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Harry/Daphne; one-sided Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Dean
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She was in love with a person that was deeply in love with another person that was blissfully happy with a third person. Or so she thought.

Moon Mother

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
Who knows how to love you without being told

Did the Moon Mother hate her?

There was no hope. It was hard, it was really hard. And Morgana, how it hurt. To watch him watch her, to see him suffer, to feel his pain as if it was her own. But then again it was her own, because she was hurting from the same thing he did. Unrequited love. Even simply the thought of it left bitter taste in her mouth.

She didn't want much out of life. Only him. To feel his arms around her, to hear his heartbeat beating in time with hers, to make him smile that illuminating smile that makes her heart skip a beat, to make him laugh that rich and warm sound that melts her on the inside, to be able to touch him and bury her fingers through his dark locks that time and time again she would imagine would feel like pure silk against her skin. To be his. And he hers. But it would be never possible for she was Daphne Greengrass, a pure-blooded witch, Slytherin to the core of her existence. It wouldn't matter that she never took part in the War, as her family was neutral, it wouldn't matter that she never antagonized him for the past 6 years as nearly all the Slytherins did, it wouldn't matter simply because she was invisible to him. After all why would he, Harry Potter, proud Gryffindor, The Golden Boy, The Survivor of the Killing curse and killer of the last Dark Lord thus ending the Second War, notice her?

She was his total opposite.

She was delicate and little on the petite side barely reaching his chin for he had a growth sprout this past summer and now stood tall at 5'11" over her 5'5" frame. Her golden curly long hair and her light skin in contrast with his shaggy black hair and sun kissed skin. And his emerald eyes, oh, his sorrowful green eyes so different from her pale blue ones. It was breath-taking to watch him – his tall proud silhouette and his hard piercing gaze always commanding attention whenever he went no matter if he wanted that effect or not. His powerful magic blanketing him, protecting him and serving as a warning to all the fools out there not to mess with him, for he is the Potter Heir, a magnificent god of Old, whose power and beauty is locked in a mortal body, whose wrath is able to destroy the very foundations Magic stood upon. Or so Daphne liked to describe him.

Sad smile crossed her lips. Yes, indeed. He is a god, unreachable for her and the truth was painful. It was even more painful once a word of what had happened reached her ears. That .. that girl, how dare she! Morgana, help her, if only she could kill her to stop his pain, but that wouldn't win her any points with him.

Ginevra Weasley. Even only thinking of her persona brought forth a fresh portion of hatred for the red-headed girl. It was common knowledge that the last Potter had feelings for her, at least it seemed so. Every Hogwarts student was aware of that fact that he treated her like a lady. After all, his actions spoke louder than any words. But apparently that wasn't enough for the Weasley girl. People whispered, gossip was not unheard of in the high wizarding society, how he had intended to court her the Old ways, in memory of how his father, Heir James Potter courted his mother, Lily Evans. A pure-blood custom that represented the highest form of love and protection one could offer, sharing blood and magic under the Moon Mother, twining destinies, life and magic essence so deeply and irreversibly that one could rarely be seen without the other and shall one cross over, the other shortly follows. Soul magic in its purest form. Daphne was not surprised when she heard that. The love tale of Lily and James Potter was well-known and respected, no matter how short it was, and with Lord Black raising Harry there was no doubt that he longed for the love his parents had. It was a relief to the whole wizarding world when Sirius Black managed to prove his innocence in Harry's third year in Hogwarts and took the young Potter Heir under his wing, teaching him the customs of the Old in addition with the unwritten rules of the Potter and the Black line. Now, at seventeen, Harry Potter was the very epitome of a respected powerful Lord, bringing nothing but pride to the two lines. Ginny Weasley had thrown that away for a silly summer escapade, for to participate in bonding under the beams of the Moon Mother one has to be pure, both body and soul. And the girl was anything but pure – giving her attention so easily to another out of jealousy of the fact that Harry refused to be in relationship with her. Every student in Hogwarts had seen her kissing Dean Thomas at the end of last year's feast after Voldemort's defeat. After all, they weren't exactly hiding, eating each other's faces next to the Great Hall, hands ready to shed clothes any moment and having no shame at all. And the gall of that girl when Harry saw them and broke them apart – "Well, are you jealous enough, Harry? Because I'm over you and your stupid Old ways and I'm done following some silly pure-blood crap. And here I thought that you were supposed to be the Light Hero, not the next Dark Lord." Needless to say that it became so quiet that you could hear the heartbeat of the person next to you, everybody holding their breath, awaiting some retaliation. It was a great disappointment to all the spectators when the Boy-Who-Lived answered with a simple "You're going to be late for the train, Ginny." and turned around, his shoulder brushing against Daphne's as he continued down the corridor.

That brief contact was the only thing that gave her strength to reject all marriage offers she had received thru the summer vacation. The feel of his magic, no matter how angry and oppressive it felt against hers, was still enough to make her think of finding a way to get him to notice her.

And so, here she was. Watching him watching her.

Moon Mother help me.

It was few days after the beginning of her Seventh Year when she finally managed to see him properly, without the interference of other people. Daphne wasn't even seeking him out on purpose; she was merely making her way to the Owlery when she saw him. He had changed out of his school robes as it was Sunday; black dress pants and forest green sweater complimented his persona. His dark unmanageable hair was being swept by the still warm September wind, his gorgeous eyes closed in pleasure, small smile gracing his lips. Daphne wasn't about to disturb him when he looked so peaceful if a bit sad, but the whooping sounds of laughter made her turn her head little to the left where she had perfect view of the Weasley girl and her 'boyfriend', racing on their brooms. Yet another thing she had ruined for Harry – the joy of being in the air. Daphne closed her eyes and took a deep breath; pushing aside the screaming part of her to stay in the shadows, for she was not ready for a rejection, she gathered what little courage she had and stepped forward.

"Lord Potter." How long she had longed to say his name; even his surname was making her shiver with anticipation. He opened his eyes and tilted his head to the right, his green eyes assessing her. Daphne did a small but perfect curtsey and joined him in the open alcove, her hands clasping in the front of her floor length dark blue robes, trying to hold back the tremors shaking her petite form of having his full attention on her. The feeling was extraordinary and it left her a little unsure of herself. "Please do excuse me for invading your personal space, but I couldn't continue on my way knowing that you're suffering all alone." And it was true – his magic was twisting and turning, wailing to those, who had the guts to listen; a sorrowful, sad song about loneliness and unhappiness.

He turned to face her, his body leaning on the railing behind him. "Miss Greengrass." he gave her a nod of acknowledgment.

Her heart skipped a beat. He knew her! He knew her. The shock must have shown on her face because his green eyes sparkled with amusement, the teasing smile on his face doing funny things to her insides.

"To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?"

"Forgive me for what I'm about to say, Lord Potter, but my only wish is to help relieve your suffering if possible." After his nod to continue, Daphne braced herself and looked straight into his unwavering gaze. "Unrequited love is a hard thing to overcome. From my observations the person which you bestowed these feelings upon is undeserving of their sincerity and purity, never was and never shall be. I know that it's hard to simply put them aside, but you deserve so much more, Lord Potter, that it's a shame to see you hurt because of a person, who doesn't know the meaning of love." His gaze never left her face, the amusement slowly leaking out, making space for something harsher and stronger with each word that went past her lips.

"And do you know the meaning of love, Miss Greengrass?" His tone was flat and cold, gone was the warm smile from his lips.

Daphne sucked in a breath. This was not going the way she imagined it will.

"I'm not foolish enough to presume such a thing, Lord Potter, for the only love I have felt is unrequited love. But I'd like to think that the feelings I have are deep and strong enough for them to count as love. The only thing that I wish for is happiness for that person and nothing else; no matter if he finds happiness in somebody else's embrace. And if I can help him achieve that then I shall do everything I can. My suffering is nothing next to his happiness."

Something flickered in the depth of those green eyes, too fast for Daphne to catch and recognize. But the barely there tilt of his lips made her thinking that maybe it was approval if nothing else.

"You are wrong in your assumptions as many others are." His word felt like a slap to the face. Was he about to tell her that what she was feeling for him wasn't love? Shock gave way to anger but before she was about to breach all Old protocols and customs, Harry continued. "I'm not in love with Ginny Weasley."

To say that the Heiress of the Greengrass family was shocked was lightly put.

"I do apologize for speculating to know your feelings, Lord Potter, but your actions towards her were pointing in possible bonding between you two and ever since the .. scene last year your magic is heavy with sadness."

"I do not mourn for losing her. I was, and still am, angry and sad with myself." Seeing the unasked question in her eyes, Harry elaborated. "I was angry because apparently the fact that I treated her like a respected lady should be treated and not like a tomboy as many others did, made everybody think that I was planning on acting on my non-existent feelings for her, and sad, because if I was projecting such intentions then surely the person that I do actually have feeling for must have thought the same. I'm mourning the loss of a possibility of a happy future, Miss Greengrass." And while Harry's words were sad and filled with self-hatred, Daphne's heart was beating so fast, she was sure it was about to burst free from her chest. Was there hope after all?

"Happy future with whom?" She was afraid to know the answer, but at the same time she needed to know if she ever had a chance with him; she had to know if she should burry her feelings so deep that only she would know of them; she had to know if this was it and she was doomed to marry some pure-blood man, out for her gold and family reputation and nothing else.

"You're overly curious, Miss Greengrass." He wanted an answer, they both knew it. For the first time in her life Daphne hated the fact that her long curly hair was up in complicated bun, highlighting her features. She wished it was down to hide her face and her blush, but alas it couldn't happen so she opted for evading his all-knowing eyes and looked at the racing Gryffindors.

"As I said, I'd like to help if I can." It wasn't enough and his silence was proof for that. "Your happiness always comes before mine, my lord." There, she bared her heart and soul and now was time for his rejection. Daphne clenched her hands tighter together, her blue eyes filling with tears she was desperately trying not to let go. Taking another breath, she blinked them away, willing her heart to not break just yet and turned to face him once again. The sight that greeted her was most unexpected.

His hair was even messier if possible and his hands were gripping the railing so hard his knuckles were white, his eyes burning with so many emotions, boring into hers making her freeze in place. But the biggest surprise was his magic. Gone was the twisted sadness that was part of his magic for so long now. In its place was something so much more intense, making his magic to spiral out of control, brushing against hers in a delicious way.

Moon Mother, dare I hope?

Slowly Harry brought his magic under control, unclenched his hands and took the few steps separating them.

"It seems that we were both terribly mistaken." His magic blanketed hers, making her feel safe, desired, worshipped, wanted, loved. His hands moved gently and slowly down her shoulders, past her elbows until they reached her hands and interlocked their fingers together, his eyes never leaving hers. "You will never again think that your love is not shared if you will have me, Daphne." Her name sounded like pure sin, rolling off of his tongue. He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it gently and tenderly, as if savoring its taste and feel, and then put it over his heart. "Forgive me for not acting sooner on my feelings, but I was unsure on how to bring up the subject. Confessing my feelings when we had never spoken just didn't seem right with me." His embarrassed smile made her heart soar. Her chocked laughter and blush followed right after and Daphne buried her flaming face in his shoulder.

She could feel his warmth and strength through his clothes, his heart a steady beat, lulling hers along. It was a dream come true and as his hands enveloped her in a tight hug, she thought that she wouldn't have it any other way. The silence between them was comfortable and the two of them relished in the feeling of having the other so close. One of his hands gently raised Daphne's head and brushed few stray tears that managed to escape her beautiful happy eyes. His touch was intoxicating and Daphne couldn't get enough of it. Harry slowly lowered his head, hesitating a bit and giving her time to move if she desired to, but Daphne made the decision for him as she sneaked her hands in his hair, pulling him down. She was right – his hair was like silk, but his lips were even better. This kiss was slow and unhurried, full of wonder and love, and as they tasted each other for the first time their magic wrapped around them, connecting them in a faint imitation of a soul bond. The need for breath broke them apart, amazement filling their eyes and souls.

Harry brushed his thumb across her lower lip, his gaze darkening with something Daphne started associating with desire.

"It seems, my lord," Daphne sounded quite breathless and she could feel his arm pulling her even closer to his body when she addressed him, "that you took advantage of me, as I never received a courtship offer from you. Because of this I insist on full compensation." The amusement was back in his eyes reminding her once again how incredibly handsome he was and how insanely lucky she was that he returned her feelings.

"I hope you have something in mind and I shall gladly comply to your wishes, my lady." Her hands clenched in his hair, her legs about to give out because of the sensations he was causing in her body with his low sensual tone and the hand on her back that was tracing imaginary shapes.

"Well but of course. I expect a courtship offer by tonight, my lord and – "

"Harry." He whispered in her ear, chuckling as he felt her shivering in his arms. "And I think that a bonding is more appropriate for our situation, no?"

Daphne blinked in surprise. She wasn't expecting him to be ready for bonding so soon.

".. Yes." She cleared her throat.


"And I was going to ask for a token of your feelings. I wanted wizards and witches alike to know that I belong to you and you to me." Her voice was little unsteady, her blush blooming under his intense stare. What she didn't expect was for him to pull his hand back, put it into his pants pocket and take out a tiny box, made out of white gold with blue gems decorating the lid. Harry enlarged it, displaying an impressive control of wandless magic and beckoned her to open it.

Daphne gasped when she saw the content – delicate white gold bracelet with different sized ornaments, each one of them pulsating with his magic. She was sure that there were protective charms on them and Harry confirmed it.

"I've been carrying it with me for quite a while now. Every ornament is soaked with my magic and it will let me know where are you and if you're in need of my help." He put the box on the railing behind them, took the bracelet and clasped it around Daphne's left wrist. "Daphne Greengrass, do you accept my offer for bonding and life under the guidance of the Moon Mother?"

"Yes, Harry Potter, I do." A surge of magic left the bracelet, spilling over her body and sinking in her very own bones.

And looking in his eyes Daphne thought that there was hope after all.

Thank you, Moon Mother.

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