The echoes of the hustle from the city outside the café chirped with endless flutter. Foot step upon foot step entered and soon left the building. A bitter wind once in a while would hit the entryway of the door and brush upon the skin of those waiting for their drinks to be handled. Ada Wong sat in the corner of the building, wrapping her chilled hands around the small cup of coffee. Her eyes were glancing down and trailing the markings in her skin. Twenty two years had passed since she had last seen Leon and Helena. She counted her blessings for having aged gracefully during this time, but sadly as she could see the purple markings appear in her finger tips she knew the glowing grace of time would soon settle on her.

Ada could recall the final mission she had taken on for the Organization and how that one simple mistake ended up costing her greatly. She could already feel the virus slowly take her body inch by inch. Though she had gone through the trouble of helping the Organization find some cures, not even they could save her from her own body. It was found out after testing her blood that she had a genetic disposition to the H-Virus, and no matter how much vaccinations she would receive, it would end up consuming her one way or another. Top it off with age and she had only little time left, maybe not even a few weeks .Ada Wong had done her running all these years, and now it was time to finally be caught.

Ada looked at the brown watery substance that was her coffee as she sadly felt the steam radiate from the cup and gently stroke her cheeks. Her brown eyes cascaded around the room taking in the scenery and thinking of Leon. So many regrets filled her head with a basket of nightmares. She stayed away from Helena and him for a long time, not because Helena and she had daggers for one another still, but for self-preservation. Ada couldn't afford to see Leon especially after all the chaos engulfing her life. She also didn't want to ruin what precious family Leon had with Helena especially with the news she had bared.

Ada had been keeping a long secret tucked away from the world and from her once beloved. She cautiously took a sip out of her porcelain cup thinking of how ridiculous she had been for not saying a word. Then again, had Ada opened her mouth to the truth Leon's life would have changed forever as would hers. Ada still didn't know why she couldn't bear to tell Leon about the tragedy that befell her in the year 2006 when Crane and The Family stomped her soul out, nor could she force herself to swallow what little pride she had to let him know about the incident once he was coupled with Helena. Though Ada wanted him back so many times during the first year Helena and him got together, she knew at some point even before Harper was thrown into the mix she would have to cease being with Leon. She never wanted to admit it, but whenever she'd look at him during the times they'd meet since 2006 Leon was always a constant reminder of something she had lost, something she loved even more than him.

Since Ada knew she didn't have long, now was the time to finally come clean about her demons. A week ago she had sent Leon a personal letter, asking him to come see her for one last time. She had made it clear that she was sick but couldn't bear to tell him what was killing her. She grew thankful that after what happened with Crane those many years ago that they reached a middle ground. Ada knew Helena would allow Leon to see her especially knowing that she was going to die.

Another few minutes passed by and Ada's brown eyes were captivated by the person walking in through the door. Her skin that folded around her beautiful hazel eyes widened, her mouth lightly gaped with a shocked yet subdued expression as she took in the curves of the leather jacket. The white stripes looked just as they were during the China incident, and then it hit her, those big beautiful confident eyes that on many occasion made her bitter heart melt. As Ada's mind finally registered the figure, she realized that these blue eyes didn't belong to her once beloved, but to another.

The woman gazed over at Ada, a small expression of nervousness crept across her face as she headed for the table, the jacket clenching to her skin more as she inched closer. Ada's face lowered a bit as she glanced up and down at the woman who now took a seat across the table from her. They both did nothing but stare at the other, both trying to register whom the other person was. Ada had heard about her a few times but to finally see her in the flesh was an eye sight.

"I thought Leon was going to make it."

Ada said in a bitter tone of sadness as she sipped from the cup once more. The girl folded her hands together as she rested her arms upon the wooden table.

"I'm sorry he couldn't. You'll both get your chance to see one another. I intercepted the letter, and for that I apologize."

"Why did you do that?"

The woman rubbed the back of her dirty blonde hair as she tried to find the words. For the last several months since she found hidden records of Ada from The Family archives cataloged years ago she had been searching for answers. There were histories, and blood lines she was never aware of until now and everything she knew about her father seemed to fade.

"I needed to see you in person. I've only heard about you in stories and files. I wanted to know who you are, and what significance you have played with my family."

Ada smirked as she studied the girl's expression. She had her father's wise words. Ada gently pushed the cup of coffee to the side as her fingers intertwined.

"Knowing your family origin, I can tell there is something else that is plaguing your mind."

The girl nodded sincerely as she propped herself up in the seat maintain her posture.

"Yes there is."

Her blue eyes shimmered in the light hovering above the table as Ada studied her physical features, taking in the moment to blissfully stare at the young woman with envy.

"You look just like both of them. You have your mothers gorgeous looks, but you have your fathers hair and—"

"Eyes. I get that a lot from people."

Ada nodded slowly as she recalled a few questions she had of her own.

"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm training to become an agent for the BSAA."

Ada smiled proudly as a smirk crossed its way upon her lips.

"Don't you think you'd be living in the shadow of your father?"

The woman smirked herself as she took in a deep breath.

"I want to continue his legacy to stop bioterrorism. If I am living in his shadow, I will use that darkness to snuff the light out of those who threaten the world with bio organic weapons."

Ada honestly and with every muscle in her body smiled as big as she could. Deep down, she was quite happy to hear the girl wanting to follow Leon's footsteps. It gave her hope, and despite Leon not being here in person perhaps this woman was the right one to tell her secret to. Maybe just maybe she could be the one to mend the bond. Maybe she could bring that piece of Ada back to her father.

"What is your name?"

The woman cleared her throat as she gently smiled upon the spy.

"Ellen. I go by Ellie for short."

Ada closed her eyes and nodded, feeling a small tear trickle down her face. Ellie gently extended her hand and massaged the top part of Ada's cold hands. She read the letter before the trip, and as she gazed upon the trembling hands of the once mysterious Ada Wong, she saw the markings. Ellie knew what had befallen her, and as made eye contact with Ada she nodded understanding the pain she was going through.

"I think it's time I asked you the most important question."

Ada wiped the small droplet of water from her eye.

"I agree."

Ellie took in a deep breath as she closed her eyes and retreated her hand from Ada's now was the time to beckon her to answer something she had been curious of. Something that awed her yet made her fearful when she came across the old records. Something not even her father was aware of.

"Where is your son, Ada?"

Ada almost felt like she had been hit in the gut hearing the words and froze. Ellie sighed and with a powerful voice commanded.

"Ada, where is my brother?"