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Elizaveta's POV

For the first time in forever, I would finally have a choice. I stared at my reflection in the mirror. Dainty, slender, large green eyes, and a long wavy brown hair with a flower pin adorning it. I gritted my teeth in anger at the tight, pale-peach colored dress I was wearing. Father had picked it for me and I could barely breathe. Father. I loathe to call him that. He wasn't a father to me at all. My face was still red and bruised from where his fist had met me when I argued with him.

I had argued about my betrothal. Betrothal to a stuck-up, conceited, self-absorbed snob. Roderich Edelstein. He didn't look past his music book for so much as a few moments and whenever he did, his eyes were like glass. The kind of glass that was too foggy to look past anything but his own selfish needs. I could tell all that much from the one time I had met him. You may think I'm exaggerating, but if there was one useful thing Father had taught me it was how to keep silent and observe a person, learning who they are without giving away what I was thinking. In a world of men, my Father had always told me, a girl must be silent and obedient. He had lectured that again to me after his blow fell me to the floor, stressing the assets of the Edelstein family, and the pureness of their noble blood.

I hated being a noble. Especially a noble girl. Or should I say doll? That's exactly how a woman is supposed to be in the country of Siensia's nobility. All of sixteen, if I was a peasant boy I could make it in the world, but not as a woman. But now, I would have a choice in a major aspect of my life. Maybe a noble girl was supposed to be a silent and obedient, but a commoner boy wasn't.

First, I shed the dress, instead opting for the pair of servants trousers and simple blue tunic Bella had brought me. But before I wore that tunic, I slipped on a series of bandages stolen from the guard's medicinal cabinet. I tightened them around myself as hard as any corset. I pulled on the boy's clothes, and examined myself in the mirror once more. I was still a bit on the skinny slender side, but the bandages hid my femininity quite well. My eyes watered at the thought of Bella. A servant girl she was, and my only true friend. Regarded as dirt by any nobles who cast her a sideways glance. She knew of my plan, but I knew I could trust her to never tell.

No one would find out about her being involved in my plan, we hadn't breathed a word of it to anyone besides us, and only in hushed whispers as we passed one another in the courtyards. Besides, she had her older brother Lars to protect her. As stoic as he was, a model soldier, he did have a good heart deep down, and wouldn't allow anything to harm the only family he had left-his sister and his younger brother who was apprenticing at the forgery of the General Ivan. I wiped my tears quickly. If I was to be a boy, I couldn't very well cry, could I?

Next, my eyes fell to my hair. I sighed, and removed the flower pin from my hair. Before, I had always worn this same clip as my mother had. She had died when I was young, but I remember Mother had been beautiful, and wore this clip, a wedding present from her own mother, everyday. After she had died, I still wore the pin in the shape of a stained glass-lily since as a remembrance of her. Father always told me to "get rid of that tacky piece of garbage" but I wore it also as a rebellion.

I had always kept my hair long, and I hated to cut it, but I knew a simple vanity like this wouldn't help me. I retrieved my pair of nail scissors from boudoir's drawers and slowly snipped my tresses away. When my hair was cut to the point I could pass for a man, I reached for a blue silk ribbon, but remembered that commoners don't wear silk, and instead tied my hair back with some twine.

The person in the mirror was a stranger, and I shifted my body language and toughened my expression to look more manly. He had longish brown hair, tied back with the old twine, leather boots over his khaki loose trousers, a light blue tunic, and his expression was defiant and angry. Just like the real me. But at the same time, I knew this wasn't entirely me. You're not Elizaveta, who are you? I asked him. I'm Eli. he seemed to respond with his eyes. Eli...the name meant 'ascend' which was fitting, since being him meant ascending from this prison. Lastly, I strapped a silver broadsword to my side. Stolen from Father's own private armory, heehee.

I stole out of my grand quarters, clutching my sack of meager belongings, careful to stay in the shadows and avoid the wary gazes of the mansion's guards. I couldn't let them see me, or all of this would be for naught. I slipped into the stables, reviewing the nightly patrol of the guard I had memorized for this day, intent on finding my horse, Faith. I saddled my gentle palomino, using a saddle so old my family's crest had faded away so it wouldn't identify me if I was stopped for questioning.

Then quietly, my heart pounding, I led her towards the gates of the mansion. When memorizing the patrol, I had also been fortunate enough to learn that on the fourth night of patrol, one of the guards was forgetful, so tonight on his patrol the gates wouldn't be locked. I reached forward to pull the large iron gates open. But they didn't.

My heart crawled into my throat! This couldn't be! This couldn't be! I could already hear the approaching footsteps from behind, although still far away. An idea flashed to me, foolish but it was all I have. I retrieved my mother's hair pin from my pocket and began struggling to pick the lock. Several minutes passed. You romantic idiot! You honestly thought you could get away!? No! I can't be caught! I can't marry him! Just as I was beginning to despair I heard a click-! The lock, opened, and I praised God that I had decided to bring my mother's hairpin along after all! I quietly led Faith out of the gates, hiding behind the stone walls just to hear the soldiers pass. If I had been any slower-!

For a few long moments I continued on foot, guiding my horse. But then I mounted her. "Hiya!" I exclaimed, cracking the reigns and she took off galloping. The wind whistled through my now short hair, and I laughed aloud. What a glorious feeling! I was free! We rode off, late into the night.

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