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Uhm, Welcome to my second story w/ ongoing installments. This is probably going to be long...not sure yet. Since I tend to just go with the flow…
This is about a love triangle between Francis, Reese, and Malcolm. There will be lots of drama and sex *cackles* (-`ω´- )人
…if things go as planned-

"Francis is coming home!"

Reese stepped out of his room and was greeted by a smiling Malcolm. Lois and Hal sat at the table cleaning a wound on Dewey's forehead, while Dewey squirmed.

"Yeah, so," snapped Reese.

It wasn't like Reese to not care that Francis was coming home. "What's wrong with you," asked Malcolm.


"Boys, we're going to take Dewey to the emergency room. Behave!" said Lois putting her bag on her shoulder. Lois and Hal escorted Dewey out and they all left to the hospital.

When the three of them had left, Reese wrapped his arms around Malcolm from behind. "Guess we're going to be alone for a while," he said suggestively in Malcolm's ear.

Normally, Malcolm would have been eager to follow Reese up on that, but he was still puzzled on Reese's lack of excitement for Francis visiting. Malcolm stepped away from Reese, and turned to face him. "What's wrong? Why aren't you excited for Francis to come home?"

Reese scoffed and rolled his eyes. "God, Malcolm. Why are you so obsessed with Francis?"

"I'm not. But since when do you not care?"

"I do care. But why are you so obsessed?!" Reese rarely raised his voice that high. "It's like all you talk about is Francis!"

Malcolm started to think that maybe Reese was getting jealous. "No. I just missed him. That's all." Malcolm shrugged nonchalantly for emphasis.

When Reese didn't respond, Malcolm kissed him. Eventually Reese cupped Malcolm's jaw and deepened the kiss.

Reese reached underneath Malcolm's shirt and brushed his calloused thumbs over his nipples.

Malcolm let his mouth fall open in a quite groan as Reese took the opportunity to kiss Malcolm's neck.

"Let's go to the bedroom," breathed Malcolm.

"No. Let's do it right here," Reese sneered. He shoved Malcolm back, until he hit table. Reese scrambled down to his knees, undoing Malcolm's pants.

Malcolm was always thinking, thinking of something to say; but when Reese was massaging him through his underwear and pressing kisses to his stomach, Malcolm's brain shut down. The thing about being young was that Malcolm was already hard and leaking. Reese used it to lubricate his hand and pump his fist around Malcolm.

"Reeeese," Malcolm whined.

Reese knew what Malcolm wanted, but he wouldn't give it to him just yet. "Say you're mine."

Malcolm was too busy trying to stay standing, holding his weight on his hands that were gripping the table.

"Say it," Reese shouted. "Say you're mine." He squeezed the base of Malcolm's dick.

"I'm yours…Reese…," Malcolm panted.

Reese smiled in triumph and finally took Malcolm in his mouth. He hollowed his cheeks and increased suction as he bobbed his head.

Malcolm came in thick spurts, filling Reese's throat. Reese expertly swallowed without gagging, and kept his mouth on Malcolm's dick, making sure to drink every drop.

Malcolm would have to ask him one day how he got so good at it.

Malcolm dropped down to his knees, exhausted, onto Reese's chest.


The evening, before everyone had gone to bed, all three boys sat on the couch watching TV, while Hal and Lois were in their bedroom.

The phone rang. "I'll get it," Malcolm hollered, getting up to get the phone.


Someone answered.

Malcolm looked back to make sure Reese was still enthralled with the TV. He went into the small hall and leaned against the washing machine. "Francis," he whispered.

"Hey babe! Just kidding-how's it going?"

Malcolm giggled. "Ok. I miss you."

"I miss you too," smiled Francis. "Have you been practicing with your fingers? I've been thinking a lot about what I want to do to you,"

A shiver traveled down Malcolm's spine. He cleared his throat before talking again. "I wanted to talk to you about something though..."

"Is that Francis," asked Lois, appearing behind Malcolm and taking the phone away from him. "Francis..." her voice trailed off as she walked back down the hall talking into the phone.

"Was that Francis," asked Reese sternly.

Malcolm turned around to see Reese standing behind him.

"Uh yeah." Malcolm shrugged, trying to be dismissive. "I'm going to bed." Malcolm wasn't tired, but he didn't want Reese to ask anymore questions.

Reese growled under his voice and went back to the couch. He took his frustration out on Dewey, shoving him towards the other side of the couch. "Move."

Very short chapter- Think of this kinda like the preview before the theme music. /(^0^/)