"Welcome! Welcome!," Effie Trinket says excitedly, "The time has come to select one young man and woman to die a terrible, horrible, bloody death in this year's annul Hunger Games!"

Her voice echoes out into the crowd. I swear, I hear a few of the kids in the crowd around me cry. I guess that's what happens when you tell people the truth. No use sugar-coating everything.

"Okay, ladies first!" Effie giggles. She waddles over to one of the giant bowls and carefully examines it. She walks around it twice to get a good look at the whole thing, studying every card in the bowl throw the glass like a kid at a candy store. Then she smiles, raises one figure in the air like she has discovered something, and pulls a name out. She walks up to the microphone and opens the card, "Primrose Evergreen."

"Everdeen!" I yell. Gosh, I hate when people mess up my last name. It's Everdeen, not Evergreen, not Neverseen, not Foreverdeen. It's EVERDEEN people, get it right.

My next thought is poor Prim. Now she has to go die. What a shame. But on the bright side, I can have all of her stuff.

Everyone around Prim and I have stepped away. Oh I hope Prim didn't fart, how embarrassing. I bet everyone will think it was me because Prim is "oh so perfect".

I try to get my mind off of that right now, "Wow Prim, that sucks. I mean, you're going to die." Good, now Prim can't point her figure at me for her secret farting problem.

"Katniss, you have to volunteer." Prim says, tears in her eyes. She puts her hands together as if praying and gives me those puppy eyes.

"Look, Prim, if I don't volunteer, I look like a jerk. You have to run up there before I get the chance. If you can just do that, I'll do the dishes for a month." I promise her, putting out my pinkie figure for a pinkie promise. But she just stares at me angrily. I hate being the oldest, "FINE!" I groan throwing my hands up and walking towards the stage, "I volunteer."

Effie seems so excited she can hardly speak. I guess Capital people love volunteers, "Oh my! Oh my! I thought there would never be a volunteer in this awful district. I thought you were all a bunch of cry babies, but now! Oh gosh, you have brought back my joy of forcing kids to go to the Capital and kill each other. You have made my life!" she raves, "Oh, silly me, what's your name?" she asks, holding out the microphone.

"Katniss EverDEEN." I say, stressing the deen so they know. Hopefully they won't forget.

"Let's hear it for Katniss Evergreen!" Effie says. She holds up my hand, expecting everyone to cheer. But only Prim claps excitedly.

"I'm gonna take your room!" she yells.

I roll my eyes. Oh Prim, trying to stay strong. I know right now she is trying to cover up the fact she is extremely thankful for me saving her life and secretly wants to cry.

"Okay, now for the boys!" Effie exclaims. She repeats the same process with this bowl as she did for the girls' bowl. She opens it at the microphone and announces, "Peeta Mellark!"

Oh so she can read Peeta Mellark but not Katniss Everdeen. Life is so unfair. Who cursed me to have a name no one can read or forgets. Why can't I have a name like Madge Underwear? Wait... I'm pretty sure it's Understone. You know what, forget it, no one likes her anyway.

Peeta stands in the crowd frozen. He looks like a deer I once kill, yum... he was tasty. But I wouldn't eat Peeta. Well, I might, but I'll wait for the games for that.

Peeta is there for five minutes until two peacekeepers go over to take him up to the stage. As soon as the touch him, he begins screaming for all he is worth. He twist his body around and tries to free his arms.

"No! Please someone volunteer! I have so much bread to bake!" He cries, desperately looking at the crowd. One of his brothers steps forward and opens his mouth, as if to say something, but then steps back. This just makes Peeta scream more. What a baby.

He gets up on stage sobbing. Effie is smiling like it's Christmas morning. And my face is stone cold. What a group we make.

"District Twelve, your offering to the gods!" Effie says in this creepy deep voice. It kind of sounds like a movie I saw about a girl who's body had been taken over by an evil spirit. Peeta and I look at her in a way of horror. Effie shakes her head and looks around like she has no idea what is going on. Then she smiles and laughs, "Just kidding! Your tributes!"

Effie makes up shake hands. It's really awkward because Peeta is sweating bullets and if you have ever shaked hands with someone one with sweaty hands, it's not fun. AT ALL.

I try to pull away, but Peeta won't let go of my hand. I keep desperately trying to get him to release his grip, but he won't. I end up kicking him really hard in the shin, but because I have terrible coordination, I miss and kick him in the stomach.

He begins crying hysterically and hugs Effie. She smiles awkwardly and pats him on the back to calm him down. But I think it's mostly to get him to let go of her.