end up killed. Still Euphemia and Saeko were right. His disguise as Zero was meant to distinguish himself from who he was now and to deceive the people around him. It meant nothing to Euphemia and Saeko, although Euphemia knew him from childhood only. But either Euphemia like Saeko had great instincts or her potent memories of him allowed her to see through the mask while Cornelia remained in the dark. Lelouch conclude that Saeko having known him for seven years probably had more to work with in deducing his identity than Euphemia did.

"So who was the second person who figured out that you were Zero," Saeko asked suddenly.

"It was my sister the Sub-Viceroy, Euphemia."

"I see," Saeko replied before smiling putting on hand on Lelouch's shoulder. "Don't feel bad Lelouch-sama we women just have good intuition."

Lelouch chuckled bitterly to himself.

"I think I should have spent more time on my disguise."

"Maybe, but…if you are Zero I am willing to bet you are here about Nunnally aren't you?"

"Yes I am," Lelouch began taking a deep breath. "As you already guessed with the Black Knights growing in numbers and strength soon I'll need to dedicate my time as Zero more meaning I won't be able to stay by Nunnally's side. I can't involve her in Zero's world not because Nunnally would approve of my actions but rather I don't want her getting dragged down with me if I get captured or worse."

"I doubt you'll lose," Saeko said confident of Lelouch's abilities.

"I appreciate that Saeko, but I would be a fool not to consider the worse-case scenario. In fact there was already one time when I almost got captured by Cornelia," Lelouch said referring to the incident in the Saitama Ghetto where Lelouch first engaged Cornelia in battle after using the media to entice Lelouch as Zero to appear. At first Cornelia recreated conditions as they were in Shinjuku Ghetto to draw him out and lure him into a state of overconfidence. A tactic that nearly worked as Lelouch's plans fell apart also due to the dissimilar goals he and the local resistance group he enlisted not to mention crumbling moral was a factor too.

Lelouch himself who had commandeered a Knightmare Frame blended in with retreating troops hoping to sneak onto the G-1 mobile base Cornelia was in to get to her, but Cornelia also considered that possibility and ordered all pilots to leave their machines for a line-up. Lelouch would have been caught had it not been for the timely intervention of his accomplice who arrived wearing the suit and mask to create a diversion for Lelouch to escape.

That was too close and since then Lelouch took care to avoid another situation like that again.

"Something else happened," Saeko realizing that wasn't it.

"Yeah, but this time it wasn't as Zero…an old acquaintance of my accomplice came for her and held Nunnally hostage to get back at me," Lelouch said remembering the incident with Mao who had a supernatural power he possessed but his made him especially dangerous to Lelouch. It was thanks to Suzaku that Nunnally was saved and Mao was dealt with. "But it only drove the fact home that I need someone who can be by Nunnally's side in my place. I had hoped I could convince Suzaku to do that since he was already attending Ashford Academy, but you already know why he can't."

"Yeah he's Euphemia's Knight and after their conversation during that happened in Kyushu there is no way I can get him to leave Euphemia's side now."

"I see so I am your next choice."

"Yes I apologize for being upfront about it like this, but," Lelouch began but Saeko interrupted him.

"I am only upset that you didn't ask me to join your little group," Saeko teased before adding. "But we both know Nunnally is important to you and trust me when I say I am growing a little tired of this school. So I'll keep Nunnally safe for you."

Lelouch let out a heavy sigh, but it wasn't out of being thankful that his discussion with Saeko had gone well with her agreeing to be Nunnally's protector. But it was because Nunnally had someone Lelouch trusted to look out for her while he was away rebuilding the world for her sake. Ever since the incident with Mao the former prince had been deeply concerned for the well being of his younger sister almost to the point he didn't want to leave her side, but now he had at last tended to that problem.

"Thank you Saeko…"

"I told you a long time ago I would be useful and I will be true to that word."

"I am glad, but I'll go over my plan for getting you into Ashford Academy. With Milly's support I should be able to take care of relations with the students easy enough while having a kendo instructor like you should be able to get in easy I can also take steps to ensure administration is convinced to allow your transfer."

"You sound to have it all planned out."

"I do, but before I even start up anything I wanted to speak with you first."

"I understand," Saeko replied but outside the building unknown to the duo was that something terrible was currently happening and sweeping across the world at such speed that just about everyone didn't have enough time to react against it.

At the main gate where Lelouch had entered from not too long ago a strange man was acting very strangely. He was a Japanese man in a black business suit with a red tie, but clearly there was something terribly wrong with the man as he had a pale grey coloration instead of a normal health skin tone. His face was seemingly without any emotion a blank slate with rolled up eyes and tight pupils including his tongue moving erratically. This got the attention of the teachers with Teshima followed by an older teacher armed with a pole while accompanying him was a female teacher.

The woman was about thirty years of age with reddish-brown hair styled into a loose ponytail with long strands hanging down in front of each ear. Light brown with glasses over them wearing a white jacket and skirt with a red shirt and red high-heels.

Kyoko Hayashi was a teacher at the school and the ping pong club's adviser, but as Teshima was acting more aggressive Kyoko was a little concerned yet she adjusted her glasses and addressed the man.

"Who are you? Stop this at once or I'll call the police!"

"Now now Hayashi-sensei there is no need to raise your voice," Teshima said rolling up his left sleeve. "I'll get him!"

Teshima grabbed the man slamming him against the gate.

"Now look here!"

"Hold on Teshima-sensei, don't use force," Kyoko called out worried the man might take things too far.

"Yeah, but this guy is strong."

But following Teshima slamming the man against the gate something fell from the man's mouth that Kyoto noticed.

They were human fingers.


As Kyoko panicked the man on the other gate wiggled part of his body through biting Teshima's exposed left arm. At that point everyone panicked while the whole scene was being observed from the rooftop of the school by a young seventeen year old man. Teshima fell back onto the ground bleeding as the man on the other side of the gate took a big bite out of his arm with the Physical Education teacher's arm bleeding profusely.


"Get the police and an ambulance too," Another teacher shouted.

"Teshima-sensei please hold on," Kyoto begged.

"It's no good the bleeding won't stop," An older teacher reported before the man suddenly died. "He's…he's dead…"

"It can't be," Kyoto said as she started to cry.

Suddenly to the shock of the teachers Teshima came back to life as his eyes and skin began to take on the appearance of those of the man behind the gate.

"Teshima…Teshima are you ok," Kyoto said as Teshima began to get up. "Oh thank god."

Unfortunately what she failed to realize was the Teshima was dead and what was grabbing her to sink its teeth into its neck was no longer human. The young man on the roof witnessed the whole thing and he reacted quickly by running off heading downstairs.

Meanwhile Lelouch and Saeko were starting to notice something was amiss as their meeting ended Lelouch the former prince began trying to call the academy but found that that circuits were busy.

"Something wrong," Saeko asked noticing an expression of mixed concern and confusion.

"I am not sure I just tried to call the academy and it says all lines are busy that never happened before."

"Attention all students and staff…I repeat attention all students and staff a violent outbreak has taken place on school grounds," An overhead announcement said that was being heard throughout the school. "All students are instructed to follow staff to safety I repeat," The announcer went on to say, but suddenly a scream was heard along with some unsettling noises from something that wasn't human. "Please stay back, help someone save…someone save me!"

With a final scream the announcer was dead, but that was more than enough to ignite a school wide panic.

"Are they serious," Lelouch said but soon the sound of his inner thoughts was drowned out by the sound of panicked students stampeding through the school.

"If there is an outbreak attempting to leave the school right now would be too dangerous."

"I agree especially with a stampede of students happening," Lelouch said as his mind began working. "Leaving on foot in any event is too dangerous we'll need a mode of transportation. Does this school have buses?"

"Yes they have mini-buses parked in the parking lot, but the keys are in the teacher's lounge," Saeko answered.

"Then we'll need to make our way there, but we'll need to wait for the stampede to settle before we try to leave," Lelouch said as heard the sound of students rushing by outside.

"You have a weapon I assume right?"

"Of course," Lelouch replied with a smirk opening up his jacket revealing a handgun in a holster he had concealed within his jacket.

The panic screaming and shouting that lasted for what seemed to be forever before finally dying down after almost ten minutes. With no one outside Lelouch with Saeko taking point cautiously exited the empty classroom they were hiding in. Lelouch was ready to draw his gun, but yet something felt wrong. He saw blood on the ground and one or two students that got trampled to death. He couldn't explain it, but he felt the hairs on the back of his neck go up and Lelouch drew his gun making sure the clip was full and the safety was off before attaching a silencer to it he had in his coat pocket having one on hand in the event he needed to use the gun but didn't want to alert anyone to his use of it.

Lelouch calmly scanned the area while trying to figure out just what kind of illness could cause such a violent outbreak as the announcer claimed. It seemed that Lelouch's fears became well founded when he and Saeko came across a pair of girls running towards them. One of them was female student with brown hair tied in a pigtail and is slightly combed in the front dressed in the standard female academy uniform. Running next to her was another female student, but only she had black hair which is tied in a white bun.

Misuzu Ichijou and Toshimi Niki hurried towards Lelouch but ended up stopping when Saeko gestured for them to hold it.

"You guys got to run they are coming," A panicked Misuzu said.

"Who are coming," Saeko asked while a collection of groaning was heard from the direction the girls had been becoming from.

"Them," Toshimi answered pointing at the group of student totaling at about six, but like the man at the gate had been their skin had taken on a gray coloration and their eyes had become rolled up.

"What the hell," Lelouch asked as he was baffled by this development.

Saeko didn't hesitate and crushed the skull of the first undead student that approached before Lelouch drew his gun and shot the oncoming undead students giving Saeko some cover fire as she swiftly delivered another skull breaking blow to the head of another undead teen. It wasn't long before Saeko and Lelouch's efforts made short work of them much to the relief of the two female students.

"Thanks, so are you guys looking to escape the school too," Toshimi asked.

"We are, but we're going to take one of the mini-buses so we can plow through them if need be if the outbreak is worse outside the school," Lelouch replied.

"Yeah we saw some the second floor window a lot of students getting attacked so we were hoping to take cover in the dorms or something." Misuzu explained.

"You two should stick with us…if that is alright with you Lelouch-sama," Saeko asked while Lelouch saw no reason to object since if the outbreak was causing students to turn into mindless creatures then having some extra hands might be a good idea.

"Does anyone know anything about this outbreak?"

Lelouch after asking his question saw Misuzu shake her head while Toshimi's expression was a sure sign that she was just as clueless as her friend was.

"By the way I am Toshimi Niki and this is my best friend Misuzu Ichijou," Toshimi said introducing herself and her friend to Lelouch and Saeko.

"I am Saeko Busujima from third-year class A and this is Lelouch a friend," Saeko while Toshimi and Misuzu were a little nervous about a Britannian but Lelouch eased their worries.

"Don't worry I mean you no harm…I want to survive this as much as you two do, so if we work together we can survive."

"Don't worry he's a good man despite his faults."

"Ok," Misuzu said before a loud noise got their attention, which was the sound of glass shattering and someone screaming.

"That came from the nurse's office," Toshimi pointed out.

Saeko hurried ahead with the others following them as the purple-haired woman opened the door to the nurse's office to see another student being attacked by two students who had become zombies while another pair were advancing on a very tall buxom woman, with ridiculous curves in her late twenties wearing a white coat with a black skirt and high heels on wearing a white dress shirt. She also had long mid-black length blonde hair and hazel eyes with white gloves on.

Saeko swiftly dealt with the undead students before surveying the situation while taking note of the wounded student on the ground who was barely alive while the blonde haired school nurse was unharmed.

"I am captain of the Kendo Club, Saeko Busujima, second year what is your name?"

"Kazu Ishii," the student said weakly as it was obvious he wasn't going to last much longer.

"Kazu-kun you protected Marikawa-sensei well I salute your courage," Saeko said as Shizuka Marikawa was gathering up medical supplies into a bag preparing to leave.

"Thank you, but I need a favor."

"What is it?"

"Please kill me," The man said weakly as his request surprised Saeko including Lelouch, but the former prince was already deducing the reason behind it taking into account the mindless state of the students Saeko had killed. "I don't think you guys know, but if anyone infected bites you…"

"I see," The purple haired woman replied instantly understanding the situation coming to the same conclusion as Lelouch did moments ago. "You don't want your family and friends to see you like that right? I haven't killed anyone before, but I can help you."


"I think you two shouldn't watch this," Lelouch said cautioning Misuzu and Toshimi.

"Huh…wait," Shizuka said trying to intervene.

Saeko stopped her with a gesture.

"You may be the nurse, but I'll have to ask you not to interfere," Saeko said before raising her wooden sword preparing for a killing strike. "Protecting a man's pride is a woman's duty."

With that Saeko brought her wooden blade down killing Kazu instantly.

"Getting bitten by these infected is a death sentence, which is how this outbreak is spreading so quickly. But if it's spreading here so fast then…"

Lelouch thought before realizing the dangerous implications of this outbreak just wondering just how fast it's spreading.

"We better go," Saeko said after a moment of silence.

"Right," Lelouch replied bring brought of his thoughts.

"You can worry about the details later your priority is survival."

Leaving the nurse's office the group began making their way up the stairs heading for the teacher's lounge to get the keys for the mini-bus in order to escape the school. Passing the windows Lelouch just saw how bad the outbreak truly was as the entire grounds of the academy seemed to have those zombie-like creatures having just about overrun the school.

"Has the whole city been consumed, but what about Area 11?"

Lelouch was brought out his thoughts again by the sound of Shizuka tripping and falling to the ground just after Saeko killed another zombie. The young man was already questioning just how Shizuka became a nurse here.

"What else can go wrong today," Shizuka wailed.

"Your attire isn't meant for running," Saeko said pointing out the obvious before ripping the sides of Shizuka's skirt to help her run a little better.

"Awwww this is Prada!"

"Brand-name clothing or your life, which do you value?"

"BOTH," Shizuka replied while Lelouch said nothing but was impressed by how well Saeko was handling the situation.

"The staff lounge should be ahead right," Lelouch asked.

"Yes…let's keep going."

Heading to the source of the scream group soon arrived on a pair of students who likely a similar escape plan in mind, but they had at least a number of zombified students and a few teachers advancing upon them. The first was a slender young woman standing at 5'0, sixteen years of age, with long pink hair styled into two pony tails on the side of her head and fierce orange eyes wearing of course the standard female uniform of the academy students. Her companion, a bit overweight, about her age standing at 5'1 with shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes wearing black rimmed glasses dressed in the male black school uniform.

As the zombies were coming at them the young man was trying to reload a nail-gun he had converted into a weapon. Unfortunately the gun ran out leaving the two open to attack, but the pink-haired girl just as she was concerned by an undead teacher drew an electric drill from a bag on the ground before ramming it into the head of the approaching zombie holding it back while splattering blood all over. At that moment two more students, one of them a boy and the other a girl armed with close quarter weapons consisting of a bat and a mop handle fashioned into a spear.

The boy was about the same age as Lelouch as was the girl. The young man standing at an average 5'6 had brown eyes and short spiky black hair wearing the same school uniform as other boys, but his coat was open revealing a red T-shirt with jeans. The seventeen year old girl standing a little shorter than her male companion at 5'3 with long, light-brownish hair, reddish-brown eyes and a slender figure dressed in the typical school uniform of Fujimi Academy with thigh-high black socks.

Lelouch and Saeko exchanged glances with Takashi Komuro and Rei Miyamoto.

"We'll take the right side can you two handle the left," Lelouch asked readying his handgun.

"Sure, Rei hold back the left," Takashi replied as he joined Saeko as the two charged the undead ahead of them.

Lelouch picked off a few while Takashi and Saeko made quick work of the rest of them using blows to the head to take them out.

"Takagi-san," Rei said running over to the pink-haired girl as Saya Takagi was left badly shaken from the ordeal having to kill one of them with a power drill while dangerously close to death.

"Miyamoto," Saya said weakly.

"You ok," Rei asked as Shizuka went to see if she had been injured or worse bitten, but thankfully other than being covered in blood the young woman was unharmed.

"It's clear," Lelouch said not seeing any of Them coming as Misuzu and Toshimi joined the group.

"I assume you know Nurse Marikawa, I am Saeko Busujima, third-year from class A," Saeko said.

"Takashi Komuro, Class 2-B," Takashi replied while Rei recognized Saeko.

"You're Busujima-sempai, who won the Kendo Tournament last year. I am Rei Miyamoto from the Spear Club."

"Ah…uh…I am Kohta Hirano from C-Class B."

"Nice to meet you all," Saeko said with a smile.

"What's everyone getting slacked jawed over," Saya said as she began to stand up recovering from the shock of experienced moments ago of killing a zombie.

"What are you talking about Takagi," Takashi asked, but that only caused Saya's temper to flare.

"DON'T MOCK ME I'M A GENUIS," Saya snapped. "If I wanted to, I would never let anyone beat me."

"Damn it her screaming might attract more of them," Lelouch thought realizing an intervention was needed but Saeko beat him to it.

"It's okay now, so just stop it already ok," Saeko said turning Saya towards a mirror wall allowing the pink-haired woman to realize she was covered in blood. Her tempter died down and the girl's voice became shaky.

"Awww…uh…I got so dirty…I'll have to ask my mom to take this to the cleaners…uh," Saya said before she finally broke down into tears with Saeko catching her holding her as she cried.

Moments later everyone went into the lounge and wasted no time barricading the doors with tables, small cabinets that weren't bolted down, boxes and anything else they could move. Lelouch assisted them in blocking off the doors giving the group save heaven for now. Toshimi, Misuzu, Saeko, Rei and Shizuka were seated at the tables resting from recent events while Saya was cleaning herself up at a sink trying to get all of the blood off of her and her clothes.

"That will do," Lelouch said breathing heavily.

"Everyone is out of breath," Kohta replied as he was tried out from moving so much stuff around.

"I think we should rest here for a bit," Takashi suggested with no one voicing any objections. "By the way who are you?"

"Oh I am Lelouch Lamperouge a visitor seeing Saeko," Lelouch replied honesty after all he didn't need to give them the details of the exact reason for his visit.

"It's alright Takashi-kun he's ok," Saeko said worried there might be some trouble because Lelouch is Britannian.

"If you're friends then I guess that's ok, but I am surprised you are carrying a gun."

"Well this isn't exactly a Britannian-friendly neighborhood."

"I guess you have a point," Takashi replied aware of relations between Britannians and Japanese in this part of Japan while not exactly friendly but a Britannian or two have sometimes been found dead or beaten up pretty bad in some cases.

"But how did you manage that suppressor? That's illegal to have if you are not with the military. Even if you are a Britannian," Kohta asked.

"I wouldn't worry about that especially now. It's only illegal if you get caught. Besides these things seem attached to sound," Lelouch noted while hoping no one would question him further.

"Yeah I guess you're right and Takagi-san thought the same thing about them," Kohta said before remembering the girl deciding to check on her leaving Lelouch alone while the man was glad no one would ask him about the suppressor any further.

"That problem solved itself…"

"Uh…Takagi-san are you alright," Kohta asked timidly as he went over to check on Saya who had finished cleaning herself up, but she was removing her contacts and switching over to a pair of glasses. "Huh…glasses?"

"My contacts keep slipping out," The pink-haired woman snapped.

"Miss Marikawa wasn't it…where are the keys for the mini-bus," Lelouch asked.

"They are on the wall rack over there," Shizuka replied before asking. "A bus is fine and all, but where to?"

"We'll check to make sure all of our families are safe then we'll go somewhere safe," Takashi replied, but after Lelouch grabbed the keys he saw a remote on a table near the rack and then eyed a Television set mounted on the wall near the ceiling in another part of the room. Picking up the remote Lelouch turned on the television set changing the channel to the news to get some information on this outbreak. He needed to know just how bad the situation was.

The situation was of apocalyptic proportions.

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