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-Let there be midnight


Neko Natsu

"N-Natsu?" Erza stuttered. The guild hall was currently engulfed in complete and utter silence. Everyone circled around the pink haired Dragon Slayer. Why is Natsu center of attention, you ask? Well that is because at the moment a pair of black cat ears reside on his head and twitching, a swishing black cat tail, and whiskers.

"Meow?" he asked, tilting his head. The guild member's sweetdropped as some of the girls cooed at how adorable he acted. Gray stood beside Erza with his arms crossed and currently in his boxers. Erza didn't seem to care at the moment because she just wanted to figure out what was wrong with Natsu. Natsu sat on the ground, his tail swishing back and forth as he looked at Erza with confused eyes.

"What's all this commotion?!" an old man suddenly yelled, pushing his way through the crowd to the front. His eyes bulged out as he saw Natsu. "Natsu?!" he screamed in confusion. Natsu smiled at him and nodded. "How did this happen?" he asked, voicing everyone's thoughts out loud. Happy flew to stand next to Natsu.

"When I woke up, I saw Natsu like this playing with a ball of yarn." Happy said.

"Meow!" Natsu agreed happily. Suddenly, an idea popped in Gray's mind. Smiling deviously, he squatted down in front of Natsu.

This is the perfect time to embarrass this Flame Brain! He thought. He started to pet the neko boy, earning purrs of happiness as he rubbed his head against Gray's hand. His feline like fangs showed as he smiled and closed his eyes. The girls seemed to melt at Natsu's cute face and purring. Suddenly, Mira grabbed Natsu from Gray, hugging him tightly to her chest as she smiled.

"He's so cute!" she shouted in joy. Natsu's eyes were wide with shock, not knowing what just happened.

"M-meow?" he seemed to ask. Some of the girls walked over, wanting to get a better view at the feline Natsu, but a dark aura surrounded Mirajane as she growled at them.

"Don't come closer." she growled, hugging Natsu closer to her to the point of chocking him. The girls back off instantly while Natsu struggled to breath.

"Mira, I think you should let Natsu down so we can still have one…" Lucy suggested. Mira gave a longing look at the air deprived neko before sighing and letting him down. Natsu fell to the floor, gasping for breath as he ran behind the nearest person to hide behind, which was Levy. Levy smiled down at him and started to pet between his ears, earning another satisfied purr.

"Master, had this ever happened before?" Erza asked as the rest of the guild calmed down from their shock and started to play with neko Natsu. Master shook his head as he looked at the teenager who was now rolling on the ground while attacking a string someone dangled in front of him.

"Never, but I must say one thing, he's less destructive in this form." he smiled as he seemed to relish in the thought of not getting a complaint letter from the Magic Council. Erza nodded in agreement.

"But, what made him turn this way?" she seemed to question herself.


Oh I like these people! They are fun, but the pretty white haired lady scares me… I thought I was going to die! I couldn't breathe! Thanks to the blonde, I was saved! A girl with red hair walked over to me with a smile and started to join us with playing. They laughed when I accidently ran into a table, making me hiss at it as I attacked it. Let's just say, when I was done with it, no one was able to sit down, pleasing me that I killed the mean table. The blue haired girl, the one I hide behind earlier, set down a bowl of white liquid in front of me.

"Meow?" I asked her, but she seemed not to understand anything I said, none of them did. With a twitch of my whiskers, I sniffed the white liquid and gave it a lick. My eyes sparkled as I tasted it. It was absolutely amazing! I devoured it in less than a second, which earned more laughs of the kind people. I purred as I felt the shirtless guy from earlier pet my head again.