Author's Note: So after last night's episode I have a lot of feelings! Someone asked for a prequel to Occasions, namely how Bo and Tamsin found themselves in those situations. This chapter will hopefully give you that. I'm hoping to continue it with a few additional chapters that I've thought up regarding everything Tamsin's got going on. I really hate writing stories that take place in the future since all my hopes and dreams could be dashed by the next episode, but I'd rather give this a go now before I get let down by whatever they decide is canon. This starts at the end of 3x10, and is the beginning of Occasions. If I can move the chapter order around, I will.

Disclaimer: I still don't own Lost Girl.

Bo boxes up the last few bits of Lauren's things, pouring over the few DVDs the doctor had left. She wonders if Kenzi would be up to dropping the box off for her. She doesn't think she can handle seeing Lauren again so soon. This afternoon had been one of the hardest conversations they had ever had, and Bo wasn't sure she'd be able to pull off a tear-free encounter with the doctor so soon.

Knock, knock, knock. Three sharp raps on the door tear her attention away from the small box and she hesitantly turns to answer it. Her strides to the door are fast, her heels clicking with each step. She unlocks the door, pulling it open and almost laughing when she sees who's standing behind it.

"Unless you're Kenzi or a pint of tequila-spiked ice cream, please fae off," she says, leaving the valkyrie to let herself in. Tamsin is as beautiful as ever, wearing a bright red tank top that hugs her torso. If Bo wasn't in such a foul mood, she might've considered staring.

Tamsin pauses in the hallway, leaning against a support beam. She nods towards the box on the table that Bo has returned to. "That is a sad, sad little box."

The valkyrie comes and sits next to her, looking up at her as she continues piling more stuff into the too-small box. Bo wonders vaguely if Lauren is doing the same thing in her own apartment.

"Yeah, well. It's some stuff that Lauren left here. Can't say we're not having problems, but we will work through it. I will fix this," Bo replies. She pauses as she folds a shirt of Lauren's and presses it into the box. She pushes back the urge to keep the blouse, knowing that in a few days she would be aching for Lauren's scent.

"If that's what you want," Tamsin replies. If Bo had been paying attention, she would've noticed the way the blonde's eyes softened and the way her mouth pulled into a slight frown as she spoke. "You bet."

Bo looks over at the other woman. "Think it would be okay if I kept it for just a little while longer?"

"I think she'd be good with that," Tamsin replies, her voice lower. It's crushing her to see Bo like this, even more so knowing that she was the cause.

"Yeah," Bo says with a nod, her eyes focused on the box. What if she couldn't fix things? What if the contents of this box were the only indicators she'd have left of Lauren ever having been a part of her life?

Tamsin impulsively rises up to wrap her in an awkward, sideways hug. She's never really been the hugging type, a fact that she's painfully reminded of as she wraps her arms around the succubus for the first time. "I'm so, so sorry."

"I didn't figure you valkyries for the sentimental type," Bo replies as they pull apart. The warmth of Tamsin's fingers still lingers on her arms, and even though it's not Lauren, it soothes her a bit. "I'm about to get ragingly drunk. Would you like some wine?"

"Yeah," Tamsin says with a nod. She's still as Bo pours them each a glass of wine. The small bottle in her back pocket pressing against her jeans is an uncomfortable reminder of the task she came here to do. Tamsin forces all thoughts of the rune glass out of her head as Bo turns and hands her some wine.

"To…something," Bo says resignedly, tilting her glass towards Tamsin's in a toast of sorts.

Again Tamsin's mouth pulls into a frown as she clicks her glass with Bo's. She thinks back to the last time they had been in this position, drinking in Lauren's apartment while the doctor was out. After their kiss in Brazenwood. She pushes the thought from her head. Bo doesn't need you acting like some lovesick puppy right now, she reminds herself. "To something."

They drain the contents of their glasses in silence, and Tamsin rises to refill them. Bo gently grabs her wrist, and Tamsin instinctively turns, her body suddenly on the defensive. Bo holds her wrist between her fingers for a few moments before speaking. "I don't know what made you come here tonight, but thank you. I know I'm kind of a mess right now and this can't be any fun for you—"

Tamsin leans down and cuts her off with a tight kiss to the mouth, taking Bo's wrists in her hands. Bo kisses her back and pulls her hands up to rest on the blonde's hips. It ends just as quickly as it began, with Tamsin pulling back first, drawing her hand up to her mouth. Oh shit.

Bo is breathless and momentarily speechless. The kiss had awakened quite a few feelings inside of her, and it was impossible to make sense of them all at once. The most pressing and loudest of those thoughts was for more, and she follows it, standing up and pressing Tamsin's hips against the counter. This kiss is different, hungrier, more raw. Bo isn't sure what she's hoping to gain from it, but she also isn't sure that she cares right now as she pulls the valkyrie up to her bed.