Big: Finn's lips were red. This is an accepted fact. Finn's lips were wet. This could invoke more investigation, but I assure you, this is also a fact. Now what if I said 'Finn's lips were soaked in fresh blood' and told you that it was a fact?

Yeah, I thought so. But I assure you, I am NOT a liar. Most of the time. Usually. Sort of. Never on Saturdays.

Let's get to the story's prologue.

A smile on Finn the Human's face was not a strange occurrence. Nor it was rare, or unusual. No, a smile on his face was about as common as the hairs on your head (or at least I hope so, anyway). He was happy when he was fighting, when he was playing video games, he was just happy with life itself.

Hard to believe right? Life sucks.

But not for this guy. If you said "I've known Finn for a long time" and the phrase "I've never seen him smile" in the same sentence, you would be a liar.

Perhaps I've put enough emphasis on this. Or maybe you're taking a very long time to understand this incredibly simple concept. How would I know? I'm not you.

Finn also had enemies. Many, many enemies varying in size, power, and threat. Some of them were unknown to the boy. The one I'm referring to happens to be one of the ones whose existence he doesn't have a faintest clue about.

This enemy was a wizard. This wizard's chosen path was the field of Insanity. A mercenary, he was your nightmare if enough coins were offered to feed his growing money sack. Yeah, he felt a purse was too girly and a chest was too out of style and went with the sack.

This wizard's name was Truqiqsdawaed. Let's call him 'Truq' since I have no idea how to pronounce that in any way or form. And I suppose 'Truq' is said 'Truss?' Or is it 'truck'? I don't know, read it how you like.

He was a clever fox, both in the figurative and literal meaning and the word. Long ago he'd tattooed his orange and white fur to black and white. He wore no clothes other than a pointy hat and carried nothing but a small poison containing syringe and a enchanted staff. No, he did not limp, the staff was for an entirely different purpose...

Oh I'm sorry did you expect me to TELL you that purpose this early? Tough luck, partner.

And a certain person was paying a large sum to have this job done. Truq knew who Finn was, but he'd never gone after him. Finn was a hero, a crime fighter and monster slayer. As long as he didn't interfere with Truq's business, the fox didn't give a flying Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant dung about the human.

So now, for 500,000 dollars, he was going to use his special brand of hired justice to bring down the hero.