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-Let there be midnight


Back Kitten

Night soon fell and the guild was almost empty. The only occupants that filled it were Master, Erza, Gray, Lucy, Levy, Happy, Laxus, and of course, Natsu.

Natsu sat on top of a table, curled up as he dozed softly, his black tail, ears, and whiskers twitching ever so often. Levy and Lucy talked silently at the table Natsu dozed upon, currently conversing about the new book an author just released. Erza sat next to them eating her strawberry cake while Gray sat in front of them, drumming his fingers softly on the table top adopting a board expression. Happy ate his fish silently sitting right next to Natsu, occasionally flicking the pink haired tail away from him when it strayed to close. Master and Laxus sat at the bar beside the table, Master drinking a mug of beer trying to start a conversation with his grandson who just hummed in responds.

"It's getting late," Levy commented, looking outside the window as she sat up, grabbing her books with her. "I better hurry home before it gets too late. See ya Lu-chan!" And with that, the blue haired book worm hurried out of the guild, anxious to get home and read a late night book.

"It is getting pretty late…" Lucy mumbled looking at the clock that hung on the wall behind the bar. Looking back at the group, Lucy crossed her arms on the table. "I guess we have to start heading home." she sighed, standing up slightly. Erza looked up from her cake, glancing at Natsu for a brief second.

"Where will Natsu stay?" Erza asked, finishing the last bite of her cake. With that, Lucy sat back down, now looking exhausted.

"I want him to stay at my apartment… but… I'm afraid he will kick me off my bed." Erza looked at Gray who shook his head in responds.

"Naw, my house is way too messy and I would have no place for him to sleep anyway." Gray replied.

"He can't stay at my dorm since no boys are allowed and it's full of weaponry." Erza sighed. After a few moments of silence, the three seemed to get an idea at the exact same time. They glance at each other briefly before they turned their attention to Laxus who paid no attention to them as he pretended to be engaged in the conversation with Master.

"The Magic Council must have been bitten in the butt by a rapid raccoon or somethin' cause they keep badgering me on and on about how much damaged we caused! It's enough that we have complaints from the clients, but also the Magic Council! It's tiring, don't ya' think?" Master rambled on drunk. Laxus nodded as if he was paying actual attention.

"Yeah I hear ya' gramps." he mumbled in responds. Erza took that to her opportunity as she stood up and walked in front of the Mage, catching his attention.

"Laxus," Erza started, making sure she had his attention. He nodded for her to continue. "we would like you to watch Natsu for us. Just for one night." Laxus couldn't contain his shock as he spluttered uncontrollably.

"W-w-what?!" he finally shouted, eyes bugging out at Erza. Erza placed her hands on her hips as she stared at him sternly even though she knew it wouldn't work on him.

"You heard me. Watch over Natsu just for one night. You can do that, right?" she asked. Laxus overcame his shock and shrugged nonchalantly.

"I guess so…" he mumbled slightly, looking sideways at Master who babbled on as if Laxus wasn't talking to someone else. Erza clapped her hands together merrily.

"Good! Lucy, Gray, Happy, let's go." she ordered, turning around sharply. The other rose up from their spots and followed her out the door.

"Aye sir!" Happy shouted in responds. Once they left, Laxus was left with a dosing neko and a drunken grandfather and guild master.

"Great, just great. What have I gotten myself into?" he mumbled to himself.

~Laxus house~

"Oi! Natsu don't touch that!" Laxus shouted, catching the neko's attention. Natsu turned around to face Laxus with a quizzed expression while he twitched his ears slightly.

"Meow?" he asked, making Laxus sweetdrop slightly.

"Stupid neko." he mumbled under his breath as he sat down on his couch, running a hand through his hair. Natsu walked passed him and sniffed the floor, exploring the blond man's apartment with curiosity. Laxus's eyes followed the neko's movements carefully, making sure he didn't do anything that he wasn't supposed to do.

"Natsu?" Laxus questioned as the neko poked his head in a face, sneezing as he got dust in his nose. Laxus laughed to himself, amused and finding the sneeze actually very cute in itself. Natsu backed away from the vase, hissing at it with a puffed up tail as if it resonated evil within its very core. Laxus shook his head, smiling lightly at Natsu.

"This is going to be a long night." Laxus said with a light chuckle.


Laxus woke up to moaning coming from somewhere near him. He pried open his eyes and looked around the apartment for the source. There on the couch sat Natsu rubbing his head. Once Laxus looked closer, he saw that he didn't have any cat ears sporting his head, nor whiskers on his face along with the tail that would twitched usually at his side.

"Natsu?" he asked hopefully as he rose into a sitting position on his bed. Natsu turned around with a slightly pained expression along with confusion.

"Laxus? What? Why am I here? What happened?" he asked, only to moan in pain from his intense headache. Laxus sighed happily as he fell back onto his bed, chuckling a little to Natsu's expense.

"Long story."