Occasions: Chapter 4

Author's Note: You guys are so cool. I love all of you. This chapter is the last one written prior to 3x11 airing, so if there are any significant changes to characters/relationships/situations in the next episode, they won't be reflected here. This chapter ends at the beginning of occasion #2 from the original piece.

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The walk back to her place is painful. Tamsin isn't sure if it's the blood loss causing her stomach to churn, or if it is something infinitely more insidious. She hopes it's the former. She knows the good doctor will no doubt be examining the rune glass and will be able to put two and two together soon. She estimates that she has seventy-two hours at most before an explanation is demanded from her.

As she turns the corner onto her street, she sees the burnt out husk of her truck. Though it brings her a twinge of sadness, she quickly reminds herself: that could've been you. And then she stops.

Why wasn't it you?

Tamsin vividly remembers holding the glass in her hands as it heated, expanded and exploded. She could recall every tiny pinprick of glass lodging itself in her skin. She remembers dropping whatever remained of the bottle, allowing the flames to spread to the cab of her truck. But she can't remember getting out. She doesn't remember anything between those moments of pain to the point where Dyson had found her, struggling to breathe in the brush.

And a light is on in her bedroom.

The valkyrie stares up at her building, racking her brain to try and remember when she had last been home. She couldn't remember. It had been at least two days, and even then she hadn't been upstairs. Damn it.

She has no weapons on her, save a small boot knife. She takes it out and palms it as she unlocks the front door. Flipping on a light, she finds the first floor exactly as she remembers it. Nothing is left on, nothing is out of place. Tamsin walks back into the kitchen and pauses. Resting on the countertop in the center of the kitchen is a single unfinished glass of red wine. The blonde steels her nerves, walking coolly into the kitchen to retrieve a larger knife from the block next to the stove.

All gone. Someone knows you too well.

Tamsin wonders briefly if whoever is here would allow her to leave. She's only a few feet from the door to her small backyard. If she could clear the door and make it out of the rear gate, it would take her maybe ten minutes to get back to the Dal if her body would cooperate. And if whoever it is would let her get that far.


The floorboards on the second floor creaked overhead, and Tamsin knew it was intentional. Whoever was upstairs was getting tired of waiting. She could play this a few ways. Option A, she could back herself into a corner down here and wait for whoever it was to come down. She'd have to keep her guard up until they decided to go on the offensive, and she wasn't sure she had the stamina for it at the moment.

Option B, she could go for the back door and try to make a run for it. Whoever was upstairs would be forced to either go through a window into the backyard and be caught out in the open, or down the stairwell towards the front door, which would give her about a minute's head start. Overall not a bad choice provided the adrenaline coursing through her veins won out over her nausea. She couldn't count on it.

And then Option C, her least favorite. Go upstairs. Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad. They hadn't given any indication that she was in danger, save taking away her only means of defense. They had even taken steps to let her know that she was not alone.

You're a big girl, Tams. Stop acting like a child.

Tamsin picks up the wine glass from the counter top, figuring she can either offer her guest a drink or use it as a quick distraction if she needs to get away. She moves slowly to the stairs, taking the time to intentionally let each board creak under her feet.

The light at the top of the stairs casts a soothing glow over the tiny hallway, though Tamsin feels anything but soothed. The door to her spare bedroom and guest bathroom are both open, not how she left them at all. She can see a sliver of light seeping through the crack under her bedroom door, and with a deep sigh, she reaches for the doorknob.

The valkyrie slams the door back dramatically, forcing herself to step into the room as the door connects with the wall behind it.

"It's about time. I was starting to think you had gone coward too, in addition to this whole traitor thing you've got going on."

Tamsin can't help but roll her eyes as she takes in the sight of the woman on her bed. She's mostly legs, with a mess of long, unruly black hair that splays out across Tamsin's white blankets. And she's a very familiar face. "He would send you, Eir. It's been a while."

The other valkyrie stands, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder. Tamsin hasn't seen her in more than a decade, though they had been inseparable as children. One could even have called them best friends, if valkyries had such things.

"I don't get a thank you?" Eir asks, turning her gray eyes towards Tamsin. Tamsin can't quite place what she sees there. It isn't anger. Sympathy?

"Not if you're here to take me in, no," Tamsin replies. She stays squared off with her old friend, still not entirely sure about the nature of this visit. On top of her dresser she sees all the knives from her kitchen in a pile, as if dropped there haphazardly.

Eir shakes her head. "If I was going to take you in, I wouldn't have bothered pulling you into the woods for the wolf to find."

"I suppose that does deserve a thank you," Tamsin acquiesces. "Though I don't know why you'd do that."

"Does friendship mean so little to you?" Eir asks. "I would hope if the tables were turned, I could count on you to do the same."

Tamsin sets down the glass she had been holding, allowing herself to relax slightly. She allows Eir to glance the overhead light reflecting off the small knife in her palm. "The last person that came to me in the name of friendship didn't end up so well, if you hadn't heard."

"I have heard. Unfortunate," Eir replies with a sigh, thinking of Acacia. "I don't know why you're doing this, Tamsin. What can you expect to gain?"

"Wish I knew," Tamsin murmurs, shaking her head as she rests her back against the wall. Memories of Bo's fingers curling around her arm and tangling in her hair flood her mind and it breaks her desire to stay angry at Eir's intrusion. "But she's important to me. I don't know if you've ever felt that way…like you don't want to exist if they don't? She's nothing like what I thought she was, and I can't just let her go. I won't."

Eir smiles sadly. "I know it all too well. What will you do then? She doesn't seem like the run and hide type."

"She's not," Tamsin replies, balling her fists in frustration. "I have to find someone he wants more."

"Not likely," Eir says, sitting herself on the edge of Tamsin's bed. "He seems quite insistent on this one. You could always seek outside help. If your cause is worthy, I can think of someone who would help you."

Tamsin straightens immediately. "Who?"

"Freyja," Eir replies, as if it should have been obvious. "If you truly love the succubus, Freyja can intervene on your behalf. I've seen it."

"I never said this was about love," Tamsin says, shaking her head. Her chest felt heavy at the very mention of the word.

Eir shakes her head, allowing herself to truly smile for the first time in a long while. "You don't have to, that stupid look on your face when you talk about her is proof enough. But you'll have to admit it if you want Freyja's help."

The raven-haired valkyrie stretches and runs her fingers through her flowing locks. She stands and moves toward the door, pausing in the frame to look back at Tamsin, whose eyes haven't left the ground in a few minutes. She reaches out slowly and rests a reassuring hand on Tamsin's bandaged shoulder.

"I came here because you needed help," Eir whispers. "You'd think after three hundred years you'd have learned to let people in. Use your brain. Talk to the succubus."

Eir taps her fingers against the doorframe and gives Tamsin's shoulder a gentle squeeze before leaving the room. Tamsin hears her footfalls on each step, and the open and shut of the front door. The blonde closes her eyes and shakes her head before slipping out of her clothes and crawling into bed where she almost exclusively spends the next few days in between minor bouts of drunkenness.

When she finally wills herself to get up for good, she spends an hour in the shower. The wounds on her arms have healed nicely, leaving only a few interesting scars that would fade in time. She gets dressed and sits down on the foot of her bed as she turns her phone on for the first time all weekend. She has a few voicemails, and even more unread texts.

A single voicemail and a subsequent text from Dyson. 'Hey, call me when you're up. I came by to check on you and didn't get an answer. We've got work to do.'

A very sweet, almost fatherly voicemail from Trick. 'Hope you're feeling better, come by if you'd like to talk.'

There's even one from Kenzi that makes her laugh. 'Heard you got valku-busted. Ouch! Feel better!'

And an assortment of both from Bo that take Tamsin through a whole range of emotions.

'Hope everything is okay, thinking of you.'

'Did your phone get messed up in the explosion?'

'Tamsin, call me back when you get this. I'm worried about you.'

'Wish I knew where you lived right about now.'

'This is getting a little ridiculous. Can you just call me, please?'

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be short with you. I know you need space, I just…I don't even know. You know what, forget it. Just let somebody know you're okay, please.'

Feeling guilty, Tamsin pulls a jacket around her shoulders and heads off at a hurried pace towards Bo's.

Bo is curled up on the couch, half asleep when she hears the knocking. It takes her a moment to register the sound, and then she's up and pulling the door open. She can't help but sigh at the sight of the valkyrie who had been painfully absent from her life for the last few days.

"You going to invite me in, or just stand there drooling?" Tamsin asks jokingly. There's an apologetic look in her green eyes as she hovers in the doorway, but she knows she won't be getting off the hook so easily.

"Well, I don't know. You've left me hanging for the last few days so maybe I should just let you wait here for a while," Bo replies, her frustration evident.

Tamsin sighs and looks at the floor before swallowing and meeting the succubus's hard gaze. "I would apologize, but I feel like that might not be enough at this point."

Bo's eyes soften and she lowers the arm that had been blocking Tamsin's passage into the house. "Just come in."

There's an almost painful silence between them as Bo stands at the table, watching Tamsin help herself to a drink. The brunette thinks back to the last time they were in the kitchen together, and feels herself growing red in the face at the thought of the valkyrie's beautiful body pressing against hers.

Tamsin turns around just as Bo makes up her mind. In an instant, the blonde is held against the counter with Bo's arms wrapped tightly around her. Bo's face is pressed into the hollow of Tamsin's neck and the valkyrie can feel deep sighs of relief pouring out of Bo's lungs. She awkwardly pats Bo's back, suddenly unsure of herself.

Without warning, Bo leans up and kisses her squarely on the mouth. Tamsin responds, and the kiss lasts a few more seconds until Bo pulls back and rests her forehead against Tamsin's.

"I was so scared," Bo admits softly. Her hands slowly roam Tamsin's arms, immediately finding the few scars that remained. "You were so hurt, and then you just disappeared. What were you thinking? How could you do that?"

Tamsin sighs and presses apologetic kisses to Bo's brow. She gently raises the brunette's chin with her fingers, forcing Bo to look at her. "I promise I will explain everything to you, okay?"

Bo nods, the hurt in her eyes beginning to soften and fade. Tamsin leans in and kisses her again, slower than before. The succubus is left breathless as Tamsin pulls back once more, her green eyes finally starting to show a bit of the vulnerability she had been feeling for quite some time. "But right now…I really just need you to touch me."