The headlines were shocking: "Genius Billionaire Playboy Tony Stark to 'Adopt'!" , "Professor X Going Out of Business?"—but they really only meant one thing, the foundation of the Stark Institute. This academy was a joint project through the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D to train youngsters gifted with super abilities.

The institute itself was an extension of Stark Tower, fully furnished with dorms, a joint living area in which students could mingle, and various club and training rooms among other things. In the next ten years Tony Stark expected it to grow into a flourishing academy with over 2,000 students, but as of now the institute boasted a modest capacity of thirty students of which seven spaces were currently spoken for.

Overseeing the education and wellbeing of these students were left to two of Nick Fury's top agents: Natasha Romanoff AKA "Black Widow" and Clint Barton AKA "Hawkeye". While S.H.I.E.L.D involvement in the institute was a controversy among the Avengers, it was "a necessary evil", as Captain America himself put it, to gain approval by the United Nations. Besides, Natasha and Clint had gained enough trust with the Avengers by fighting to stop the Trickster God Loki, brother of Thor, to earn the Avengers' approval. Also, from time to time other Avengers would drop in to check the students' progress.

The overall goal of this institute was to provide every corner of the globe with a super powered team to protect and serve the safety of ordinary citizens around them.